No Mana Caps Off His Monstercat Run with Nostalgic Banger “Space”

Revered electro-house producer No Mana has just capped off the year with the last of his trifecta of releases on Monstercat, “Space.” After making a name for himself as a regular on mau5trap, the Filipino-American producer/DJ has hit the ground running with a trio of releases on Monstercat.

Coming off the heels of his previous two Monstercat releases, “Space” should make No Mana’s longtime mau5trap fans feel the most at home. It’s an anthemic and euphoric track that showcases No Mana’s 8-bit production perfectly. (Or is he 16-bit, he’s at least SNES). If you’re feeling nostalgic for 2007-2009 era electro-house production, “Space” should scratch your itch. Featuring bright, warm synths that overlap with lush keyboard chords and an early Porter Robinson-esque beat, “Space” hits the sweet spot. Here’s what No Mana had to say about the making of “Space.”

“When I was 5 or 6-years-old, I would think of any music that had a synth in it as “space music.” I’ve also been listening to a lot of house and trance lately, so I wanted to incorporate that into “Space” with drums and melodic instruments.”

Check out the latest from No Mana, “Space” featuring ill-esha, out now on Monstercat.


Nostalgix Drops “Supah Fly” EP & Upcoming Tour Dates

It’s been a heck of a year for Nostalgix as she made waves in the bass house scene. From releases on Deadbeats and Night Bass, to touring with the likes of Thcami, AC Slater, Malaa and Destructo, to being one of the few female artists ever to grace the mainstage of EDC Las Vegas. Capping it all off is the release of her 3-song Supah Fly EP.

Featuring the previously released singles “Supah Fly” and “Options,” as well as a new single “Party All Night.” Supah Fly gives Nostalgix, real name Negar Hamidzadeh, the opportunity to showcase her versatility as a producer. Enlisting collaborators and expanding into hip-hop territory, the Supah Fly EP nonetheless stays true to its club and festival roots. These are songs you play to get pumped up! Here’s what Negar had to say about Supah Fly.

“I’m so thrilled to share my new EP ‘Supah Fly’ with you. With this project, I wanted to capture the energy and fun of what it’s like being at a festival or a show.

Last year I was touring for the first time in my life and doing the craziest performances. It inspired me to experiment with my sound and create more high-energy records that embodied the lifestyle that I was living. I worked with other incredible artists such as Michael Sparks, Lano Bandz, and Chi City to bring the songs to life.

Supah Fly is all about having the time of your life, not giving a f*ck what anyone thinks, and being bad as hell.”

On top of the EP release, Nostalgix has also announced dates for her biggest headlining tour to date. Check out the Supah Fly EP, out now on Thrive. Upcoming tour dates are below.

Dec 1 – Seattle WA – Showbox [w/ Malaa]
Dec 9 – Charlotte NC – Black Box [w/ Habstrakt]
Dec 10 – Chicago IL – Bass Station
Dec 16 – Las Vegas NV – Area 15 [w/ ARMNHMR]
Dec 17 – Las Vegas NV – Area 15 [w/ ARMNHMR]
Dec 30 – Brooklyn NY – Zone One @ Elsewhere
Jan 6 – Thunder Bay ON – ATMOS
Jan 7 – Montreal QC – Newspeak
Jan 13 – Winnipeg MB – Exchange Event Centre
Jan 14 – London ON – Rum Runners
Jan 19-23 – Miami FL – Groove Cruise
Jan 28 – San Diego CA – Nova
Feb 3 – Los Angeles CA – Academy
Feb 4 – Grand Rapids MI – Bass Country
Feb 10 – Washington DC – Soundcheck
Feb 11 – San Antonio TX – 800-Live
Feb 17 – Atlanta GA – WISH
Feb 18 – Toronto ON – NOIR
Mar 10 – Nelson BC – Bloom
Mar 11 – Calgary AB – SubRosa


Flume laments “Palaces” commercial success in recent interview

Flume released his third studio album, Palaces, earlier this year. Following the success of Hi This Is Flume in 2019, it felt like whatever the Australian artist put out next would share equal success. Unfortunately, commercial reception to the album wasn’t exactly what was expected, he revealed in a recent interview.

“I feel like honestly, [Palaces] didn’t do as well as I thought it was gonna do – and I’ve kind of had to just roll with that,” he told The Music. “I mean, it didn’t do bad, but it hasn’t continued this unstoppable rise that I’ve been feeling for many years.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s had as much impact as things in the past. So it took me a second to get my head around [that]. I felt a bit weird about that at first. But I’m really proud of all the songs on there and how it sounds and I love it.”

Palaces, he says, was really a tribute to his good friend SOPHIE, who passed away in 2021. Indeed, many of the instrumental tracks on the album share her affinity for sound design and arrangement, which the two no doubt bonded over during the course of their friendship.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been influenced by someone so much or so inspired by a single person,” he said. “Then, on top of that, to be able to call SOPHIE a friend and work with SOPHIE on so many different projects over the years, a bunch of songs on the mixtape… It’s genuinely devastating, not only on a personal level, but on a creative level and a cultural level for the world.”

You can listen to Palaces now.


Photo: Matsu


ISOxo announces debut album ‘KIDSGONEMAD!’ for 2023 after sold-out double header

This past weekend in Los Angeles, ISOxo performed for a sold-out double header at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, the finale of his Nightrealm era. Whenever an artist announces a finale of a particular era, the question is always, “What’s next?”

For ISOxo, his debut album: KIDSGONEMAD!, out in 2023.

First, a bit of history and context. ISOxo has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, especially since Brownies & Lemonade hosted his debut headline show in Los Angeles in October 2021. He released his Nightrealm EP on Sable Valley the month before, with hits like “Beam” and “Aarena,” and the hype has only grown since.

With support from RL Grime and all of Sable Valley, a collaboration with G Jones, and a stellar group of artists all supporting each other (RemK, FrostTop, Knock2, etc.), it’s no surprise that they began to take the world by storm.

Now, or next year, rather, feels like the perfect time to hit the gas pedal and drop a debut album. Stay tuned for more info and the first single likely coming sooner than later.

— ISOxo (@ISOxo_) November 27, 2022


Photo via @ericdrew


RXMIRO Flaunts House Anthem On “heart i”

RXMIRO is regarded as an artist to watch and is known for his electric high-energy club sets and massive performances. He has performed on stage with some of the biggest names in the world, having supported notable acts like David Guetta, Tiesto, Martin Garrix and many more.

With his extraordinary mix of bass house and modern techno, he’s a surefire act who has continued to garner critical acclaim in 2022. In fact, since his first genre-bending rollout of “Above The Clouds” and “Storm Light,” it’s undeniable that he’s given his audience the ear candy they desire.

There’s no mistaking this up-tempo record. “heart i” is anything but just a vibe. With a solid 4 to the floor and pulsating bassline, its infectious rhythm will keep you entertained throughout. With the uber-high-pitched and ravey intro, “heart i” intentionally doesn’t prepare listeners for what will happen after the drop. Instead, it’s a wild ride from there as the track vacillates between the twinkly happy hardcore techno track and the darker, grimey low end. It must be played as loud and fast as possible on an extensive sound system.

Listen to RXMIRO’s “heart i” below.


Flume & Toro y Moi covering Bag Raiders “Shooting Stars” is beautiful, unbridled chaos

triplej’s Like A Version gives artists a space to deliver creative covers of popular songs, often outside their own genre. For Flume’s latest appearance, he and Toro y Moi decided to cover the viral hit “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders… and it’s absolutely brilliant.

The performance begins simply enough, Toro with a microphone, Flume with a single CDJ and a CD. Toro handles the vocals like an expert as Flume stares ahead contemplatively before he picks up a saxophone, fed through some kind of distortion. As the song approaches the drop, a couple of body builders enter from the wings and just start doing arm curls.

At the drop, another man enters from behind as lights illuminate a disco ball. He’s dancing the back and doing poses, the body builders are doing lifts and curls, and Toro is just banging his head expressionlessly. At the same time, Flume looks like he’s been thrown into the situation without any prior idea of what was going to happen, but he’s accepting his fate.

The cover itself is brilliant and awesome, but the performance is really what seals the deal. Watch the whole thing below.


“You Are Love” delivers on the sheer physical rush of dance music, as HAMX holds nothing back

Beats bounce across the landscape on You Are Love with a presence that feels infectious for HAMX taking his background as a musician to a whole other level. Hope typically informs dance music, and here HAMX proves that amply. Lyricism has a soulful presence to it. Everything about it goes for a distinct affectionate stance. The title itself appears to embody the spirit that radiates from every nook and cranny of the sound. With his massive, arena-filling sound, the production has a flawless shine. He tells a whole story here, one of self-discovery and belief in oneself that is doubly refreshing.

A rush of endless possibilities takes hold on “Who Are You,” with the various elements of what will appear later emerging quickly. Like some sonic foreshadowing, it has grandeur despite its short length. The gospel flair of “Remember Who You Are” and sudden bursts of energy give it a spiritual quality. Rhythms become a force of nature on the burning desire of “Tap If You Like It.” “Floating” features an entire ecosystem for the layers to interact lively. Swirling about in a dazzling display, “Restless” has a restless energy. Pure dancefloor fuel “Black Magic” reveals the importance of that long-lost art of the buildup.

HAMX creates a genuinely immersive global experience on the life-affirming You Are Love.


New Artist Spotlight? Time to Do a Double-Take on This Hip Hop ‘Moment’

Actually, we’re a little late to the Moment party, as YEDM covered Mike Masch’s recent multi-genre project Back to the Boulevard a couple of weeks ago, when technically In Time, the album he released under Moment, dropped first. That said, it it was good to do a profile on Masch himself and all his different projects first in some ways, because there’s a much longer story there. Now that said, how did we miss this super-cool hip hop album?

The aptly named In Time by moment released in early October and is the first comprehensive hip hop album Masch has done thus far. His work under the Mike Masch name is not quite as structured, combining elements of jazz, classical, pop, trip hop and more under an experimental composition style. His Moment work adheres to a hip hop or trap tempo and a beat structure. Listeners will still find lashings of jazz and chill trip hop vibes, as well as the odd classical flourish, but we are very much in the hip hop and trap wheelhouse with In Time.

The other major difference between Masch ad Masch and Masch as Moment is that for the most part, Masch opts not to have vocals in his more experimental work. In Time, on the other hands, isn’t just a load of hip hop and trap instrumental beats, and if you’re like us here at YEDM and found Masch before Moment, you might have never known he’s also a rapper. With a chill vocal timbre that in some tracks is a whisper, Masch’s lyrical arrangements are as diverse as his compositional style, ranging from basic 80s old school to faster 70s “Rappers Delight“-style faster flows to stuff that’s influenced by more avant-garde rappers like E40.

Dieversity in everything seems to be Masch’s motto, and there’s plenty of it on In Time even with the more structured beat arrangements. The album opens with “Moment In Time,” which has a pretty simle 80s-style beat but the jazzy trumpet musicality and R&B interludes that were favored by hip hop artists in the mid-to-late-90s (think Digable Planets meets En Vogue). Other tracks like “Party on ME” seem like they’ll be equally old school and jazzy, but Masch’s vocals are much more early 2000s. Around the middle of the album, things take a more emotional turn with tracks like “TOUGHer LOVE” and “ReAwakened Invasion.” Masch himself has said the need to create moment was about expressing emotions.

The inspiration behind this album was to show a much broader range of not just musical production & ability but myself as a person in this world. So many different emotions, feelings & experiences mixed together to tell many handfuls of stories…It’s real, it’s authentic, it releases and frees. I know when others listen to it that they will understand this as I do.

While Masch and many other instrumental artists have been able to connote an amazing amount of emotion with no words (EDM is pretty much built on that premise, after all), sometimes we need words to express things even more clearly. Masch clearly felt this need and just happened to create a pretty epic hip hop album out of it. With the tmiless quality to his work, it really doesn’t matter when we discovered each project, because with good music it’s always the right Moment In Time.

In Time is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased on Bandcamp.


Filipino-American Artist Yung Rizzo Seeks To Collaborate With More EDM-Based Talent

The blurring of lines between the worlds of rap and dance music is nothing new. Many of hip-hop’s first songs drew their inspiration from the rhythmic thump of dance music, flipping samples from songs that had the specific goal of getting a crowd moving. So it’s no surprise that the latest modern mutation of dance music—often umbrellaed under the ambiguous and argument-starting term “EDM”—has crossed over and even been absorbed into hip-hop. This type of cross-genre pollination is essential to hip-hop.

With EDM hybrids continuing to rise, it’s undeniable that we’ve witnessed the creation of outstanding records highlighting some of the best collaborations between rap and EDM, with songs featuring powerhouse names like Skrillex, A$AP Rocky, Carnage, Diplo, and others.

Filipino-American Rapper Yung Rizzo has made it his new year ambition to colour out of the lines of his traditional discography and collaborate with new talent, namely producers and DJs within the electronic dance music scene. After charting viral on Spotify’s Viral 50, Yung Rizzo has witnessed the value of intentional collaboration between multiple artists and diverse genres.

The multi-faceted artist hopes to create more music that reaches a broader audience. He’s made a remarkable impact within the Filipino Music Industry, where notable acts like Far East Movement, DJ Laidback Luke, and DJ Riddler, only to name a few, have cemented their stance.

Stay up to date with everything Yung Rizzo continues to drop this year, and follow him on all socials below:



Flux Pavilion revisits ‘Telsa’-era sound with new single, “Technicolour Psychic Vision”

Have you ever spaced out with a song on repeat, potentially for hours, and you look up and realize it’s been the same song? And yet, you’re not tired of it? That is “Technicolour Psychic Vision” from Flux Pavilion in a nutshell.

After transitioning to a bit of a different sound in his 2021 album .wav, “TPV” is a welcome reminder of his Tesla sound from 2015 that had hits like “Vibrate,” “International Anthem,” and “Who Wants to Rock.” The repeated vox, hard guitar riffs, and Flux’s own vocals shining through in the pre-drop, plus the rolling drums, the bass… everything is such a wonderful nostalgia bomb while still feeling incredibly current. It’s a testament to his production style that is truly timeless.

Check out “Technicolour Psychic Vision” from Flux Pavilion below!


Photo credit: Fiona Garden


Posthumous debut album from i_o with Lights comes two years after his untimely passing

Two years ago today, Garrett Lockhart, better known as i_o, passed away. Only 30 years old, his career was really just beginning, having graduated from Icon Collective under the name Fawks and transitioning to more techno-leaning productions under his new persona.

Today, in remembrance, in honor, in memory of i_o and his legacy and work, comes an album of work from before his death with Lights. Warehouse Summer, what would technically be considered his debut album, spans 14 tracks, with many of the track titles, taking 20/20 hindsight into account, conveying particular emotions: “Don’t Let Me Go To Sleep,” “Prayers,” “Better Days,” etc.

“We loved hearing from so many, as each of us remember Garrett in different ways,” the Lockhart family wrote in a statement. “Some of your stories made us laugh or smile, others made us cry, for it is in those stories we relived much of what Garrett was about as a person and in the many ways his life impacted each of us.”

From the Lockhart Family

On November 23, 2022 "Warehouse Summer", a legacy album, will be released.

Tomorrow, we celebrate you.

— i_o (@i_oofficial) November 22, 2022

Warehouse Summer, as the name implies, blends two ideas: dancing in a dark warehouse late at night, but also the bright sunlight and hope of the summer months. Though i_o was known for his techno, his history as a drum & bass artist also shines through on the album, as in “Leave It” and “Prayers.” Elements of progressive house also permeate the album, demonstrating i_o’s strength as not just a techno producer, but a music producer.

Reactions to the album on social media have already been overwhelmingly positive, and this will likely be an album we revisit for years to come. Listen below.


Photo via Alexandria Alvarez


MIRAMAR: Grabbing the Spotlight in Disco House & Nu-Disco

As a musician, producer, and entrepreneur, Aric Christopher, aka MIRAMAR, has accomplished many feats in his life. The multifaceted DJ and producer is a self-professed “modern-day Renaissance man” who is adding more fuel to his fire by honing his musical skills and setting a new standard of perfection.
MIRAMAR is best known for his innovative MIRAMAR sound, a new, refreshing sound that has been long-awaited by fans of disco house and nu-disco. It is an innovative take on disco house and nu-disco that reflects today’s society by combining old-school beats with modern sounds for an infectious groove. MIRAMAR’s sound has gone viral in the disco house and nu-disco space, attracting thousands of listeners on various social media and digital streaming platforms. On Spotify alone, MIRAMAR attracts 10K monthly listeners and has garnered over 570K cumulative streams. The producer is equally popular on social media platforms like Instagram, where he boasts thousands of loyal fans and followers.

Over the past few years, MIRAMAR has made huge strides as a music producer and in his music career. These include playing the MIRAMAR project at Outside Lands Musical Festival, a 3-day festival celebrating music, food, wine, beer, art, cannabis, and everything the Bay Area is renowned for. Miramar has also toured internationally, DJing in France, Spain, Italy, and across most major US cities with artists such as Rufus Du Sol, Thomas Jack, Viceroy, Travis Wild, Poolside, and Burning Man.

As his brand grows, MIRAMAR hopes to further contribute further to the musical revolution in the coming years. As an artist, MIRAMAR hopes his music will be understood, shared, and appreciated internationally, contributing to the new generation of music fans are gravitating toward. MIRAMAR also hopes to carve out a new sub-genre of sound that inspires others to create similar music and benefit each other in growing the house and nu-disco music genres. As he grows, MIRAMAR also wants to uplift other artists and encourage them to follow their passion.
In his time in the industry, MIRAMAR has learned several lessons other artists trying to succeed in this fast-paced space can leverage. The first is that commitment is indispensable in the journey toward success. “Whether it be with work projects, relationships, or personal development, always be sure to commit a little energy to each every day. Always continue to chip away, even in small amounts,” MIRAMAR shares. “Before you know it, your daily progress will, over time, grow into your vision, and you will meet your goals.”

The second lesson is the value of patience. Every artist must cultivate patience and perseverance in an era of instant gratification and overnight success because not everyone will go viral instantly. MIRAMAR has been doing this for a while and says the best is yet to come. In the meantime, he’s honing his skills and working hard to create a unique sound that organically attracts listeners looking for something new. MIRAMAR reiterates the need for uniqueness and originality in the music industry, mainly because fans have more options now than ever before.
Away from music, MIRAMAR hopes to venture into other industries as well and find even more success. The way he sees it, there’s nothing he can’t do if he sets his mind to it.


Official @england TikTok account teases Skrillex & Fred again’s “Rumble” could be coming soon

“Rumble,” the collaboration between Skrillex and Fred again.. with Flowdan and Elley Duhé, has been, for lack of a better word, rumbling around in sets for a while now. The two have become so close of late so as to actually swap homes for some creative inspiration.

We hoped that the collab would see the light of day eventually. But knowing the two main artists involved, who likely have hundreds of IDs and works in progress under their umbrella, we never wanted to count our chickens before they hatched. However, now with the World Cup happening, the official @england TikTok account used an apparent “rumble_final” track on one of their latest videos promoting the national team.

When one user asked, “HOW DO U HAVE THIS ID,” the account responded, “Special powers.” Fred again himself also replied to the video, saying “Ayyyyy” and England responding with heart and fire emojis.

By all appearances, this definitely seems like an official teaser of the track. Whether it’s coming soon-soon or “Skrillex”-soon remains to be seen.

@england Ready to Rumble 🤘 #england #rumble #threelions #fifaworldcup #worldcup #worldcup2022 ♬ rumble_final – Skrillex & Fred again.. & Flowdan & Elley Duhé

Photo via Theo Batterham


G Jones caps off a stellar year with another new EP, “Illusory Tracks,” with Eprom & ISOxo

G Jones has always been one of the most technically impressive producers out there. Every time he releases a track or project, that notion is more and more heavily reinforced, especially with his most recent album, The Ineffable Truth, as well as his recent mixtape with Eprom, Disk Doctors.

This year, after taking a break during the pandemic with no releases since 2019, he’s put out five singles and two EPs, including today’s release of Illusory Tracks.

Featuring his collaborations with Eprom, “R.A.V.E.,” and ISOxo, “Say What,” the 6-track project breezes through different tempos. Things stay incredibly hype in the first half, then slowing down for “Patterns Emerge” and “Thought Tracing,” and finally bringing the energy back up for “Say What.”

Check out the new EP below!


Photo by Lauren Marrone


VASSY Joins Forces with Super Talented Bingo Players and Disco Fries for the Nostalgic, ‘Pieces’

It’s always a good feeling when three super talents link up on a smashing house tune. VASSY, Disco Fries and Bingo Players have done just that on the latest summer nostalgic track, ‘Pieces’. Linking up on the infamous Spinnin Records these 3 put together a track with crisp vocal production, clean grooving basslines and a massive hook. This track is definitely spinning all day until summer 2023.




Rezz lets slip she and deadmau5 are headlining a festival b2b in 2023

Rezz has gone from rising midtempo producer to legitimate headliner in the time since her first release in 2015. Combining her unique branding, relatively transparent personality on social media, and her hypnotizing live sets, it’s really no surprise.

One of her biggest supporters since the beginning has been deadmau5, and though the two have appeared on stage together before, like at North Coast 2021, there hasn’t yet been an official b2b between the two. That seems like it’s set to change next year, as Rezz revealed that it’s officially going to happen at a festival next year that the two will be headlining.

Beyond going b2b with deadmau5, Rezz hasn’t done a proper b2b at all, and this will be the first. Since Ultra has already begun revealing their lineup and the two probably would have been in the first announcement, might not be there. Maybe EDC? Maybe North Coast as a throwback?

We’ll have to wait and find out as lineups for summer festival season next year begin to trickle in.

Deadmau5 and I are gonna go b2b headlining a festival in 2023

First time I’ve ever properly b2b. Just letting you know

— RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) November 21, 2022


Sullivan King & Wooli team up once again for next album single, “Let Me Go”

Sullivan King’s next album, Thrones Of Blood, is officially due out March 2023, as announced with his first single, “The Dead March,” with Ray Volpe. Now, he’s back with the next single, teaming up once again with Wooli for “Let Me Go.”

The two have paired up once before, releasing “Don’t Forget Me” on Monstercat. Sullivan King and Wooli seem to have found a formula that works in their releases, pairing Sully’s voice and an anthemic, melodic first section with a heavier drop, leading into another melodic outro.

Speaking of the track, Sullivan King shares, “Adam and I wrote “Let Me Go” about his fear of planes. I’m pretty sick of him always holding on to me when we fly next to each other and there’s a little turbulence. He’s really just not a great flyer tbh and it’s f*****’ annoying, so Adam if you’re reading this….. let me go. Stop grabbing my hand. You squeeze way too much. We’re gonna be fine. Statistically, not a single plane has crashed from turbulence, so just drink your ginger ale, have those little biscoff cookies American Airlines gives out, and watch a Harry Potter movie. We’re gonna be good.”

Wooli adds, “‘Let Me Go’ is about the time Keaton kidnapped me. He put me in a cage in the crawl space of his Miami condo and left one night to go get more diapers and Monster Energy baby formula for his new kid. I felt it was the perfect time to escape. I picked the lock with a Capri Sun straw and bolted for the elevator. As soon as the doors opened, Keaton was standing there smiling. “Don’t leave yet, we have more ‘content’ to film!” he said. He began to slip back into character as the Joker from Batman. “You don’t want to see me get Reckless do you?” I’m actually still writing this from the cage. If you are reading this, please call 911 or Excision. They are my only hope.”

The next album from Sully will continue to highlight his cross-genre musicianship with notable features on both sides. Check out “Let Me Go” below!


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The Man Who Made Sure Travis Scott’s First Album Dropped Says This Artist Is Next, ‘Jovian’

Music in the digital age has been dominated by streaming services, making it easier
than ever to listen to new music. But for all its convenience, the platform lacks
musicians with the talent and charisma to make them memorable. Jovian, a fast-rising
recording artist, signed to Sha Money XL (former manager of G Unit Records), is
changing that. In case you missed it, this guy is hot right now. Having your single
backed by Sha Money XL, the driving force behind Travis Scott’s “Owl Pharaoh”, is a
significant coup for any up-and-coming musician. Jovian has that and more.
No matter how many times you play it, Jovian’s music feels like an endless playlist of
jams that sound both new and refreshing at the same time. But don’t let the sounds fool
you: there are profound messages woven throughout his lyrics. It seems this artist has
been through some tough stuff in life, but he’s done it all without losing himself or giving
up on what he loves most: making music.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jovian discovered his talent at a young age
before finding his voice as he got older. However, he didn’t jump into music
immediately. His journey in the entertainment space began with 11 years of acting
school, which prepared him for life in the limelight. However, the path was not always as
straightforward as Jovian would have liked.

Growing up, the artist experienced several mental health challenges that made it difficult
to focus on the path ahead. Jovian has been vocal about battling depression, anxiety,
and body dysmorphia, and how music helped him find his healing. Jovian’s healing
began when he downloaded T-Pain’s auto-tune app and channeled his feelings into
melodies. Gradually, most of the noise disappeared and left him with one clear thought:
he needed to use his voice to give healing to others experiencing similar pain.
Jovian’s music has sensations of not only just hope but definitive healing and progress.
The best way to describe him as a musician is that he’s a mix of every good artist out
right now. He brings together the rapping skills, clever wordplay, punchlines, and
rhythms of Kendrick Lamar, and creates melodies in the same vein as Frank Ocean.
Jovian attributes his uniqueness to a rare condition called synesthesia, which allows
him to not just experience color with his eyes, but with all five senses. In other words, he
creates music you can touch, smell, hear, taste, and see.

Mental health and healing are major themes in Jovian’s art. His songs, including his
latest, “Nebraska”, are instruments of hope and empowerment, reminding the listener
that life does get better. In the official teaser for “Nebraska”, Jovian explains that the
song is about the trials of a relationship with toxic traits that weren’t fixed at the
inception and questioning if it’s too late to fix deep habits and deep sensations of
resentment, but still being hopeful because genuine love is there.
He explained why he wrote it and others, “I am living proof that not only do things get
better when you actively work to make them better, but I am how it looks when you get
to the other side!” His goal is to make more music that anyone can absorb, be
entertained, and ultimately become a better person after engaging with it. As he
observes, that is very rare nowadays.


DJ 5 Day Forecast Announces Sophomore Single, “Baby I’m Good”

Getting your music to reach a wider audience and go viral is not easy in the highly-
competitive music scene. While the modern social media-driven industry has made it
easy for artists to release their music, this doesn’t create an opportunity for any song to
dominate the airwaves. Musicians still need to creatively tap into their authenticity to
release not only a classic hit but also a timeless tune that people can easily relate to.
This is the art executed by some musical legends, including Michael Jackson and
Whitney Houston, to mention a few.

Following the same path to musical glory is DJ 5 Day Forecast, a sensational producer,
songwriter, and DJ. Born and raised in Philadelphia, DJ 5 Day Forecast has grown to
become one of the top musical talents to watch out for in the industry. Music has been
part of DJ 5 Day Forecast’s life from childhood, and his dream is to rule the musical
waves. Learning from the best of the local and global scene, such as Cosmo Baker,
Royale, Sat One, and Rich Medina, the multi-genre producer has mastered his craft,
thrilling fans with his releases.

DJ 5 Day Forecast has become every partygoer’s favorite, thanks to his irresistible
charisma and undying love for the craft. Proving to be a cut above the rest, all his
releases have been hit after hit, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. His latest
sophomore single, “Baby I’m Good,” is a uniquely-crafted work of art and a clear
example of his capability. “Baby I’m Good” is a high-energy single with uptempo beats
that pumps up listeners with its danceable rhythm, not to forget the catchy hooks and
masterfully crafted layers.
DJ 5 Day Forecast’s debut track hit 50K streams across various platforms, and there is
no reason to think “Baby I’m Good” wouldn’t amass the same, if not more. The fantastic
summer vibes and infectious energy are a joy to listen to, helping DJ 5 Day Forecast
expand his brand of music while also alluring fans worldwide. According to DJ 5 Day

Forecast, the goal is to make all his releases streamed globally and for sure spread the
good vibes.
The versatile and ambitious producer is already hinting at plans to release a follow-up
project that will cement his position in the musical game. The producer is also working
on his debut EP, which he intends to drop in the coming months. He is also working on
a new track that samples Mya’s 2000 hit song “Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do).”
This is a unique and exciting project for DJ 5 Day Forecast as he aspires to work and
collaborate with other top musical talents.
To other young musicians, DJ 5 Day Forecast understands that the journey to success
isn’t easy, but there is always a way around every obstacle. He encourages everyone to
work hard and invest in their creativity and authenticity. Remember, the music scene is
crowded, and your originality will set you apart from the rest.


Neil Nines joins forces with Heath Allen to “Start a Fire”

Neil Nines continues the output and quality control that’s made him a DJ & Producer to watch in the DMV music scene. He’s hit us with a slew of dope releases this year, including his recent banger of a remix to Mighty Mark and Rodney Hollywood’s “The Floor Is Ours.” Nines is also making a name for himself as a community staple as someone who is passionate about connecting dots with other artists and bettering his music scene as a whole.

This time around, Nines (who recently started working with rising independent label Swaggertown Records) is teaming up with Heath Allen, a veteran touring EDM club DJ, to form Allen X Nines, an EDM collaboration project formed in Baltimore.

As these two successful club scene DJs continue to carve their uniquely different paths in the industry, they came together inspired by the golden age of EDM and artists such as Tiesto, KSHMR, and Cosmic Gate. Allen X Nines music blends cinematic orchestration with anthemic EDM vocals and instrumentation.

Their first single, “Start A Fire”, was co-written with Nashville songwriter Sunnie Williams. The song is an ode to the feel-good festival anthems of the early 2010s that put EDM on the top 40 charts.

“Start A Fire” is an emotional journey through its symphonic breakdowns, lyrical story, and emotional mainstage drop. The song has a dual meaning as both a love story and an inspiration for listeners to start a fire in their own lives and find more meaning. Allen X Nines will be releasing a series of singles over the fall and into early 2023, which include features with vocalists from both their hometown and around the world.

Allen X Nines have performed together at Mosaic, Baltimore, and look forward to more shows in the area and beyond. His connection and subsequent output with Heath Allen is another example of Neil Nines walking the walk in terms of connecting and delivering a quality product with his peers in the area. Make sure you’re keeping up with Neil on Instagram and that you give Heath Allen a follow as well, as there’s so much more to come.


Indie Folk Remixed Into EDM? It Works, thanks for Eric Anders, Mark O’Bitz and Their Collaborators

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz are a prolific indie folk/Americana duo who have produced some of the most interesting and beautiful work the genre has seen in the last four years. With the harmoizing aptitude of Fleet Foxes and the like but the post-punk grit of Tom Waits, these two artists are well-known by those of us at YEDM who follow such circles, but we never thought they’d end up featured on YEDM. We should never underestimate the innovation of a good artist, and the newly remixed versions of their haunting 2020 album American Bardo show Anders and O’Bitz as the latest artists to prove that point.

Now that we hear them, the remixes of American Bardo, retitled for the occasion as Bardo Hauntings and split into two parts, sound like they were made to be electronic all along. So much so, in fact, that the original songs almost sound a bit minimal now. Quite often with folk and Americana work that’s been re-written or remixed into electronica or pop, there’s a moment of, “hmm, that’s weird,” in one’s head, followed by either a yay or nay vote. Ths is very much not the case with Bardo Hauntings, and the reason for these remixes gelling so well is definitely the remixers, Mike Butler and Steven Jess Borth II (CHLLNGR).

Bardo Hauntings I, the Butler Hauntings, contains remixes from half of American Bardo done by engineer and producer Mike Butler. Aside from his engineering creds with Phoebe Bridgers, Norah Jones, The Shins and The Predenders (among countless others), Butler has been working with Anders and O’Bitz for a long time. Intimate knowledge of an artist’s body of work obviously helps with a project like this, and Butler probably has the most intimate knowledge of these artist aside from the artists themselves. He produced and mixed American Bardo itself, along with every Anders/O’Bitz release since, save for 2021’s True September Songs, including the Bardo Hauntings EPs.

For those EDM fans who are also aware of the jazz, folk and ska worlds, Steve Borth may already be a familiar name. Part of a musical dynasty began by his father Steven Jess Borth I, Borth II had an early aptitude for music and was already recognized as a saxopohone prodigy by age 10. Borth has been all over the world utsilizing his multi-instrumental talents in ensembles and ska bands, but EDMers may know him better by his ska/reggae/soul/electronica crossover project, CHLLNGR. Fusing all those genres with breaks, future bass, dubstep, house and techno, Borth’s CHLLNGR project garnered him quite a bit of attention from the EDM world in in the early 2010s. His aptitude for such fusion also made him a perfect choice for Bardo Hauntings.

The 12 remixes on American Bardo are split evenly between Butler and Borth to make the two Bardo Hauntings, but it seems the two artists picked which ones they wanted, as the track order doesn’t follow the original LP. In this way, each producer was able to tell his own story with the tracks they chose. It seems Anders and O’Bitz gave them carte blanche.

The title, ‘Bardo Hauntings,’ is based on the idea that remixes haunt the original songs.  In this case, the original songs are those of American Bardo, so these remixes are “bardo hauntings.”  As with ghosts, the original is present and absent at the same time

Butler flexed some composition muscles few other than his laundry list of famous clients have heard before. Ranging from the startling yet emotive industrial/ambient blend of the “Won’t Live It Down” remix to the heady, theatrical and largely analog remix of “Matterbloomlight” (this is now a third version of this achingly beautiful song, by the way) to the minimal hour mix of “Holding Will,” Butler incorporates a range of styles and genres without overdoing it. This is key with such a delicate sound pallette as is in Anders and O’Bitz’s original discography.

Borth’s remixes are both more grassroots and more ravey than Butler’s approach. In most of the tracks he remixes, Borth keeps almost all of the original stems, including the instrumentals and general pop/rock structure, as more and more electronica creeps in progressively to the tunes as both they and the EP roll on.  The first track “Haunting Abraham,” for example, starts off almost completely acoustic and then grows in production complexity ad Borth adds in a house beat subtly masked as analog. By the end, the track has a full compliment of strings and can no be easily recognizable as a pop or folk EDM track. Talk about delicate treatment; it’s almost like we’re duped into rave tracks on Borth’s EP, and each track is a surprise as to how it will unveil itself.

Butler and Borth had very different approaches to this remixing project, but they both brought out the best of Anders and O’Bitz’s work, and hopefully exposed it to a whole new range of fans. The idea that these are electronic “hauntings” of American Bardo is a brilliant one, as it ties in the Bardo Hauntings not only to the original album but to the 2017 Pulitzer-winning book by George Saunders, Lincoln In the Bardo upon which American Bardo was based. It’s an illustration of how great art begets great art begets great art and it can spread across media, generations and genres. Now the only thing left to do is go full on Bardo inception and have Butler and Borth remix each other’s remixes. In the meantime, a beautiful body of work is now here for folk, literature and EDM fans alike to enjoy the “hauntings.”

Bardo Hauntings I and II are both out now and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased on Bandcamp. Check the links in this article to learn more about Mike Butler and Stebe Borth II (CHLLNGR).


Kim Sane: Beats Without Borders

For well over a decade, Kim Sane has been a fixture of the techno scene. With a deep emphasis on adaptability, his works are of the digital variety.

His emphasis on the digital is twofold – firstly a digital audio workstation takes up far less space while touring, and secondly because it allows for a great deal more range and adaptability. The experimentation he takes on involves the cross-pollination between different genres of techno, from the breaks to progressive house. Such a range results in each release of his further fine-tuning the sound, getting everything perfectly synced up.

His world travels have inspired a number of his works. By bringing these ideas along with him, he has expanded his own sound. Whereas initially focused on tech-house, he’s since moved into elements of melodic techno and indie house. Both particular strains are making something of a come-back, indie house with its own venues devoted to it and melodic techno in a much larger, cultural aspect.

Community proves essential within the electronic music scene at large, yet there are those capitals of it, London, Paris, and Bali, they all have factored into Kim’s style. A few of them have featured him at festivals, like the Ultra Music Festival Summer 2022 and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Blending all of these together within a distinct range of BPM, Kim Sane proves how much can be done with the subtle moments, the ways that melody and groove can become one.


ILLENIUM releases official remix of “Anti-Hero” for Taylor Swift [LISTEN]

Taylor Swift set some serious records with the release of her latest album, Midnights, including holding every spot on the Billboard Top 10, the first person, man or woman, to accomplish the feat. (Drake held nine.) So when we saw she was coming out with remixes of “Anti-Hero,” the single that held the top spot, we were curious which top-tier EDM artist she would end up tapping.

Not Marshmello, not The Chainsmokers, nor David Guetta, Zedd, or DJ Snake, but ILLENIUM walked away with the plug and the remix is officially out today, after becoming available for purchase on Swift’s store yesterday.

The song makes use of the delicate piano from the original, augmented by ILLENIUM’s own sound and brought to the forefront. The drop is bombastic and full of energy, making this the perfect sing-along for the particular intersection of Swifties and Illenials — we know you’re out there.

Listen below.


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Seven Lions & Kill The Noise team up with Shadow Cliq for “The Blood VIP”

Coming off his debut album release, Seven Lions releases a special VIP version of his cult classic collab with Kill The Noise, “The Blood,” from 2019. The haunting track delves into three distinct drops of heart-pumping psytrance, head-banging dubstep and elements of techno.

For the VIP, Shadow Cliq was brought on to add an epic rock guitar solo to amplify the original, while each drop is switched up, either to be made more intense or to completely alter the flow of the track entirely. The final minute or so also amplifies the suspense of the original with a more cinematic feel, approaching an epic climax as the psytrance comes back into play.

If you the debut album from Seven Lions, Beyond The Veil, this VIP is going to be a delicious dessert to savor. Check it out below!


Photo via Dawndra Budd @dawndraphoto


The Glitch Mob enter new territory with their latest album, “Ctrl Alt Reality”

In computing, the function ctrl+alt+del most commonly brings up the task manager, an operating system component that gives a user access to some of the computer’s most internal processes and information. Here, you can inspect hardware usage, add/remove programs and processes, look up app history, and more. In short, it’s the not-so-secret window into your favorite electronics’ soul.

The Glitch Mob have been a pillar in electronic music for over a decade, and their influence on live show production and musical trends is tangible, to put it lightly. But between their last studio album, See Without Eyes, in 2018 (not counting the Drink The Sea anniversary album, the Drink The Sea ambient version, and Revisions, all releases between 2020-2021), and now, the trio has dived into their processes and reviewed their history and come out the other side with Ctrl Alt Reality.

For the new album, the group moved away from their futuristic, glitchy sound and embraced history with a 10-track album revisiting the glory days of drum & bass and breaks. Obviously, there are still many, many artists who represent and push those genres forward as their main sound, and The Glitch Mob aren’t trying to encroach in anyone’s space. They’re just putting their spin on a classic sound.

Reality is malleable. It changes naturally from perspective to perspective, and the trio clearly felt like their reality was under attack, like many of us did, over the past couple of years.

Listen to Ctrl Alt Reality below.


G Jones & ISOxo release long-awaited collab, “Say What”

When I first saw ISOxo live at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, his first headline show along with Brownies & Lemonade, I was immediately indoctrinated into the ISOxo faith. The energy that crowd had was unlike anything I remembered in recent years and it wouldn’t be much of an understatement to say it reinvigorated my love of dance music again, or at least trap, like renewing one’s vows.

That show was October 16, 2021, and 13 months later, one of the biggest tracks of that night is finally out — “Say What” with G Jones.

I remember when he got on the mic at the show and told the crowd something along the lines of, “This is unreleased with G Jones,” and I turned to ISO’s manager in the balcony with a face clearly conveying shock, and he gave me the most subtle grin and just nodded.

The three-minute track is a brilliant combination of both artists’ styles, G Jones’ iconic synth stabs and ISOxo’s percussion-soaked drops. Each artist left a piece of their soul within this collab and with every listen, more and more subtle elements rise to the service, not to mention the effect it has on the crowd when actually played out live.

“The song ‘Say What’ started off as a beat challenge that I did a few years ago. I wanted to make a G Jones type beat when creating the track, little did I know that years later he would actually want to work on it too. This was really a full circle moment for me.” – ISOxo

“Julian sent me a demo of this idea and I immediately loved it. He sent over stems, and from there the rest of track came together really quickly. It felt like a really natural and effortless collaboration.” – G Jones

“Say What” comes as part of G Jones forthcoming EP, ILLUSORY TRACKS, out before the end of the year. Listen below.


Photo via Eric Ananmalay


Blind Mutation Drops Hypnotic Single, “Shadows”

Russian producer, DJ and composer Blind Mutation continues to flourish as a composer and DJ while releasing music/videos. She’s released a variety of long mixes on Soundcloud capturing different styles and sounds within techno and experimental electronic music. Her biggest influences are Aphex Twin, Arca, Clams Casino, Hans Zimmer, I Hate Models, Jon Hopkins, Clint Mansell and Svarog, which explains her impressively wide array of musical talents. She’s truly an exciting artist to watch who’s creativity seems limitless.

She recently released a hypnotic, ambient techno track called “Shadows” accompanied by an equally stunning video – mining her creative depths to shine a welcome light on mental health issues and related struggles. Blind Mutation shares that she has dealt with these struggles since childhood, but now uses them to inspire her own creative path within music, as well as inspiring others with her work.

The song encompasses a beauty of its own, backed by a driving beat and uplifting rhythms that cut through the initial darkness of the track, offering glimmers of hope. The video is visually compelling and stands on its own, expressing the confusing inner journey of a person who feels trapped within their own mental prison. It’s extremely unnerving and utterly captivating at the same time. Created in collaboration with long-time Ukrainian creative partner All Around, the video recently won Best Experimental video at the Indie Online Film Festival and continues to impress as it gains traction.

Here’s what Blind Mutation had to say about it:

“‘Shadows’ is a dark ambient techno track with a horrifying yet melancholic ambience. I wrote it in a state of extreme despair, numbness and emptiness. It represents the conflict of feeling desensitized and dissociated from the world around you while feeling extreme pain and misery at the same time. The prevalence of cold horror-like sounds and a repetitive drum pattern portrays the disintegrating inner state of the artist.

The video attempts to translate a close interrelation between reality and illusion that blend into each other in the darkest corners of our minds. The music video allows the audience to observe the main character’s inner world and dive deep into the character’s consciousness.”

Watch below!


Tommy Mambretti Makes Debut With House-Centric Single ‘Tell The World’ Ft. Lisa Kekaula

As one of Italy’s finest DJs, Tommy Mambretti is a renowned veteran in the music industry. At just 15 years old, he started mixing at the most prominent Italian clubs, such as Covo Di Nord-Est in Santa Marghertia Ligure. Fueled by his passion for music, Tommy ended up living and working in Miami for 15 years, taking in all the new trends and styles of house music. 

He recently returned to Italy, deciding to launch an artistic project of his own. Tommy went big for his debut, teaming up with esteemed American singer Lisa Kekaula, famous for her collab with Basement Jaxx on the hit single “Good Luck”, for their song, “Tell The World”. It’s a jackin’ house affair that feels like an instant club classic. Embodying soul and old school house elements, along with invigorating lyrics, Tommy and Lisa prove just how dynamic of a team they are.

We’re excited to hear more! Listen below.


Your EDM Premiere: Pythius and Flowanastasia are ‘Wide Awake’ on New Blackout Single

With her nomination for best vocalist this year at the Drum&BassArena Awards, Floanastasia has officially become one of the most prolific vocalists in D&B. With a versatile vocal range and style, the classically trained Canadian artist has worked with the likes of Mefjus, Neonlight, Nymfo and Jack Mirror in 2022 alone. We may not have seen it coming, but it certainly makes sense that the quiet killer known as Pythius would want to hook up with her for his latest Blackout release.

Out tomottow, November 18, “Wide Awake” perfectly places Flowanastasia’s soulful voice with Pythius’s heavy synths. The mashup of these two greats means that said heavy synths are given a more melodic and emotive quality, as the vox flows in and our, dancing over the staff. Meanwhile the track itself helps anchor Flow’s beatific voice, so it’s really a perfect pairing.

Hard/neuro fans shouldn’t worry that the vocals might take away from the hard edge of Pythius’s usul style. You can still look forward to loads of glitchy switchbacks and a heavy, rolling bassline. It’s also no jarring when the vocals come in. Usually in scenarios like these, it can be a bit jarring when the vox is only in the intro and break and then it descends into neurorific chaos. The key placements of vocal lines over and around the main action of the track mean they’re integrated smoothly. This  also creates a whole new sound palette while not relegating the vocals to just background and ornamentation. “Wide Awake” thus has something for everyone: melodic, dancefloor, crunchy neuro…it’s likely one of the more well-rounded tracks to come out this year.

Blackout Music NL · Pythius – Wide Awake ft. Flowanastasia [YourEDM Premiere]

The D&B community has come to expect nothing less than well-rounded from both Pythius and Flowanastasia, of course, but his track will likely still come as a surprise to some punters who don’t expect melodic work from a Blackout artist. It’s time to throw that thinking out in 2022, however, and just enjoy the goosebump-inducing results a track like “Wide Awake” can produce. Stay “Wide Awake” as the D&B landscape changes, friends. It’s a good thing, we promise.

“WIde Awake” drops tomorrow, November 18 on Blackour Music. Pre-order on Beatport or pre-save on Spotify.


ILLENIUM tapped for official remix of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”

Taylor Swift has been steadily dropping remixes of her hit “Anti-Hero” off her latest album, Midnights. So far she’s done a version with Bleachers, as well as remixes from Roosevelt, Kungs, and Jayda G. Tonight at 11:59p ET, ILLENIUM gets a crack at the song along with an acoustic version out, as well.

Right now, the song is available for purchase for $0.69 on Taylor’s official web store until it’s out everywhere tonight, if you really can’t wait that long. We were curious and $0.69 isn’t going to break the bank, so we got it.

ILLENIUM remixes have become more rare since he’s entered his multi-album era, but surely there was no way he was going to turn this one down. With his characteristic piano chords and emphatic synths, the song gets a perfect peak-hour remix with lyrics that are going to have the whole crowd screaming, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me” and “sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby.” (Yes, that’s a real lyric, if you haven’t heard the song yet.)

The remix is out on all platforms later tonight.


Photo by Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images