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As the warm weather approaches, festivals begin to kick back into gear, and your favorite artists begin to release what they have been working on during all of winter and before then. This week we saw new releases from the likes of Pendulum, Bob Moses, Kayzo and many other talented artists and producers. Sit back, relax or continue doing whatever you are doing and stream Your EDM | Week In Music below.

Release Spotlight

Pendulum release a new single titled ‘Come Alive.’ That last we heard of them was back in 2020 when they released ‘Driver / Nothing For Free.’

Kayzo and Sullivan King release their new explosive collaboration with Papa Roach titled ‘Domination’ the record stays true to their nature featuring explosive guitar riffs and dominating synth lines.

San Holo releases 2 new singles ‘black and white’ & ‘MY FAULT’ in anticipation for his forthcoming album bb u ok? The two new singles feature emotive undertones and vibrant elements.

Oliver Heldens side project HI-LO releases a new single ‘Saw of Olympus’ with Reinier Zonneveld. 


Facebook to Launch Clubhouse-Like Drop-In Audio Chat Rooms

Facebook has announced a drop-in audio chat platform is in the works. “Live Audio Rooms” as it will be called, will compete directly with the increasingly-popular and notoriously exclusive Clubhouse app.

For those unfamiliar with Clubhouse or stuck on its waiting list, Clubhouse is an invite-based social media network that allows users to listen in on conversations on a wide variety of topics. The app was introduced in late 2020 and has exploded in popularity, recently climbing to a valuation of a whopping $4 billion. The app’s success can in part be attributed to the pandemic, but also the relaxed, off-camera environment that users can converse in and the sheer exclusivity of its invite-only model.

As it pertains to the electronic music world, the app has been used by the likes of deadmau5 and Flosstradamus to discuss cryptoart, music production and a range of other topics. The app is particularly good for learning and networking within the music industry, with rooms hosted by record label execs and artist managers galore.

While Clubhouse seems to have cornered the market on audio chat rooms for now, they do have a weakness. Currently, the app is only open to iPhone users, leaving millions of Android users behind. Clubhouse has said that software that can cater to both operating systems is in the works, but has not announced a rollout date.

Another area where the Facebook app has the potential to stand out is with more in-app services. Live Audio Rooms will be integrated with Spotify, allowing audio groups to stream music or podcasts directly into the audio room, listening together in real-time.

While Live Audio Rooms certainly has potential, it will take significant efforts to eclipse the industry-standard Clubhouse. But one thing is for sure, we are excited to see how this challenge to Clubhouse plays out.

Read more about Live Audio Rooms here.


Image via Facebook


GRiZ Announces 2-Day Space Camp Event with CloZee, Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM, & More

GRiZ just announced Space Camp — a brand new experience meant to bring out your inner kid. It all goes down at Virginia’s iconic Hampton Coliseum over December 17th & 18th, 2021.

Topping the lineup are two unique sets from GRiZ, who fans will undoubtedly travel from near and far to experience live once again. Plus, a wave of in-demand and forward-thinking acts within the bass realm, CloZee, Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM, Lucii, Chee, Moore Kismet, Common Creation and Kumarion.

GRiZ shares of the Space Camp project:

As a kid I always wanted to go to space camp. Hang with other kids and share in that sense of adventure and imagination. So we’re throwing our own. A place to gather, explore and play. A place to be weird, to celebrate life, a place to be yourself, a place to escape earth. We’re ready for takeoff. Welcome to Space Camp.

GRiZ’s Hampton throwdown will become another jewel in a crown already adorned with signature triumphs including GRiZMAS in Detroit and iconic takeovers of Colorado’s Red Rocks and Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 11 AM ET here.

Space Camp 2021 Lineup


Preview the REZZ x deadmau5 “Hypnocurrency” Collab Ahead of Release

The Rezzmau5 collaboration we’ve all been waiting for releases this Friday on mau5trap — but if you just can’t wait for the track’s full arrival, previews are available as part of the REZZ x deadmau5 joint NFT drop.

The “Hypnocurrency” NFT series is currently available to purchase via MakersPlace and the track will hit all streaming platforms in just two days. Each of the three cryptoart pieces contain 19 seconds of audio from the highly-anticipated collab.

MORE: REZZ is Finally Going on a Coffee Run with deadmau5

As we can hear from the preview, “Hypnocurrency” is super charged with a fusion of sounds signature of both REZZ and deadmau5. Fans will love hearing their distinct blend of styles play off each other, finding their own destined space in the mix.

Only hours remain on the “Hypnocurrency” NFT drop, which can be seen and heard here.

Pre-save “Hypnocurrency” here.


[PREMIERE] Bensley Transforms His Single “That Feeling” Into Addictive House

It’s often said that if you can DJ drum & bass, you can DJ pretty much anything. The same, apparently, goes for production since Bensley just released an absolutely addictive house edit of his recent single, “That Feeling.”

The original came out just three weeks ago, but this new house edit gives it a whole different … feeling. When it first came out, the drum & bass and staccato rhythm created a wonderful atmosphere, and the second drop was all house. In the the house edit, it’s all house, from start to finish.

Check it out below!


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DJ Rap Begins Another Series of Remixes of a ‘Propa’ Banger

By now, most D&B heads know what an absolute legend DJ Rap is, with almost 30 years in the game, countless hits across a number of genres, a movie career and her own label, Propa Talent. Her Propa Dubs series, now in its fourth installment, reiterates just how OG she actually is. For the newest remix series of her classic breaks track “Divine Rhythm,” Rap went all the way back to 1992, teaming up with UK based producer Dope Ammo and vocalist Jasmine Knight. The first remix, as is “propa,” is the jungle mix.

The original 1992 “Divine Rhythm” single was a massively fun breakbeat/Uk hardcore club jam, chock full of samples, amens and switch-ups. It got its name, presumably, because of the vox and melody sample from another classic track, the new wave “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister. The pretty, etherical and divine sample gives the track that great emotive vibe and even now it would be a perfect track for a sunrise set.

Following the lines of the original, the jungle VIP remix of “Divine Rhythm” is just as heavy on the amens and tempo switches, moving seamlessly between old school hardcore breakbeat and modern, faster 174 tempo. Rap and Dope Ammo also added lots of modern wind-ups and drops, a secondary sub bass melody and some grimy, grindy neuro-style accents.

The biggest change between 1992 and 2021, however, and one we’ll see throughout the remix series for this track, is the changing of the “Kyrie” vocals and synths from sampled to hand-made. This change to creating the stems themselves has likely given Dope and Ram more flexibility to place them where they’d like. Where the vocals are concerned, that’s also a big upgrade, as Jasmine Knight’s bell-clear, pitch-perfect voice along with modern recording techniques makes the melodic line of this track so good it’ll give the listener goosebumps, sunrise set or no.

Coming up next in the Propa Dubs 4 series will be the “Euphoric” remix of “Divine Rhythms,” a ravey chugger with blown out beats, and the even ravier “Ravers” remix, with tons of syncopation for DJs to go nuts on. This series will also be featured on a vinyl release later this year along with the upcoming Propa Dubs 5. No shortage of hits coming from the D&B reigning queen, and with festivals hopefully back on the docket soon, it promises to be a “propa” summer.

“Divine Rhythm Trilogy Part 1: the Jungle VIP Remix” is out now on Beatport and will drop tomorrow on all other platforms. Be sure to check out Rap’s full sets as well on her YouTube and special stuff on her Patreon.


Diplo & Friends Ending In September After 10 Long Years

Diplo & Friends has been running concurrently on BBC Radio 1 since 2011 and over the last 10 years has hosted a number of prestigious names as well as up and comers. Sadly, the program will end as Diplo leaves BBCR1 this September.

The announcement was made in the wee hours of yesterday morning (US time), though it was also briefly mentioned, almost as an afterthought, in BBC’s news of Annie Mac’s departure, announced yesterday as well.

With two such iconic figures leaving the station this year, BBC Radio 1 is in for a shake up. But given their pedigree and legacy, we’re sure to see some exciting new programs and host take their places.

Radio 1 will also be saying goodbye to Diplo, who currently occupies 11pm – 1am on Saturday nights with Diplo and Friends, delivering exclusive mixes featuring some of the hottest names in Dance. Thanks for everything @diplo 👏

— BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network Press Office (@BBCRadio1PR) April 20, 2021


BREAKING: EDC Las Vegas Is Moving To October

After announcing that EDC Las Vegas was preparing to move ahead in May just weeks ago, Pasquale Rotella has followed up to announce that the annual festival needs to move to October.

Rotella stated, “As we expected and were assured prior to announcing the festival for May, Nevada state officials announced they would lift social distancing requirements as of May 1, creating a path for EDC to happen with strict safety guidelines in place. We just had a meeting in Las Vegas this past Friday with police, fire, medical, and other agencies involved with EDC to plan out details surrounding the event.”

He continued, “However, today, Clark County (home of EDC & the Las Vegas Motor Speedway) passed a reopening plan that requires 60% of their residents to be vaccinated before restrictions over large scale gatherings such as EDC can be lifted. Unfortunately, the rate at which people get vaccinated before EDC is out of our control. It might happen in time, it might not. Either way, we can’t take that risk.”

The lineup was “fully booked” and was going to be announced tomorrow at 12pm PT, but that will now be delayed as well.

For those who are concerned about their tickets, Rotella states, “Your ticket will automatically be transferred to the new dates, or you may elect to receive a refund by clicking the link in my bio. If you have already transferred your ticket to 2022, your ticket will also be transferred to the new dates unless you choose to receive a refund.”

I am sorry to say that EDC Las Vegas needs to move to October. I want to thank everyone who has put their heart and soul into this show—the Insomniac team, artists, agents, managers, production crews, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway staff, the government …

— Pasquale Rotella (@PasqualeRotella) April 21, 2021


Photo via Graham John Bell for Insomniac Events


Annie Mac Leaving BBC Radio 1 After 17 Years on the Air

Seventeen years in any job is a long time, especially by today’s standards. But Annie Mac has helped to define the sound of BBC Radio 1 since 2004 and this year she’s stepping aside.

In a lengthy post to social media, she explained the impact the role has had on her over the years. “I’m still in awe of the magic of music radio,” she wrote. “Of the responsibility of handling these songs that are so powerful they can stop you in your tracks and make your emotions soar. I have never not walked out of the studio feeling lighter and happier than when I walked in.”

Clara Amfo will take over for Mac after her final show on July 30.

“I am beyond honoured and ready to start this exciting new chapter on Radio 1,” Amfo wrote on Instagram. “I’m such a fan of this show, the artists that it has championed and to be receiving the baton from [Annie Mac] who I love and respect makes it extra special for me.”

US DJ Diplo, host of Diplo & Friends, is also leaving in September after 10 years.

Read Annie’s full statement below.


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A post shared by Annie Mac (@anniemacmanus)


New Artist Spotlight: The Science of Sound With Electric Treatment Free

We may think of electronic music as more connected to science and math due to the equipment it’s made on and seeing the waveforms onscreen in ways our musical predecessors could only have dreamed, but the science and math of music has been heavily studied at the very least since the time of the ancient Greeks. Pythagoras is of course known for his theorem around measuring triangles, but he also applied his studies and findings to music.

Flash forward through wax cylinders, Musique Concrète, Tangerine Dream and now EDM, the science and math of sound is more important to pop culture than it’s ever been, and there’s a stalwart fleet of experimental artists pushing that research. Ottowa-based Electric Treatment Free could definitely be counted among those experimenters, though he just splashed onto the scene recently. His debut self-titled is definitely a study in how sounds come together.

An audioacoustic free-for-all, Electric Treatment Free (real name Mark Uygur), states how the EP was made quite simply:

“All music written by a human and played by a computer.”

That’s pretty much all that’s simple about this EP. As with a lot of audioacoustic work, one can actually hear the math flowing through each song, whether it’s in the abstract like the Greeks were philosophizing over or you’re the Rachel Riley type and you can actually see Pascal’s triangle setting itself up. That current runs through the beats and sounds, bringing the cosmic, untouchable nature of music back down to earth.

That’s not to say there’s no emotion in Electric Treatment Free’s work; quite the contrary. Different melodies abound in tracks like the lead “study 4,” even as so much theory and sound design is played with. The intro sounds cosmic and emotive and like it would fit right in a psytrance track, while the meat of it conjures feelings of Switched-On Bach and other early electronic/classical fusion works. Uygur plays with sinewaves with such speed and precision, one might wonder if he’s actually playing a Theremin.

After the five minute “study 4” that’s pretty much all melody, “andrei’s bright day” is a one-minute clip that goes full experimental with vocal loops, static, and the organized noise of a dissonant piano. Similarly, “The Brother of Sleep” is a study in vintage audio loops, but more a recitations with a somewhat relaxed and loose melody as the driver rather than a discernable beat.

The penultimate track on the EP is literally called “maths” (told ya) and its a Ratatat-style guitar track. Uygur parenthetically named the track “conlon guitars” and this might refer to famous guitar teacher Tom Conlon but it’s unclear whether that means it’s inspired by, sampled from or played by. Either way, the style is similar and  the math of the notes and melodies is undeniable.

Lastly, “fort smith” is the only track on this EP with a beat, and even more surprisingly it’s a drum & bass beat, with sort of a half-amen pattern, and it’s only one section of the track. “fort smith” almost seems like a sampler of the rest of the EP, with the Theremin-like classical sinewave work, the vintage vocal loops and the heavy guitars all playing a part in a sort of experimental electronica cacophony that closes with a vintage voice saying “rolling out,” in a calm fashion that belies the organized chaos contained n the rest of the EP.

Music scientists like Uygur as Electric Treatment free are truly so important because not only do they remember that music is all math and theory, even in the abstract, but they are the ones who hold the key to more innovation in other genres. Electronic music happened, after all, when someone learned to loop the sounds of a train in France onto a tape. Before that, philosophers and mathematicians worked to figure out and explain the science of sound. Rather than making it clinical and sterile, this endeavor seeks to connect with the eternity and infallibility of music. That’s why, even when EDM is often naught but a load of ones and zeros on a computer program, it can still make us feel so much.

Electric Treatment Free it out now to stream or purchase on the artist’s Bandcamp page.


Avicii Tribute Live Now on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio [TUNE IN]

Three years after the esteemed DJ/producer’s passing, Tomorrowland is honoring Avicii on One World Radio. Today’s broadcast is “…devoted in loving memory of the Swedish legend, looking back on all the beautiful musical contributions he gifted to the world.”

Fans can expect Avicii content all day long, with over 60 of his greatest hits and iconic festival anthems. Plus, live clips from his performances at Tomorrowland, heartfelt messages from fans around the world, a talk with Avicii’s father Klas Bergling and more.

Collaborators and fellow DJs Dimitri Vegas, Nicky Romero, Laidback Luke, Kygo and Aloe Blacc are weighing in with their favorite Avicii memories. In addition, Nicky Romero and Laidback Luke have prepared a special hour-long show of Avicii originals to honor their friend.

Celebrate Avicii all day long with Tomorrowland’s One World Radio! Listen live!

Tomorrowland One World Radio Celebrates Avicii


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RÜFÜS DU SOL Announce Third LA Show & Tease “Plenty of New Music”

RÜFÜS DU SOL are gearing up for their biggest headlining run of shows to date — and they’ve just added another night of music!

After instantly selling out their first two shows at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, the trio have announced one more. The third and final RÜFÜS DU SOL performance takes place Sunday, November 14, following up gigs on Friday and Saturday night. Also featuring Flight Facilities and art installations by Do Lab.

Per a statement from RÜFÜS DU SOL’s record company, Warner Music Australia, they have “plenty of new music which fans can expect to hear soon.”

The group adds, “Excited to get back on stage and play some of this music we’ve been working on.”

RÜFÜS DU SOL’s most recent and critically acclaimed body of work, Solace, released in 2018. Their third album brought to life favorites including “Underwater,” “Treat You Better,” “No Place, “New Sky,” “Eyes” and more.

Tickets are on sale now, starting at $29.50 plus fees — but don’t expect them to last long. See below.

Thank you Los Angeles – we’re blown away! We’ve seen the comments from those who couldn’t get tickets and are adding a THIRD & FINAL show on November 14th. Show is on sale Wednesday 14th April at 12:00PM PT. Ticket link below 🤯🏟️🏟️🏟️

— RÜFÜS DU SOL (@RufusDuSol) April 13, 2021


H/T: Billboard


Ganja White Night release their highly anticipated “Dark Wobble” album on 4/20

Five years ago, Ganja White Night released their album Mr. Wobble. Now, their ninth studio album, and the loose successor to the wobble series, Dark Wobble, is here on the auspicious 4/20, a day which obviously holds some significance to the cannabis-named duo.

Spanning 10 tracks, the first seven tracks ahead of the two collabs and cover at the end are super heady, almost ambient bass music, and clearly have an audience in mind. They’re made for hazy rooms and items passed around in a circle, with synths, strings, and vocals that connote those kinds of environments.

For the more general bass heads, the final three tracks, collaborations with Boogie T, SubDocta, and a cover of “In The Hall Of The Mountain King,” are far more up your alley.

2021 holds promise of a monumental sold out 3-day event for Ganja White Night, as the duo recently revealed that they’d be performing three consecutive nights at the iconic Red Rocks in Denver. Wobble Rocks will take place on November 12, 13 and 14. Each night has a different lineup of openers, and each GWN set will be different. More info on their site here:

Check out Dark Wobble below!


[PREMIERE] Jantsen Drops Insane New EP On Subsidia, “Gutter Til I Die”

Jantsen has been one of the best forward thinking bass producers for a long, long time. Each release further solidifies his creativity and songwriting as top notch assets and his latest EP on Subsidia, out today, Gutter Til I Die, once again reaffirms he is still firmly at the top of his game.

Spanning four absolutely wild tracks, Jantsen careens through tones of bass music that would typically make the most seasoned bass heads just about lose their minds. Whether it’s the hip hop fusion and hard hitting snares with SuperAve. in the opening track, “GTID,” or the frenetic pace and intensity of “Nintendough,” there are no misses here.

Check out Gutter Til I Die below, out now on Subsidia!


Illenium to Host Cancun Destination Event, ‘Ember Shores’ in 2021

Illenium is giving his fans special treatment in 2021.

The producer just took to social media to announce his first destination event, Ember Shores, arriving December 3 – 5, 2021 in Cancun, Mexico.

The mini festival will take over Paradisus Resort in Cancun, treating fans to an all-inclusive experience and three exclusive Illenium sets. The three-day event follows the upcoming Summer 2021 release of Illenium’s highly-anticipated fourth album, Fallen Embers

Illenium writes:

I’m beyond excited to announce Ember Shores – my first curated destination event. Featuring 3 unique sets from me and a hand-picked lineup at the all-inclusive Paradisus Resort December 3rd-5th in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve always wanted to create an event where Illenials from all over the world can gather as a community and be immersed in the music they love together. So stoked to see you all there.

Other details about the festival, including the full lineup are still under wraps. But as a tastemaker in the bass world, it’s safe to assume that Illenium will put together a FOMO-inducing lineup. Tickets are on sale April 22.

See the announcement and details here!

Illenium’s Ember Shores Festival


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LICK and Calivania Deliver the Goods with “IN THE DARK”

While he did drop off an original on Excision’s Subsidia label and a remix for Liquid Stranger last year, LICK has remained mostly silent for over a year. Well after a few festival announcements from Bonnaroo, Electric Zoo, HARD Summer, and more, LICK returned in a big way with his new single. “IN THE DARK” is an ethereal dubstep banger featuring Calivania on vocals. With anthemic drums and Calivania’s towering vocals leading into a unique but massive drop, this one is ready for the big stage. Hopefully this sets up more new music from this emerging presence in the bass music scene, but only time will tell what LICK’s up to.


Pauline Herr Releases Her First Single Of 2021, “Selfish”

Pauline Herr has quickly and undeniably secured herself as a powerhouse in the EDM world, featuring on tracks with Moore Kismet, Blanke, Kaivon, Naderi, Hex Cougar and more. But you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not also digging into her solo work.

Her latest, and first of the year, “Selfish,” is about when your crush doesn’t text you back. It’s not unfamiliar subject matter when you’re thinking as a songwriter or a listener, but the fact that it’s so universally understood is part of what makes “Selfish” so intimately enjoyable.

This song was actually written over 2 years ago, but very little was changed after Pauline dug it out of her demos folder because the emotion and ideas therein don’t really change year to year.

“This song is special because it’s a lot more vocal driven than the other stuff I’ve released and it’s showcasing a new side of me, the side we’ve recently coined ‘Spicy P.’ I wrote this song about that craving you have for someone that’s just out of reach and the way they keep you around with their unpredictability.” – Pauline Herr

Listen below!


deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin Announce New Virtual Startup ‘PIXELYNX’

PIXELYNX seeks to bridge the gap between digital collectibles, gaming and virtual worlds.

For their new venture, musicians and technologists Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman have joined forces with music industry visionaries Ben Turner, Dean Wilson and Inder Phull.

As the lines between gaming, music, fashion, art and technology become more blurred, PIXELYNX will serve as a “portal into the metaverse,” centered around a “direct-to-avatar” ecosystem. The goals is to work toward a more autonomous and decentralized entertainment space, uniting brands and creators with fans around the world through digital collectibles, gaming partnerships, and beyond.

Hawtin shares:

As we step over the threshold into extended reality, the future is truly upon us. PIXELYNX is here to support a positive and creative acceleration into this new space, collaborating with artists to empower their creativity in this new medium and with brands to develop unique digital assets that have meaning and value.

Zimmerman adds:

What PIXELYNX is offering goes beyond a ‘let’s dip our toes into the metaverse’ situation. The virtual world is continuously expanding and changing which is really exciting and we are growing with it, especially into new sectors like music and fashion. Gaming, virtual worlds and interactive experiences offer limitless possibilities which we are able to carve new pathways forward in.

Stay tuned for more on the exciting startup here.


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Multiple New EPs From Getter On The Way

Getter released his last EP, NAPALM, back in 2020 but there’s already more on the way. In a post on Twitter last week, he thanked fans for the birthday love — he was born April 13 — but also promised “some crazy EP(s) on the way.”

He doubled down in a tweet yesterday, saying the first one is going to be his “sickest shit,” and confirming at least one more with “the ep after might be too much tho…”

Back in November, just a month after he released NAPALM, he had already expressed that his next EP is going to “blow NAPALM out of the water” so we definitely can’t wait to hear what he has in store.

Stay tuned for any official announcements of release dates, tracks, and titles as they come!

thanks for the bday love
some crazy EP(s) on the way
i promise

— GETTER #BLM (@GetterOfficial) April 14, 2021

this new ep is my sickest shit
the ep after might be too much tho…

— GETTER #BLM (@GetterOfficial) April 18, 2021


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REZZ is Finally Going on a Coffee Run with deadmau5

Coffee run is making a comeback and REZZ is down for the ride!

Just days ago, the producer spilled all the details on her and deadmau5′s long-awaited collaboration together, “Hypnocurrency” — and a NFT drop to go with it. She revealed the single releases everywhere via mau5trap on April 23.

Not too long before that, REZZ tweeted out, “Gonna do a coffee run w/ mau5 — I’ll never forget the Dillon Francis n skrillex one lol.”

Over the years, deadmau5 has uploaded a series of coffee runs with Eric Prydz, ZeddPharrell, Tommy Lee, Rob Ford, and more. Most recently, Getter and Shroud joined in on the action in 2018.

The hype for the forthcoming Rezzmau5 collab is real and a coffee run is icing on the cake — or more like whipped cream on the iced latte.

Gonna do a coffee run w/ mau5

I’ll never forget the Dillon Francis n skrillex one lol

— RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) April 16, 2021


Photo via Tessa Paisan


Fyre Festival Ticketholders Will Get Reimbursed $7,000+ Each Under Proposed Settlement

Four years after the infamous disaster that was Fyre Festival took place, a class-action lawsuit might finally get attendees their money back.

Ticketholders who suffered through Fyre Festival will reportedly be reimbursed $7,220 each, under a new proposed settlement in federal bankruptcy court.

If approved, the $2 million settlement would offer partial to full refunds for 277 regretful attendees who spent anywhere between $1,000 and $12,000 on tickets for the greatest party that never happened.

MORE: Ja Rule Mints Fyre Festival Oil Painting As NFT, Sells For $122,000

Back in April 2017, Fyre Festival was set to take place with a star-studded guest list to rival its lineup in the exotic destination location of Exumas. Poor planning and execution, inclement weather — and perhaps most disappointing, the cheese sandwiches — made for a devastating cocktail at Fyre Festival.

The event’s founder, Billy McFarland is still in prison after being sentenced to six years on federal fraud charges related to the festival. Co-organizer Ja Rule was cleared of any wrongdoing.

A hearing for final approval on the proposed settlement is scheduled for May 13th.


Source: The Verge


Tiësto Drops Groovy Remix for DJ Snake’s “Selfish Love” with Selena Gomez [LISTEN]

Tiësto just dropped his remix for DJ Snake’s “Selfish Love” with Selena Gomez, taking the high profile collaboration to the next level.

This smooth, sultry twist on “Selfish Love” exists in an airy, beautiful space, giving Selena’s standout vocal performance ample room to breathe. Tiësto adds in his expert flair, with an addictive groove, lush pads and an unexpected saxophone solo to set the mood.

MORE: Tiësto & Ty Dolla $ign Join Forces For “The Business Part II”

In just a couple days, the song has racked up well over half a million plays on Spotify — and with Tiësto, DJ Snake and Selena Gomez together on a single track, it’s no wonder.

Listen to the new remix here and let us know if you’re loving it!

DJ Snake – “Selfish Love” with Selena Gomez (Tiësto Remix)



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ABRACADABRA & BLOND:ISH Present Assorted House Comp, ‘Human Nature (Night)’ [LISTEN]

ABRACADABRA’s Human Nature (Night) has arrived, unleashing the second half and thus completing the two-part melodic house compilation.

The new comp starts off with an exclusive offering from BLOND:ISH, “Rio Secreto.” Plus, ABRACADABRA family contributions from Ameme, Hyenah and Wilson Kentura, Nico de Andrea, Baron (FR), The Soul Brothers, Francis Mercier and Emvafaya featuring Bibi Den’s Tshibayi, Mòo & Jo, MIICHII, Raw Main, and Sasson & Nii Tei.

MORE: ABRACADABRA Celebrates ‘Human Nature (Day)’ with New Comp

Inspired by the lack of physical interaction over the last year and created with the intention of connection, the compilation was born out of the necessity to keep the party alive. Celebrating love and life, Human Nature (Night) is a musical journey filled with deep and heady sounds for the soul, for any moment of the night.

Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH shares:

With our current situation, we all, artists and community included, are deeply missing that connection with each other. That energy, from the music and moments we all shared, to the group hugs at the end of a set, are all so essential, and you can feel it all through every single track featured on this compilation. I got to play around with the tracks live during our Spring Fling Festival and I can’t wait for other artists to have the same transformative experience these tunes gave me.

Listen below and revisit Human Nature (Day) here!

ABRACADABRA – Human Nature (Night)


Abracadabra TV · Various Artists – Human Nature (Night) [clips]


LP Giobbi Drops Powerful House Banger “Believer” ft. Hermixalot [LISTEN]

LP Giobbi just dropped “Believer” featuring Hermixalot, a pumping house banger out now on Noizu’s Techne Records.

The song strikes a party-starting chord with powerful vocal hooks, classic rave synths, and LP Giobbi’s signature, strong and soulful piano performance. This high energy club cut is just one of many impressive releases on LP Giobbi’s imminent rise to the top — but one that makes us pause for a moment to really soak in the immaculate vibrations.

LP shares of the release: “[shows] are coming back so I just released a song for the dance floor to be played on the dance floor to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel.”

A skyrocketing multi-talent hailed the “piano house queen,” Austin-based DJ/producer LP Giobbi takes pride in working as a music director, feminist, label owner and curator. She also works in collaboration with Sofi Tukker’s Animal Talk label and heads up FEMME HOUSE, an imprint that pushes for gender equality in the music industry.

Listen here to “Believer” in all its power — and link up with LP Giobbi below!

LP Giobbi – “Believer” ft. Hermixalot

Techne Records · LP Giobbi – Believer (Feat. Hermixalot) (Original Mix)

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Photo via Shervin Lainez


NotLö Drops Standout 5-Track ‘Speakeasy’ EP on Deep Dark & Dangerous [LISTEN]

NotLö’s newly unleashed Speakeasy EP finds an instinctive home on Truth’s record label, Deep Dark & Dangerous.

NotLö has made a name for herself in the experimental bass realm and the Denver-based producer’s Speakeasy EP puts her passion and production prowess on full display. She gracefully controls the EP’s direction with deep bass, gritty textures, tasteful melodics and an underlying dark, dangerous energy to match the label’s intent. All of which flow together in perfect harmony and make for a seamless listening experience.

The label shares of NotLö’s Speakeasy EP:

One of the most badass producers we have come across in the last couple of years… NotLö is straight outta Denver, Colorado the undisputed bass capital of North America. Her style embodies dark feminine energy and this EP ranges from heavy stompers such as “Speakeasy” and “Remainder,” to the more lush sub-heavy vibes of “After Hours.” With releases on Wakaan and Clozee’s Odyzey Music already under her belt, this EP on DDD cements her as someone to watch flourish in 2021.

With a project that stands for amplifying “inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, and love,” there’s a deeper meaning behind these wubs. Listen here and link up with NotLö below!

NotLö – Speakeasy EP (DDD077)

Deep Dark & Dangerous · NotLö – Speakeasy (DDD077)

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Nero Return With Fourth Throwback Edit, Taking On “Mama” From Genesis

In celebration of Welcome Reality‘s 10th anniversary, Nero have been unleashing a series of edits on Audius, taking us back decades to the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood as well as Tame Impala and Daft Punk. This time, they remix “Mama” from the legendary band Genesis.

The band’s ’70s aesthetic meshes beautifully with Nero’s futuristic synth style and the result is nothing short of spectacular — no surprise there.

Check it out below and be on the lookout for one last edit coming soon!


Habstrakt’s “Ice Cold” Featuring KARRA Out Now on Musical Freedom Records [LISTEN]

Habstrakt’s second single of 2021 arrives in the form of “Ice Cold” featuring vocalist KARRA. 

The single, released on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Records, blends Habstrakt’s favorite elements — grimy bass, street sounds, and a pulsing house bassline. Whether you are looking for a song fit for the dance floor at 1 AM or a new addition to your workout playlist, this song packs all the energy you need.

Habstrakt says:

This next release is a big big one to me— months in the works, 40 versions before getting it right. Its raw, brutal, unapologetic and honestly quite bizarre, and I’m so freaking proud of it.

The release follows Habstrakt’s mid-March remix to Nitepunk’s “Flow.” The song adds further depth to his sizable discography, which features releases on HARD Records, Monstercat, Confession, Insomniac Records, and Skrillex’s OWSLA.

KARRA has earned a name for herself in the electronic music industry, working with the likes of KSHMR, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki and various other chart-toppers.

Listen here!

Habstrakt – Ice Cold ft. KARRA

Habstrakt · Ice Cold (feat. KARRA)

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Early Bird Registration Now Open for Winter Music Conference Virtual Edition

Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami is hosting its first-ever virtual event over May 20 & 21.

Stacked with a lineup of speakers, exhibitors, and networking opportunities, WMC Virtual focuses on “Rebuilding, Rethinking, and Innovation” in collaboration with The Magnetic Agency Group and VRJAM.

The online conference features Pioneer DJ, SiriusXM, Beatport, Bing, Spotify, Avid, Audionamix, iZotope, IK Multimedia, Viberate, Discogs, DistroKid, ROCKI,, Tribe and more to be announced.

Day 1 panel topics range from VSTs to playlisting to blockchain technology to VR and virtual events. Plus, a Spotify masterclass, leveling up music production, a virtual afterparty and much more. Followed by Day 2’s music and tech showcase TBA.

The WMC team shares:

Are you looking to get started in the electronic music, tech, gear, or live events industry? Are you an artist or DJ looking to break through or refine your craft? Are you already in the industry and looking for more connections? Then WMC Virtual is for you.

According to WMC, hopeful 2020 attendees who held on to their badge will be given complimentary access to WMC Virtual and also receive a badge for the next in-person event, plus one.

More details, registration info and schedule here via the WMC website.

WMC Virtual Edition 2021



Avicii Tribute Happening All Day on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio This Tuesday

Three years after the legendary DJ/producer’s passing, Tomorrowland will tribute Avicii via One World Radio. “…devoted in loving memory of the Swedish legend, looking back on all the beautiful musical contributions he gifted to the world.”

Throughout the entire day on Tuesday, April 20, more than 60 of Avicii’s greatest hits and iconic festival anthems will be played out on the radio station. Plus, live clips from his performances at Tomorrowland tied in with heartfelt messages from fans around the world.

MORE: ‘Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii’ Expected This Fall

Collaborators and fellow DJs Dimitri Vegas, Nicky Romero, Laidback Luke, Kygo and Aloe Blacc will be weighing in with their favorite Avicii memories. In addition, Nicky Romero and Laidback Luke have prepared a special hour-long show of Avicii originals to honor their friend.

Avicii’s father Klas Bergling will also take the air to talk “Levels,” which landed the number one spot on the Tomorrowland Top 1000, his son’s global success and more.

Tune in this Tuesday on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio to celebrate Avicii all day long!


Photo via Tomorrowland


Gaspard Augé of Justice Drops First Solo Production, “Force Majeure” [LISTEN]

Gaspard Augé of Justice presents his first solo departure from the iconic duo with his new single and short film “Force Majeure.” Out now via Genesis / Ed Banger Records / Because Music.

The song derives the nostalgic feeling one gets when listening to their favorite classic electronic/dance tune. Whirling analog synths, bright keys and theatrical elements come together like a Justice anthem or theme song, celebrating the kind of rock and rave union experienced in the mid-2000s.

We love this description given in a press release: “‘Force Majeure’ exudes a bombastic playfulness, crafting a sonic utopia that ignores narrow definitions of ‘good taste or bad taste’ and captures the innocence of enjoying music in your youth, where you’re guided first and foremost by feeling.”

Thus, the producer creates a familiar, vibrant energy with “Force Majeure.” Like an old friend dropping in to say, “Hello” — or more like, totally rock out. We expect more of this on Gaspard’s forthcoming body of work, Escapades.

Listen here!

Gaspard Augé – Force Majeure


Gaspard Augé – Force Majeure (Official Video)