Baauer & graves Share Surprise Remix Of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”

We thought we left the mannequin challenge back in 2016, but Baauer and graves just revived the “Black Beatles” single from Rae Sremmurd with a new, surprise remix.

Baauer is in the middle of a rollout for his sophomore album, PLANET’S MAD, so graves has been sharing a couple unreleased snippets from the two of them on his own. He actually shared this “Black Beatles” edit last Friday.

— graves (@wearegraves) May 9, 2020

The edit is a great blend of both their styles, that also oddly equates to more of a RL Grime sound than anything else. Still, the trap vibes are palpable and the original vocals and feels from Rae Sremmurd continue to shine through.

Also check out the second Baauer collab WIP that graves shared yesterday.

can someone make a sick edit and hit me back?

— graves (@wearegraves) May 12, 2020

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