Inside London’s Illegal Rave Scene During Lockdown

Illegal raves are popping up across the UK (particularly the greater London area) amid the lockdown, but it’s not the typical crowd.

Mixmag investigates in a new feature, which exposes a scene that’s “rebellious, diverse and decentralized.” The usual party throwers have transitioned to live streams — and from the sounds of it, less established, less experienced party throwers have moved in.

An anonymous source reveals: “The people putting on parties during lockdown are generally not part of the established UK free party scene. Generally, these parties are being put on by groups of very young people who haven’t thought through the consequences of their actions or complete idiots who have access to small sound systems and want to make some fast money.”

While London’s free parties are intended to defy so-called “bad laws,” the major players don’t view the lockdown as such. Another anonymous source told Mixmag: “We absolutely condemn anyone doing free parties during the lockdown.”

Read the full feature here.


Source: Mixmag

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