Liquid Stranger Makes Statement Regarding Space Jesus Sexual Assault Accusations

Liquid Stranger this morning released a statement acknowledging and responding to the many sexual assault accusations against Space Jesus. Space Jesus was tangentially involved during the major Datsik accusations in 2018, but for whatever reason, his involvement was pushed to the side.

Since then, as we’ve come to learn, many others have continued to come forward about their experiences with the artist, to the point that an Instagram account called @evidenceagainstspacejesus was created with screenshots of posts from many different women. These accusations ranged from “feeding” underaged girls drugs on the tour bus, statutory rape, forcing girls to have sex in front of his friends, harassment, assault, and more.

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SJ was 32 years old in 2018 (when he was on the datsik tour).

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“Space Jesus is being accused of actions that are intolerable,” Liquid Stranger says in his statement. “We cannot ignore the women who are accusing him of these actions and he must address their accusations.”

He continues, “It has been over two years since Space Jesus released music on WAKAAN. We rarely speak. We’ve been on separate paths and walks of life for a long time. If I had witnessed anyone acting in this manner, I would have intervened.”

— Liquid Stranger (@LiquidStranger) June 26, 2020

When the accusations against Datsik first came out, and Space Jesus was on that tour, he released a statement that included: “Consent is an extremely important subject that must not be taken lightly. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me the importance of valuing and respecting women, and I would never knowingly act in a way to compromise a woman’s integrity. […] I DO NOT support sexual abuse in any way […].”

— MF NOOM (@spacejesus) March 15, 2018

Space Jesus has not made any acknowledgement of the statement or these newer accusations at time of publishing. The account @FMUOASL posted a screenshot of Twitter from a moderator of Space Jesus’s Facebook group that a statement is apparently coming.


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