Koelle Releases New 3 Track EP

Koelle is a name that is becoming more familiar to many as he continues his slew of releases on labels like Anjunadeep, Colorize, Songspire, Armanda and more. His newest release is a 3 track EP which takes its titles from the songs themselves.

The first song off the EP is “Dark Knight Of The Soul” – an emotional track highlighting Koelle’s ability to blend natural, organic sounds into something truly beautiful. The track is a collab between Koelle and Paul Brenning, the latter is a rising German producer.

Phoenix” is a dark and brooding house tune perfectly suited for deep contemplation or a nice drive.

The final track “Little Dreams” features Elli and focuses on Koelle’s unique attention to instrumentation. Keolle is a classically trained cellist – an instrument you’ll hear prominently featured alongside Elli’s sultry voice in this track.

Check out the full EP below:

KOELLE · Dark Knight Of The Soul / Phoenix / Little Dreams

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