LAXX Debuts New Artist Alias LINK With Hard House Tune, “I Can’t Take It”

LAXX, known for his many, many releases on Never Say Die over the past six years, just debuted a new artist alias called LINK with a banging new house tune, “I Can’t Take It.”

The new single blends a psytrance-esque pacing with house vibes for an exhilarating ride through and through. The echoing vocals and little, well-placed synth effects give it a fantastic atmosphere without ever becoming boring or feeling like it’s gone on too long.

“This is not the end of LAXX, but this is the beginning of something new,” the producer wrote. “I took time out to figure what music spoke to my heart and went back to the rave sounds that inspired me as a kid in England. I fell in love with this project. LINK.”

Check out “I Can’t Take It” from LINK below, out now on Thrive Music!


Photo via LAXX

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