UK Government Announces $2 Billion Rescue Package for the Arts

The UK government is saving the arts with a £1.57 billion ($1.96 billion) rescue package.

The new plan, announced Sunday night, aims to revive the British arts industry, which has suffered immensely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. No doubt, this rescue package will give the arts a necessary boost during these hard times.

The rescue package reportedly includes £880 million ($1 billion) in grants for venues, theaters, cinemas, galleries and more. Plus, there’s another £270 million ($336 million) in repayable loans to be distributed amongst art-focused institutions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “From iconic theatre and musicals, mesmerising exhibitions at our world-class galleries to gigs performed in local basement venues, the U.K.’s cultural industry is the beating heart of this country.”

“This money will help safeguard the sector for future generations, ensuring arts groups and venues across the UK can stay afloat and support their staff whilst their doors remain closed and curtains remain down.”


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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