Martin Garrix & Maejor aka AREA21 Drop Dance/Pop Crossover “Lovin’ Every Minute” [LISTEN]

Martin Garrix & Maejor share their softer, more melodic side with their latest AREA21 offering, “Lovin’ Every Minute” — highlighting the importance of loving every minute of life.

The dance-infused pop song is laced with good vibes and encouraging lyrics, backed by a soft production that whistles to its own beat. “Lovin’ Every Minute” follows up previously released AREA21 singles, “Mona Lisa, “La La La” and “Pogo.”

The series of music and video elements from AREA21, a multimedia collaboration between Martin Garrix and Maejor, is portrayed through the eyes of their alien counterparts M & M. All leading up to their debut album due out this Fall.

AREA21 share words of encouragement along with the release: “With your energy and spirit, you can change someone’s mood just by how you treat them.”

Listen here!

AREA21 – Lovin’ Every Minute


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