Midnight Pool Party Drops Electrifying Single, “Icon Energy”

Midnight Pool Party are a duo out of Sydney, Australia, known for blending elements of dance, disco, R&B and hip-hop to create infectious electronic music that has been likened to a mix between Disclosure, Hayden James and Cosmo’s Midnight. They started out with a “classic-disco” sound that quickly evolved into a more contemporary nu-disco/electro-house style. They continue to explore various genres within their songwriting while also experimenting with different vocal styles and techniques, an attitude that has earned them their own space in the electronic music genre.

They bring a lot of positive energy into all that they do, something that is perfectly reflected in their latest single, “Icon Energy“. If you’re a fan of Dom Dolla or Fisher, this is a track for you. Midnight Pool Party seamlessly blend their staple disco-inspired sound with infectious tech house energy. The result is really quite powerful and stands a part from a lot of tech house we typically hear.

“We wanted to step away from our usual disco sound and make a song for the clubs. I(Darren) spent a lot of time in the clubbing-world this year and that has been a big inspiration for our sound to head off into that direction for this release. Over the last few months, we’ve both listened to a lot of club-focused music from the likes of Fisher, Duke Dumont, Dom Dolla and Diplo. Lyrically it’s about surrounding yourself with people that match your energy because life is too short to let people with bad vibes in–basically it’s a banger with a strong message of self-confidence and good vibes!”- Midnight Pool Party

Listen below!


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