Porter Robinson Releases Final Single, “Musician,” Ahead Of His New Album

Nurture, the sophomore album from Porter Robinson, is due out April 23. With only a little over a month to go, the final single from the album, “Musician,” has just dropped.

The hyperpop single is a beautiful burst of blissful chords, synths, and vocals that perfectly exemplifies the new sound that Porter has adopted for his latest musical venture. Between this single, and the previously released “Look at the Sky,” “Mirror,” “Get Your Wish,” and “Something Comforting,” we have a pretty good idea of how the album will sound altogether.

Still, Porter’s music has always been greater than the sum of its parts, and we’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to listen to the album the full way through to get the full experience.

In the meantime, stream “Musician” — out now!


JOYRYDE b2b Ghastly, 12th Planet, NGHTMRE & More Announced For Singularity Fest

A new festival in Utah has people talking thanks to one of the biggest lineups we’ve seen since the global pandemic began last year. Singularity, at the Utah Motorsports Campus, is going down April 30-May 2 and is one of the few multi-day, full-lineup socially distanced events that have occurred in the past 12 months — oh, and there will be pods.

Boasting a three-day lineup that includes the return of JOYRYDE b2b Ghastly as Ghostrydr, as well as 12th Planet, Peekaboo, NGHTMRE, Habstrakt, Dion Timmer, Dr. Fresch, Kompany, Whipped Cream, BlackGummy, and more, it’s exciting to see an event like this taking place after such a long time. This time, Mutiny Music Collective have tapped the notorious West Coast crew Space Yacht to jump on board, along with several senior industry veterans to take the event above and beyond.

Tickets are sold per pod, which accommodates up to 8 people, and range from $275 per day to $600 per day. Pods will be 10’x10′, with 6′ of space in between each adjacent pod. Masks are still mandatory and must be worn at all times, according to the event FAQ.

Tickets are on sale now.


NERVO Offer $3,000 Scholarship in Honor of Women’s History Month

NERVO are offering a $3,000 scholarship to an “ambitious and influential young woman who wants to change the world.”

In honor of Women’s History Month, the iconic dance duo have announced their “Revolution” scholarship program in collaboration with The mission is to “amplify women and all their strength and courage” through this scholarship.

Applicants must sign up at and submit an essay about their greatest ambition and how they hope to make it a reality. The only prerequisite is a passion for art — whether it’s music, performance, or otherwise.

What’s your biggest artistic ambition? How will this scholarship help you bring that vision to life? Please submit a written response, and if you’d like, submit a link where we can check out one of your original artistic works!

The deadline is August 31st and the winner will be announced on September 24th.

Check out Nervo’s announcement below and good luck! Apply here.

Nervo’s Revolution Scholarship Announcement 


Photo courtesy of Tomorrowland


Dirtybird’s Women In Music Digital Festival Features Mija, LOUISAHHH & So Many More

Dirtybird and She Is The Music (SITM) have teamed up for Women In Music, a digital festival designed to uplift femme-identifying dance artists across the globe.

The event is sure to inspire, featuring an array of veteran and emerging talent from a wide spectrum of genres and styles — all of which embrace what it is to be a woman in music in their own way.

Femme dance icons Mija, LOUISAHHH, Gina Turner, DJ Holographic, Uffie, Worthy, Nala, Jenniluv, LP Giobbi, Lauren Flax, Black Girl/White Girl, Taylor Bratches, Camera, Alinka, PZB Live and more are set to perform. See the full lineup below and explore the sounds of these empowering artists.

Want to join in on the fun? Femme-identifying fans are encouraged to contribute directly to the festivities by sending the label a clip about what being a woman in music means to them. Submit here.

Women In Music goes down next weekend, March 11 – 14 on Dirtybird’s Twitch channel.

SITM is a nonprofit organization from Alicia Keys and Ann Mincieli with this mission of increasing the number of women working in music – songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals. Learn more about the organization here.

Women In Music Digital Festival


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Texas governor ends statewide mask mandate, moves to ‘open Texas 100%’

Texas will become the first state in the US to officially open up to 100% by government mandate, made by Gov. Greg Abbott this afternoon.

According to Gov. Abbott’s press release, nearly “5.7 million vaccine shots have been administered to Texas, and the state is now administering almost one million shots each week.” Texas has a population of approximately 29 million according to 2019 data, so the whole state could potentially be vaccinated by the end of the month if they keep on track.

Writes Statesman, “Abbott’s new order will allow all businesses to expand their occupancy rates to 100%. However, county officials may use ‘COVID mitigation strategies’ if coronavirus hospitalizations rise above 15% of an area’s total bed capacity for seven straight days.”

NEW: Issuing an executive order to lift the mask mandate and open Texas to 100 percent.

— Gov. Greg Abbott (@GovAbbott) March 2, 2021

Despite the advantages of vaccines, many feel it’s premature to open the state up. Journalist David Gura noted that current COVID numbers (new cases) are higher now, even if only slightly, than when Gov. Abbott first announced a mask mandate last July.

When Gov. Greg Abbott announced a statewide mask mandate, I was on a reporting trip to Houston.

On that Thursday, July 2nd, there were 7,434 new #COVID19 cases in #Texas, and 44 deaths.

Yesterday, there were 8,140 cases and 129 deaths.

— David Gura (@davidgura) March 2, 2021

Still, the decision is sure to please many who, rightfully or not, are tired of lockdown and are looking to get back to events. Ubbi Dubbi is scheduled to take place April 24-25 at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis just a half hour outside Dallas. Camping will also be available.

The event doesn’t feature any COVID-19 safety information on their website, but does include a COVID-19 waiver and release: “By purchasing tickets, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending the event and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, disability, and death.”

Adventure Club, Illenium, Gammer, Seven Lions, and more are scheduled to perform.


via Statesman | Photo via


Snyder Drops Impressive Debut Album, ‘In The Dark’

We’ve been anticipating this debut album from the talented producer Snyder. After an impressive 2020 with massive singles, including a collaboration with 24hrs “Fire“, Snyder is back with his first full length album, ‘In The Dark‘, that lives up to the greatness we’ve come to expect from him.

The album is comprised of several previously released singles, is full of sundry material and boasts vocal features from 24hrs, 51b, Dre of the East, Danielle Goz, Mike Eakins, and Northside Rocky. Nearly two years in the making, ‘In The Dark is a work of art, which is further proof of Snyder’s eclectic style, sonic precision, and a true testament to his artistic diversity.

On of our favorites is “Motions” with Daniella Goz that emits pure summertime vibes from start to finish. It makes you feel as if you’re basking on an island, smiling, and feeling nothing but pure happiness.

Here’s what Snyder had to say about his album:

“‘In the Dark’ represents so much to me. For years I worked at building something cohesive between my projects and finally to have something covering so many genres, I’m so proud that it came out the way it did. I call it ‘In the Dark’ because I really do feel that the only thing that can tie all of these records together is darkness. Either darkness in the club, darkness in your heart, or darkness outside, you’re bound to feel some darkness in this project. Special thanks to 24hrs, Northside Rocky, 51b, Dre of the East, Mike Eakins, thank you guys so much for being a part of this project.”

Check out ‘In The Darkby Snyder below!




Sign the Petition to Recognize “Drum & Bass Day” as an Official Holiday

There’s a petition to recognize Drum & Bass Day as an official holiday in the UK and around the world.

The petition calls on DnB’s loyal and dedicated following of fans, DJs, MCs and producers to unite and recognize the date of Drum & Bass Day as 17/4 (April 17th). Being that the vast majority of DnB productions are set to 174 BPM, there’s no better day to celebrate the genre.

The goal is to get 10,000 supporters onboard to help persuade the UK government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and Ministers for Arts and Culture in DnB-loving cities around the world to officially recognize Drum & Bass Day. Right now, the petition is about to hit the 2,500 mark.

The petition by The Blast UK sets the scene:

Emerging out of the UK’s iconic Jungle scene in the 1990s, Drum & Bass has undoubtedly been one of the country’s finest exports over the last 30 years. In that time, the boundaries of sonic production have been pushed and explored by producers, DJs and promoters not just in the UK, but in all corners of the globe – making Drum & Bass truly a worldwide community.

At the time of this writing, signatures are climbing as DnB lovers everywhere hope to commemorate the genre with a proper holiday. Notable labels including UKF and venues including Motion Nightclub have already shown support. Honor the influential genre by signing here.

Check out the official website for Drum & Bass Day here.


Photo via Jake West for Insomniac


Your EDM Premiere: The New Repill EP Is Almost Here and It’s Definitely Something You’ll Want to Swallow [Blackout]

The circular snare king of D&B, Redpill has been working a lot of collabs and compilations recently, most notably the surprise jam that is “Energy” with A.M.C, out just last week. He’s certainly been mixing it up, but we haven’t seen a solo multi-track release from the Frenchman in a hot minute. All that is about to change, however, as Redpill returns to his Blackout stomping grounds to release Obliterate this Friday, March 5. Suffice it to say it was worth the wait.

In the vein of mixing it up, no track on Obliterate is anything like the others. Stylistically and production-wise, one can tell it’s Redpill, but they all go in separate directions. The EP’s title track featuring Kryptomedic kicks it off with a return to form: more cyclone snares than you even thought could fit into one piece of music and some deep and heavy phrase transitions that just scream classic neurofunk.

Penultimate track “I Am With You” takes the the EP in a  completely different direction with the sound with its ethereal female vocals and sort of club-like pace. There’s still lots of whip-fast snares and a bass breakdown about every third phrase but overall this track has a lighter, more universal vibe. The last track, “Yellow Laugh” also has some strong melodics in it. With the heavy sub bass and heavier scramble-snares, it does a nice job tying the EP together.

Speaking of scrambles, our premiere if the track “Brokn” definitely tops this any any other tracklist for 2021 thus far. Organized chaos is the name of the game here as “Brokn” opens with what sounds like a Transformer powering up, and it only gets techier from there. The synth part in this track is given over to a heavily syncopated mix of static, crunching machine sounds and discordant sounds as the drop launches the full track. For once, the snares are quite minimal here but intent on having a spiral of some form in every track, Redpill makes the background and break synth the only melody in the track into an absolute hurricane. Similarly, the wind-up to the break and outro is also a megastorm. Redpill’s signature isn’t going anywhere, kids.

Blackout Music NL · Redpill – Brokn

A very comprehensive and diverse release indeed, Obliterate seems to take all the best parts of Redpill’s classic style and up the anti, adding melodics, new synth techniques and a sound story that keeps the listener guessing. It’s just the kind of evolution you want to see from a favorite artist: rooted in the style that made him a favorite but branching off and growing in directions fans never thought possible.

Obliterate drops on Blackout this Friday, March 5. Pre-order here.


SoundCloud Introduces Fan-Powered Royalties

Payouts from streaming services have been a divisive topic for years — how does it work? how does it become more equitable? where does the money come from and where does it go? SoundCloud is aiming to become more transparent with their artist payouts by introducing a system of fan-powered royalties.

At its core, it really seems like a no-brainer and that’s what makes the shift a little confusing, because it really is that simple.

SoundCloud explains further, “Under the old model, money from your dedicated fans goes into a giant pool that’s paid out to artists based on their share of total streams. That model mostly benefits mega stars.

“Under fan-powered royalties, you get paid based on your fans’ actual listening habits. The more of their time your dedicated fans listen to your music, the more you get paid. This model benefits independent artists.”

Fan-powered royalties will replace the old model beginning April 1, 2021.

Premier artists will receive their first statement in May 2021, as Premier runs on a 45-day payment cycle. Repost artists will receive their first statement in June 2021, as Repost runs on a 60-day payment cycle.

To learn more about fan-powered royalties visit


NEW: Marshmello, Chee, Shöckface, Lit Lords, TINK + More – Your EDM | Week In Music

It’s finally March, spring time is just around the corner and your favorite artists are beginning to unveil what they have been working on during all of quarantine. This week we saw new releases from the likes of Marshmello, Blanke, Emancipator and many other talented artists and producers. Sit back, relax or continue doing whatever you are doing and stream Your EDM | Week In Music below.

Release Spotlight

Dillon Francis remixed Elvis Presley‘s classic ‘Do The Vega’ turning it into a short and sweet poppy house anthem. Elvis’ voice pops in and out as Dillon keeps the rhythm flowing with a bright house beat.

Eptic has returned with another bass music masterpiece further cementing his catalogue of top notch productions and building a legacy as a solidified veteran within the bass music scene. ‘Shadow People’ Eptic’s latest single is exactly what we expect from him, screeching synths and hypnotic arpeggiators make for a bouncy and rhythmic blistering new single.

Marshemello teamed up with rapper 2KBABY for ‘Like This’ out now on Mello’s very own Joytime Collective. On the collaboration the Louisville based rapper’s voice floats over Marshemello’s production as he sings about his struggles and what he has endured in the fast lane.

South African based artist Chee is on the radar again after releasing his sophomore EP, Paralysis Analysis on Deadbeats. The EP consists of 5 mind-melting experimental bass masterpieces in addition to a collaboration with Mr. Carmack.


RIAA: US Recorded Music Revenues Grew 9.2% to $12.2 billion in 2020

Despite the hardships the music industry faced in 2020, recorded music revenues experienced growth for the fifth consecutive year.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), United States recorded music revenues grew 9.2% in 2020 to an estimated retail value of $12.2 billion. Meanwhile, recorded music measured at wholesale value rose 8.9% to $8.0 billion.

This was largely due to the growth of music streaming revenues by 13.4% to $10.1 billion in 2020, as paid subscriptions to on-demand streaming, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited, continued to be the primary driving force of revenue.

In fact, subscriptions reached an all-time high, growing 14.6% to $7.0 billion in 2020. The average number of subscriptions jumped by 15 million from 60.4 million in 2019 to 75.5 million in 2020.

Physical music sales remained flat at $1.1 billion, followed by digital downloads, down 18% to $674 million in 2020.

Read the full report via RIAA here. Plus, a breakdown of what relying on premium subscriptions could mean for the music industry here via Music Business Worldwide. 


Sources: RIAA, Music Business Worldwide | Photo via


Live Nation CEO Predicts Huge 2022 for International Tours & Events

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino predicts live music will bounce back in 2022.

The entertainment company’s share price just reached an all-time high, peaking at $91.18. This is approximately $15 higher than pre-pandemic shares and reflects the demand for live events to return.

Reading Festival and Creamfields are cited as proof of this demand, as both have experienced rapid sell-outs in the UK. However, the return of live events is expected to “vary across global markets” as coronavirus vaccines become more widely available.

Despite Live Nation’s billion-dollar loss in 2020, Rapino is hopeful due to strong demand for tickets and successful vaccination programs. He sees shows returning based on region in 2021 — and 2022 being a major year for international tours.

Taking questions from analysts, Rapino said, “So while this past year has been challenging for the company, our employees, fans, artists and so many others globally impacted by Covid, I have never been more excited about the opportunities in front of us.”

“It appears that the timing to release [fans’s] pent-up supply and demand is now approaching. Vaccine distribution is accelerating, and declines in Covid cases throughout most of the world gives us even more confidence that a safe and meaningful return to shows will soon be possible.”


H/T:, Source: IQ Mag | Photo via Marc Van Der Aa for Insomniac Events


deadmau5 Launches New House-Dedicated Label hau5trap

Today, deadmau5 announces hau5trap — a brand new, multifaceted home for global electronic pioneers in the house realm. The label welcomes back familiar names in the mau5trap horde, while introducing next up names in house music.

Over the years, mau5trap has brought on a massive roster of talent including Skrillex, Feed Me, Chris Lake, REZZ, Getter, i_o, ATTLAS, and many more — serving up some of electronic music’s most technically proficient producers, while also breaking artists through the labels’ coveted We Are Friends compilation series and beyond.

The new hau5trap label zeros in on “textural, groove driven, melodic sounds,” providing yet another exhilarating space for music discovery. Leading the way is mau5trap mainstay Tommy Trash, reuniting with singer/songwriter Daisy Guttridge for hau5trap 0001. Their inaugural single “Hiiigh” drops this Thursday.

Speaking on the new label, deadmau5 shares:

With hau5trap, we get to support more things we love specifically in house music. Tommy Trash remixed my ‘Bridged By A Lightwave’ and ‘The Veldt’ tracks, so I’m happy to have him be the first artist to release on hau5trap.

Check back later this week to hear the label’s first-ever release.


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Zeds Dead Celebrates 5 Years of Deadbeats, Announces New Label “Altered States”

Accumulating billions of streams across its steady calendar of 40+ releases annually since launch, the Deadbeats brand has surpassed many milestones that have exemplified the stark impact that Zeds Dead has had on the entire electronic music industry.

From dubstep to drum & bass to house, Zeds Dead’s genre-defying sounds, and their Deadbeats label, have never been pigeonholed into a singular style. Carrying the launch of a new division of Deadbeats focused on exploring a diverse range of experimental electronic music, Zeds Dead proudly unveils the inauguration of their Altered States record label.

A new musical home focused on championing electronic, chill, and downtempo sounds, Zeds Dead plans to usher in this new initiative with a 13-track mixtape of brand new original, downtempo music titled Catching Z’s. First beginning as a mix series dating back 4 years, Catching Z’s showcases a deeper, more delicate side of Zeds Dead’s production.

With the official launch and mixtape releasing later this month, fans can expect to get the first taste of the new label and project this Friday with “late night drive.” Pre-save here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! 5 YEARS! To celebrate, we’re proud to present to you a new dimension of the Deadbeats world with the launch of Altered States Records. The first release is the long awaited Catching Z’s Mixtape by @zedsdead featuring 13 all new original downtempo tracks.

— Deadbeats ☠️ (@deadbeats) March 1, 2021


3LAU Sells Record-Breaking Ultraviolet Album NFTs for $11.7 Million

3LAU has broken new ground with his record-setting NFT album release.

A collection of the producer’s limited edition Ultraviolet NFTs sold online for $3,666,666, with sales for 33 unique digital items totaling $11,684,101. The collection built by Origin Protocol is the world’s first tokenized album and sets a new record in a single NFT auction.

The top bidder for the 1 of 1 platinum tier will be able to collaborate with 3LAU on a brand new single, playable on the producer’s custom player at Taking creative direction from the winner, the track will truly be one-of-a-kind. This tier also includes a physical vinyl with all 11 song NFTs.

Gold tier winners receive a custom mix, physical vinyl, and 7 randomly selected song NFTs. Silver winners receive the physical vinyl and 3 randomly selected song NFTs.

Ultraviolet initially released in 2018 and this NFT album release marks the album’s third anniversary.

See all the tiers and details on the sold out NFTs here.

3LAU Makes NFT History

💥 History has been made! The auction for the world's first tokenized album has finished.

Built by @OriginProtocol & powered by #Dshop, @3LAU sold 33 unique NFTs for a total of $11,684,101.

This is a new record in a single #NFT auction. 🎉

— Origin Protocol (@OriginProtocol) February 28, 2021


Source: CULTR | Photo via


Nicky Romero Drops Uplifting New Single “Back to You” [LISTEN]

2020 was a rough year, so we’re all entering 2021 with hope for the future. Nicky Romero is no different, as evidenced by his latest single “Back to You.” The Dutch producer/DJ treats listeners to a bright, bittersweet, more radio friendly tune. Despite the catchy melody, there’s still enough oomph in the drop to get the dancefloor going.

“Back to You” opens with a bright piano melody. The vocal kicks in immediately, and the lyrics are pretty prescient for the pandemic. The vocalist is missing his friends and is recalling bright and warm memories. Like all of us, every step he takes leads him back to those good times he’s missing out on. After a slight buildup we get the huge drop. The piano melody has been transformed in beautiful string synths layered over a friendly beat. If you’re missing dancing at festivals after hearing this one, that’s exactly what Nick was going for.

Here’s what he had to say about “Back to You” and his optimism for 2021:

‘Back To You’ is a message of positivity and hope. I went into the studio hopeful for what is to come and excited to be back on stage when it’s possible and safe for everyone. I hope when this song comes on over the airwaves that listeners will feel as excited as I am to return to festivals and clubs in the year ahead. I can’t wait to see all of you there! Stay safe.

Check out the latest from Nicky Romero, “Back to You” out now on Protocol.

Nicky Romero – Back To You


Twitter Announces Subscription-Based “Super Follows” Feature

Twitter just announced its new paid Super Follows feature expected to launch later this year.

This upcoming feature gives influencers and artists the opportunity to monetize content and offer their audience something extra for their support — starting at $4.99 per month. These perks could range from additional tweets to a newsletter subscription to a badge, or access to a community group, another forthcoming feature on Twitter.

Various other platforms including Facebook and YouTube have launched similar subscription-based campaigns for creators. As streamers know, Twitch is largely based on subscriptions as well. Sites like Patreon and OnlyFans also thrive within this business model.

In addition, Twitter’s newly announced Communities bring together users, similarly to Facebook Groups. Communities can be created based on interests or fan bases, adding yet another layer to the Twittersphere.

Spaces are also coming to Twitter, in which users can converse in audio-based chat rooms.

All this information was dished out during Twitter’s first virtual Analyst Day event.


Sources: The Verge, Forbes | Image via Twitter


Robin Schulz Delivers Feel-Good 4th Album Titled ‘IIII’ [LISTEN]

Robin Schulz delivers the feel-good energy we need in 2021 with his fourth album (and first since 2017), properly titled IIII.

A solid selection of previously released tracks appear on the album — “In Your Eyes” featuring Alida, “Speechless” featuring Erika Sirola, “All We Got” featuring Kiddo, “Alane” with Wes, “All This Love” featuring Harlœ, and “Rather Be Alone” with Nick Martin and Sam Martin. While much of the largely vocal-driven album is familiar, there’s still plenty to explore with 15 productions spanning nearly an hour.

If vibrant, uplifting house is your jam — Schulz has what you need, though he does veer off in other creative directions. Playing through the rest of the album, the producer experiments with various sounds and styles as IIII cuts range from sultry club bangers to full-on pop anthems.

Listen here!

Robin Schulz – IIII



Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams Enlists in Kaivon for First Release “Whole Life” ft. Nevve [LISTEN]

Kaivon sets the stage for Insomniac‘s new label Lost In Dreams with a dynamic new production, “Whole Life” featuring Nevve.

Effectively fusing elements of future bass and melodic trap, Kaivon’s soul searching new single “Whole Life” breaks new, experimental ground. Ethereal musicality and heavy drums lift the production up as dance vocalist Nevve delivers a gripping performance — and our ears are begging for an instant playback.

Kaivon shares: “My new song ‘Whole Life’ tells the story of finding the highest version of yourself that you’ve been desperately searching for your whole life.”

With this inaugural release, Lost In Dreams takes an intentional step forward. The label dedicated to future bass, melodic dubstep and vocal-driven productions is on a mission to “create a home for every type of dance music fan out there.” So far, we’re loving what we hear.

Listen to “Whole Life” and catch this new wave of melodic energy.

Kaivon – Whole Life ft. Nevve


KAIVON · KAIVON – Whole Life (Feat. Nevve)

Connect with Kaivon

SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Red Rocks Plans for 2021 Return, Announcements Coming This April

Red Rocks is planning for a comeback this year.

In a recent Twitter update, the legendary venue shares they are working closely with city and state health officials, and will be submitting variance requests for outdoor spaces by the end of this month. This could mean the return of live shows this Spring/Summer at limited capacity.

Spokesman Brian Kitts reveals to CBS Denver:

You know you’ll still be able to see a show and you’ll be in the venue, but it’s not going to feel that same way as it has in the past.

Meaning, fans will have to be spaced out and wearing masks — not the shoulder-to-shoulder general admission crowd Red Rocks has embraced in the past.

Red Rocks’ tone in the thread below is more optimistic:

…while it won’t be a completely ‘normal’ summer, our community is getting back to the business of fun. It’s up to all of us to help in the goal of opening our venues, so mask up!

Red Rocks says they’ll have more details and “exciting announcements” come April. Currently, Galantis and 3LAU are the first acts on the books for April 23rd. Alison Wonderland, Zeds Dead, Rezz, Louis the Child and more all have reserved dates in 2021.

See the full events calendar here.

In April, we’ll help highlight some exciting announcements about concert and entertainment schedules across the city, including the 80th anniversary of Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

— Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre (@RedRocksCO) February 18, 2021

We’re excited to see COVID numbers improve and are hopeful that, while it won’t be a completely “normal” summer, our community is getting back to the business of fun. It’s up to all of us to help in the goal of opening our venues, so mask up 😷!

— Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre (@RedRocksCO) February 18, 2021


Source: CBS Denver | Photo via


Niiko x SWAE Drop Incredibly Fun New Track, “I Ain’t Going Home” with April Bender

Sometimes, all you need for the weekend is the right track to get you in the perfect mood, and “I Ain’t Going Home” from Niiko x SWAE is exactly that track for this week.

Unbelievably fun, incredibly upbeat, instantly catchy and memorable, “I Ain’t Going Home” feels like an effortless pop smash that blends high energy synths and rhythm with April Bender’s perfectly matched vocals. Beyond the production, the song is an anthem to everyone who’s tired of playing games and wants something more significant in their lives.

“‘I Ain’t Going Home’ tells the story of a strong and independent person who doesn’t need any more games in his/her life”, Niiko x SWAE explain. “This is a song about realization: realizing that you are so much better than the person who has been pursuing you or trying to mess with your heart. Every first love or relationship comes with drama, and this song is about overcoming the bullshit to the point where you can make your own decisions.”

The duo continues, “We had been wanting to work with April since we heard her song ‘Sunrise’ with ARTY. At the very end of 2019, before quarantine, we reached out to some of our favorite singer-songwriters and were overwhelmed when April sent us the topline for ‘I Ain’t Going Home’. Both the vocal performance and the songwriting were so strong that producing the rest of the track was a walk in the park. When we finished up the production, we knew we had an anthem on our hands. We’ve had a ton of fun ending our livestreams and pre-COVID sets with this feel-good banger!”

Check it out below!


Foo Fighters, Deadmau5, & More Booked For Rock-N-Relief Charity Live Stream

With communities and industries still struggling to cope with the immense economic impact of COVID-19, charity live streams, even in 2021, are still going on. The latest announced is Rock-N-Relief, curated by singer/songwriter Linda Perry, lead singer and primary songwriter of 4 Non Blondes. The live stream will benefit the CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) organization.

The lineup is mostly rock, with names like Foo Fighters, Perry Farrell, Silversun Pickups, and more. However, the token EDM act on the lineup is deadmau5, which serves to highlight his apparent crossover potential and massive stardom even outside of electronic music.

Other participating acts of note include Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Tracy Bonham, Carly Simon, James Blunt, Ziggy Marley, K. Flay, Dawes, Gary Barlow, Shaed, Ozomatli, Miguel, Macy Gray, Aloe Blacc and Perry herself, who will also co-host alongside KROQ and SiriusXM’s Kat Corbett.

“Our critical mission within this moment of the pandemic is to provide equitable relief services to our local community, and we rely on donations to continue our efforts,” said CORE’s co-founder and CEO Ann Lee. “We are thrilled that Linda Perry has curated such an amazing group of artists to support our cause and bring comfort and joy to people in this time of hardship.”

No official date has been announced yet for the event, but it’s expected to take place over two days and will be streamed on Amazon Music’s Twitch account.


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Dillon Francis’s & Chromeo’s Elvis Presley Remixes Are Finally Available On Spotify

At the beginning of this year, workout app Peloton debuted new remixes of Elvis Presley from Dillon Francis, Chromeo, and Big Boi. Now, those remixes are finally available on Spotify on the Elvis Presley: Greatest Hits album.

Dillon Francis takes on the classic “Do the Vega” and turns it into a short, bright and poppy house number. The little flashes of Elvis’s voice in between the new-age synths don’t sound out of place at all and give the track a timeless feel. As for Chromeo, they took up “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” and infused their own brand of funk and groove.

Check out all the remixes below along with a bunch of classic Presley tracks!


Photo via


Farrah & SENZA Join Forces On Experimental Trap Collab “TEMPLE” [LISTEN]

Farrah and SENZA join forces on a collaborative new effort and mood, TEMPLE.

This trap-infused slapper starts off with a single sound, an intriguing tone that leads into the track’s rhythm and flow. The atmosphere only builds from there, as Farrah and SENZA add in layers of lush synths and gritty bass. Ultimately, the track drops into a buzzing, bouncy arrangement that never loses our interest — then pulls back, builds, and drops again — this time with alluring vocal chops to compliment the production.

Farrah is positioned as one of our Top 40 Artists to Watch for 2021 and “TEMPLE” marks the producer’s third release this year, following up “Clairvoyance” and “Boiling.” Meanwhile, SENZA is carving a path of her own with heavy-hitting mixes and originals, most recently “Full Moon.”

From the sounds of it, Farrah and SENZA are thriving a little more with every release.

Listen to “TEMPLE” and link up with both artists below!


Farrah · Farrah X SENZA – TEMPLE [Electric Hawk Premiere]

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Porter Robinson Reveals Final ‘Nurture’ Single Release & Possible New Anime MV

Nurture, the sophomore album from Porter Robinson, is finally due for release on April 23, but not before one final single hits streaming services. Porter has revealed that “Musician” is out next Wednesday, March 3.

The prolific artist shared a teaser today on socials with a small snippet of the song, but we’re more interested in the original animation accompanying it. Could this be another anime music video a la “Shelter” five years ago? (Also holy shit, “Shelter” was really released 5 years ago, huh?)

The good news is, we won’t have to wait that long to find out, “Musician” drops in just 5 days.

Check out the teaser below!

"but sincerely: can't you feel what i'm feeling?"

Musician: the final Nurture single.

out March 03. pre-save here:

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) February 26, 2021


Will Carnage’s New Track Change House Music Forever? No.

Earlier this week, Carnage tweeted about his forthcoming house track, “KTM,” out today on Ultra Records, claiming it was going to “change house music forever.” Possessing the same energy as KSHMR calling his album “maybe even one of the best electronic albums of all time,” EDM Twitter’s immediate response was skepticism.

every label wanted to sign it… but no one knew it was me…. im not gonna put peoples name out there… BUT EVERY… fucking label… wanted this song…. this song is about to change house music forever…..

— CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 21, 2021

Carnage has been known to release a variety of music other than the festival trap that he initially became known for, digging into psytrance, hardstyle, and more, so pivoting to house wasn’t as much of a shock as one might expect. However, it was the sheer bravado and ego in his tweet that likely rubbed people the wrong way.

Two days ago, I received the promo for the song in my inbox, and immediately went, “Oh, it’s THIS song.” Turns out, I’d heard it back in May 2019 when a friend of mine showed it to me and just completely forgotten about it. When I heard it again, it brought back all the memories of heavily criticizing the track almost two years ago, but I wanted to go in with a fresh mind — maybe it had been changed or updated, or maybe my tastes had changed.

They hadn’t.

“KTM” is a very basic house song that ad nauseam repeats “Ketamine, cocaine, amphetamines” and is expected to be “the next Losing It” according to at least one person on Twitter. The beat is standard, the synths are standard, the lyrics are just controversial enough to avoid the “promoting drug culture” critique while still repetitively referencing them.

In a quote provided by his publicist, Carnage says, “There is no question that ‘KTM’ is the one track that defines exactly who I am as an artist in this exact moment in time. This song came together after years of self discovery through music and being open minded to new ways of life and inspirations. This is the beginning of the new me.”

The song launches his new house project, Gordo, so named after one of the nicknames he and has fans have adopted for him, Papi Gordo.

So, to answer the question, will Carnage’s new song “change house music forever”? No, absolutely not. To be clear, it’s not a terrible song but it is by no means the revelation that he claimed it would be. If nothing else, Carnage is pretty damn good at marketing his own music, and at the very least, he got everyone talking about it.


Photo (c) Bryan Perez


Alesso & Armin van Buuren Drop First-Ever Collab “Leave A Little Love” [LISTEN]

The stars have finally aligned as Alesso and Armin van Buuren unleash their much-anticipated collaboration together, “Leave A Little Love.”

With expectations set high, the producers join forces for a ripe summer anthem. Heartfelt vocals and sweet, uplifting chords open up the track before finding a danceable groove and deep bassline. Every sound translates into tonal emotion, as the catchy sing-along engraves its love-stricken lyrics in our minds.

MORE: Armin van Buuren Drops ‘A State of Trance 1000 Celebration Mix’ [LISTEN]

The superstar producers began teasing this collab on Valentine’s Day, leaving enough time to build the hype and gain support. It’s no wonder “Leave A Little Love” is already well received on the day of its release.

Alesso and Armin could have taken their first collaboration together in pretty much any direction and we would be here for it. Listen below and let us know how it hits you.

Out now via Armada Music.

Alesso & Armin van Buuren – Leave A Little Love



DJ Snake Tests Positive For COVID

All this week, we’ve been getting good news from DJ Snake as he’s teased his next single, “Selfish Love” with Selena Gomez, out next Friday. Unfortunately, that’s been followed up with news that DJ Snake has tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID cases in France have generally plateaued since the beginning of the year, averaging around 20,000 cases per 7-day period since January 13. According to VOA News, “The French government Wednesday said the COVID-19 situation is deteriorating in about 10 French regions, including the Paris-Ile-de-France area around the capital, and said it is considering additional restrictions to address the situation.”

Though, they’re reportedly doing all they can to avoid another lockdown.

We wish DJ Snake all the best and hope for a swift recovery!

Positif au Covid 😓

— DJ SNAKE (@djsnake) February 26, 2021


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No Pants Party Drops Sizzling New Single, “Techtronic” [Low Ceiling]

LA based duo No Pants Party never fails to impress us with the amount of energy they bring into each release. Their latest single, “Techtronic“, is out now via Don’t Blink’s Low Ceiling imprint and is no exception to the greatness we’ve come to expect.

“Techtonic” is a high energy tech house heater driven by a powerful bassline and captivating vocals. Inspired by the intense geological activity of Southern California, the duo wrote the lyrics while admiring the scenery on a road trip to the mountains.

Life long friends, Jamie and Kiraleigh, have been tearing up the LA party scene for years. Whether it’s a tiny sweatbox of a club on the wrong side of town or at Coachella with the sun beating down, these girls can bring the party.

With their DJ talents firmly recognized, the Seattle raised duo now have their sights set on their original productions. They have made huge strides in the last year, with a release on legendary house label Toolroom and with several Beatport-charting tracks and remixes on artist-backed labels like WyldCard, Hood Politics, and now, Low Ceiling.

Check out “Techtronic” below!


Wolfpack, Angemi & Flaremode Team Up For Electrifying Single, “Superstar” [Smash Deep]

Top100DJs (#49) mainstay duo Wolfpack saddle up with their fellow Smash The House brother Angemi and the Italian prodigy Flaremode to drop a gargantuan single, “Superstar”!

The collective of artists has used recent studio time to come together on a cover of an early 2000’s R&B hit by Jamelia, “Superstar”. An international hit on its initial release, this latest version is seeking for more electronic fueled support thanks to the trademark 4/4 big room that both Wolfpack and Angemi have carefully crafted in recent years, coupled with flourishes of Flaremode’s unique production input.

While Wolfpack continues to hit highs like winning DJ awards and climbing up Beatport charts, the duo also keeps busy in the studio thanks to collaborations with everyone from Timmy Trumpet to Futuristic Polar Bears, and Bassjackers to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Angemi is also a familiar face on Smash The House who continues to release big hitting singles that include “Collab Bro“, “Garden Of Madness“, and “High Off Love“.

All together, these three artist make an incredible team and have a huge hit on their hands with their new single, “Superstar”! Stream it below.