Another Single from J’Moris Means Smooth, Articulate Hip Hop Will Once Again Be ‘Activated’ [Video]

The opening scene of the video for trap hop rising star J’Moris’s new single “Activated” will be instantly recognizable, zooming in him and a friend sitting on a porch in obvious Smokey-and-Craig-from-Friday regalia. It’s a clear Texas-styled parody of the classic stoner movie, shot by the obviously talented director, Artist Named Chi and will likely have audiences laughing through the whole video.

With J’Moris himself playing Smokey, the video is replete with recognizable scenes from Friday: Felicia, Ms. Parker, Big Worm…they’re all there. The video ends with a take on the classic scene where Smokey accidentally smokes PCP and ends up in the chicken coops, or J’Moris’s take on it, anyway. Like his lyrics state, he may just be a bit too chill to portray the effects of an unexpected dip. It’s entertaining nonetheless and serves as a fun backdrop for “Activated.”

Fans watching the new video might be so enamored by the Friday references in the “Activated” video that they may fail to notice the track itself, which is one of J’Moris’s most musically and lyrically lush yet relaxed content-wise thus far. J’Moris has been known for making a lot of deep points in his raps, but this time it’s really just about being comfortable in one’s own skin, enjoying a day and doing what feels good. The beat reflects this “chill but aware” attitude, ornamented with vintage classical piano that sounds like it was actually recorded off a Victrola or similar old timey machine.

What hasn’t changed in “Activated,” however, is J’Moris’s mastery of flow. Even with the chill vibes throughout the track that match his vocal timbre, the contrast of this artist’s spit game is always impressive. Playing with different tempos, syncopation and phrase arrangements, J’Moris’s lyrics wind around the sleepy beat in a way that’s sure to get fans “Activated.”

As an anti-mumble rap champion, J’Moris proves once again on “Activated” that relaxed, Soutthern trap vibes are no excuse for lazy lyrical flow. Even with his most chilled out subject matter, J’Moris is articulate with beautifully crafted rhymes that are the real star of this track. The connection then to Friday is quite clear: the heyday of hip hop is still very much alive and will continue to be thus as long as J’Moris is around.

“Activated” is out now and can be streamed on multiple platforms here. Check out J’Moris’s other videos on YouTube.


PREMIERE: Shitty Princess & Queeny King Team Up For Intoxicating Single, “Make Me Baby”

Shitty Princess is quite the fascinating artist. She produces chart-topping dance music with tens of millions of streams and performs DJ sets anonymously with a lampshade mask, carefully concealing her true identity. On the live circuit, Shitty Princess can be found throwing her own festival called Princessfest or opening for the likes of Post Malone, Migos, and Dillon Francis.

Shitty Princess also excels in the fashion world as a forward-thinking creative, most recently remixing her merchandise for New York Fashion Week ‘21 by dropping a couture line called Sh!tty Princess Pink Label. From spellbinding music to intriguing fashion, it’s all part of Shitty Princess’ captivating, imaginative world.

Being born into an infamous cult in India, joining musical royalty as the daughter-in-law of Cher and Gregg Allman, and entering a lineage of legendary artists including Allman to perform at the notorious San Quentin State Prison sounds like a far-reaching fantasy, but it’s nothing less than reality for Queeny King.

Queeny was originally discovered at the Heike Makatsch show on Germany’s RTL2, eventually signed with her siblings to EMI Germany where she was extensively prepared for the music business before leaving the band in pursuit of her own career. That route led to her first solo performance at the San Quentin State Prison where she enlisted none other than Deadsy and Queens Of The Stone Age for a standing ovation-inducing show.

Queeny made her debut in 2020 with the pop friendly single, “Freakshow” and now she’s back with a highly anticipated collaboration with Shitty Princess, “Make Me Baby“. It’s an infectious dance-pop track that features a bright vocal and warm melodies that feels like a hit in every way. They debuted the single during their very own headlining New York Fashion Week show this year, the highlights of which are strung through an eye-popping lyric video and social media.

Listen to “Make Me Baby” below!


[Interview] Meet, The Best New Link-In-Bio/Portfolio & The Last One You’ll Ever Need

By now, most of us should be well used to link-in-bio and content aggregators like or Linkfire — but what each one of these platforms lacks is a customizability or even character that makes them worth going back to once you’re done with your initial goal. Enter — your content & commerce all in one place. The best link-in-bio/website/portfolio + the best way to drop new content, merch, tickets, & NFTs.

What does do differently and why should you use it over other similar platforms? From their About Me section:

Tellie allows every creator to build a home for your creativity in minutes. It gives the power of a website with the ease of a link-in-bio tool. With Tellie’s novel design, your work stands out on mobile and desktop. Tell stories across formats and platforms, pairing video, audio, text, images, GIFs, shops, links, and more—creating connections never before possible. At Tellie, we don’t prioritize meaningless clicks. We help you build long-term relationships directly with your fans.

Your EDM spoke with Jack Bogdan, Head of Product, and Joe Simek, who runs’s marketing, to get the low down on what their platform does so well and why it’s so important.

Your EDM followers can use this link to skip the line and sign up for a Tellie account
Why is there a growing need for creators to have all of their content in one easily accessible location?

Artists have been forced into a digital diaspora, where they have to exist everywhere but don’t own anything anywhere. Fans bounce quickly from artist to artist across different social networks, DSPs, etc. When you publish only on these platforms, you can lose part of your art and identity ‒ you become a commodity, putting your work in a box that looks and feels like everyone else’s box.

Being able to bring your world together in one place that feels like you is important for a few reasons. You can tell a richer story across different mediums (music, video, galleries, writing, etc) and connect with fans on a deeper level that reflects who you are as an artist. You can introduce fans who might know you in passing to get to know you and your work better. Ultimately, this increases the likelihood these fans will support you again and again throughout your creative journey.

We think personal artist sites are going to be more important than ever in the next era of the web.

What happens in a consumer’s/fan’s/user’s mind when they see a link list like vs an ecosystem like

A lot of the link list style products are purely routing tools. The solution is to get you from point A to point B as fast as possible. There are a lot of creators with upwards of 20 links, and it can be overwhelming for their fans. It’s hard to tell a story or build connection in a list of buttons, so what happens is fans click on a button but then go off to do something else while they are being re-routed. What link lists don’t want you to know is they have a high click-through rate (or “CTR”) but an extremely high bounce rate. The fan ultimately never arrives at the place you are trying to send them. Tellie gives you the creative tools and the ability to bring those destinations into your own site so fans don’t have to click out to interact with your world.

Was there any specific catalyst, a moment, when you thought that was necessary?

Tellie was born from the thesis that there were tools missing to foster a stronger connection between creators and fans on creators’ terms. We went through a lot of R&D around format and the ways we could create an accessible platform for creators to tell deeper stories, build connections, and get paid without it feeling transactional.

A lot of our earliest artists have given us feedback that kept hitting the same themes: a lack of ownership, painful website updates, a hunger for experiences better than link lists.

We’re at this unique opportunity for independent creatives where the technology to hold the keys is starting to be decentralized and distributed in a way that puts power directly in the hands of the artists and their fans.

Was there ever any concern that (near) infinite customization might be overwhelming to users and visitors compared to the relative  simplicity of tools like or DSP aggregators?

Every design decision has been anchored in the primary goal of ease of use and building smart constraints and defaults. Tiles are incredibly easy to create and edit, often by pasting one link, or dragging and dropping an image. Smart defaults are really important. Tellie should provide the inspiration to set you up for success. For example, when you add Tiles we automatically arrange them on your page in an optimized auto-layout so you don’t have to immediately focus on where everything lives. Soon we’ll be adding inspirational layouts you can start from and edit to accomplish different goals, like dropping an EP or showing off a portfolio of work.

How, if at all, did your background in gaming and modding influence the design and experience of

I’ve grown up on creative tools. I pirated Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3DS Max as a 12 year old and started tinkering in game engines. I lived in PhpBB forums and swapped .WMV and .MOV tutorial files pre-YouTube. The internet was a lot smaller and so fun!

The web itself was a creative platform. Every kid learned HTML and CSS to customize their Myspace pages. When smartphones took off, and apps became the defacto, there was a fun yet brief period of Skeuomorphism (driven mostly by Apple), but soon everything became flat and boxy to adapt to responsive design.

Tellie is definitely scratching a personal itch to get back to a world where the web was fun in a format anyone can pick up and play, but with modern functionality. We’ve got a lot more fun stuff cooking!

What can do that other similar platforms can’t?

Tellie has been entirely designed around modularity and composability. We have created a unique combination of mix and match utility, design tools, and storytelling capabilities that doesn’t exist anywhere else. We also have plans to do things you can’t do on any other website, like “re-post” pages from other sites or even embed your whole website somewhere else as easily as embedding a YouTube video. Why settle for promoting just your music video when you can embed your music video, your behind the scenes, your DSP streams, and your shop?

We’re also incredibly excited to start to bring creators into the Web3 space where they can directly own the relationships with fans, and find new tools to monetize their back catalogue, creative musings, and more.

The way we think about it is simple: we want to give artists an outlet for their work where they can express their creative output and make enough money to perform, write, paint, etc. There’s this concept that’s been out in the world for a few years around “1,000 true fans.” Ideally that can be true for a lot of creatives, but even in a world where you have 25 fans who are willing to support your creative endeavors, we want people to have that outlet so you can justify continuing to create.

What will be able to do in the future as it continues to scale?

There’s a bunch of interesting threads here, but I’ll pick two: the ownership economy and new ways to visualize your world.

We believe the future of artist and fan relationships are going to happen with creator owned collections / smart contracts. We’re going to be building the  tools for artists to create these digital primitives and use them to manage access to their content library, shows, merch, and more. Fans are not only getting access to exclusive experiences, but also have a digital status symbol they can show off to other fans. We’ll allow you to  own a new age fan club that exists outside of any one platform, including Tellie. We’re going to set artists up for success to take advantage of all of the amazing new tools and platforms as the space starts to mature.

When you design a tool around modularity, you suddenly have all of these building blocks you can tweak or alter. We’re exploring the website equivalent of a Snapchat filter to set the tone for a release or narrative in a more expressive way. We’re also excited to be running some experiments next year with virtual worlds fans can explore, dynamically built around your pages, that run in any web browser. You’ll be able to turn your website and link-in-bio into a virtual gallery or performance space with no additional work.

What creative experiences do you see users making with

Today we see a lot of musicians using Tellie to create a new Page for every single or album release, or graphic designers and traditional artists creating portfolios, or using Tellie to drop an NFT.

I’ve always been fascinated by the digital equivalent of a physical LP. There’s something really magical about buying a record and poring through the lyrics, the behind the scenes, the album art and artistic collaboration, the b-sides and demos, a little bit of insight into the creative process. So much of this stuff is sitting on artist’s laptops or phones nowadays and I’d love to see artists peel back the curtain with Tellie and create experiences for fans that reveal a little of the truth of their creative process.

What is Tellie’s biggest selling point for musicians in EDM?

EDM musicians have been some of our most passionate early users, since EDM artists tend to have such an interesting range of multi-disciplinary interests. Tellie is fundamentally about mixing existing elements into something new. EDM spans not just the music but the world building and performance and the headspace you transport yourself to. As an EDM musician you can bring together your visuals, your music, your merch and more in an experience that blows the DSPs or traditional websites out of the water.

Whose site do you share the most with your friends and what makes it special?

One of my favorite creators on Tellie is O’Plérou ✻ a musician, traditional artist, digital artist, and designer from Marrakesh. What’s so cool about O’Plérou is he’s using it as a way for people to explore all aspects of his creative life: his music, his art, even his friends! He also has his own creator token which he uses to gate exclusive content to his supporters.


MDLBEAST announces full XP conference program & speakers

MDLBEAST has unveiled programming details and initial line up of speakers for their XP Music Conference, the first of its kind in the Middle East. The three-day and night event will take place in Riyadh from 13th – 15th December and will host a large number of leading industry figures, regional and international, who will address topics that are essential for the amplification and evolution of the region’s music industry.

Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST, said: “The XP conference will help accelerate the growth of the music industry across the Middle East. We’re bringing together the most forward-thinking people from the world of music who will offer their insights and expertise to provoke conversation and incite positive action to grow our music industry.”

Attending audiences will represent diverse backgrounds including labels, publishers, talent, NGOs, GOVs, events’ companies, entrepreneurs, and industry media. All activations will be categorised under four main pillars which are considered the building blocks of the development of the regional music industry: Talent, Scene, Policy, and Impact.

Music professionals and fans from across the region can purchase their tickets for MDLBEAST’s music conference, XP through: The three-day event with a conference & nightlife aspect where local and regional artists will showcase the region’s budding nightlife; and will take place in Riyadh from 13th – 15th December.

More speakers and further details will be announced soon, please visit:


Your EDM Premiere: Production ‘Machine’ Current Value is Back, Thank GOD! [Korsakov Music]

Current Value is one of those artists who, if he doesn’t release for a while, we as a scene collectively feel that absence. In a year where Noisia are taking their final bow in tours and releases, we hoped the German super-producer wasn’t also toying with the idea of taking an extended break. Luckily, not only is he back but he’s exploring new labels and sounds, praise the D&B Gods. After a remix of his own title track on Zombie Cats’ Mutation Remixed album and a collab track with Rene LaVice of all people on the Exposed 001 compilation on Device of all places, CV’s new solo multi-track is dropping this week on…Korsakov Music?

Now that you know we weren’t kidding about Mr. Value playing around with new formats and A&R values, let’s take a look at the Runway EP, due out this Friday. How do you even A&R someone like CV anyway? Let’s just assume the Korsakov crew didn’t give him a whole lot of notes, because this EP is just as technically flawless as it is completely mad and glitched out. In fact, label manager Elmar AL/SO Van Eijk had pretty much the same reaction as we do:

“This was a crazy chat we had. He completed and sent me three tracks in one evening, and most of the A&R conversation was just me going ‘…how?’ He started and completed them that evening; not as if he just had them laying around. His response? ‘Yeah I have a fast laptop.’ I don’t care if he’s on the NASA server. That’s not normal.”

Runway opens with an excellent case in point in the form of the title track. Absolutely chaotic synths are just barely tethered to a subtle but none too minimal beat which, when flipped to 174 techno somehow becomes even more chaotic. Said beat is holding on for dear life to keep this track from becoming fully experimental and it manages to just barely succeed in staying danceable. From there, “Insistence” and “The Herd” become a bit more recognizably D&B with lashings or ravey neuro, but we’re back to organized chaos with “Wheelspin,” whose high-pitched, circular synths are somehow even faster than the snares. How even…?

The closing track and our premiere today, “Machine” is a melding of the glitchy chaos and more classic D&B that defines this EP…sort of. Heavier on the glitch than “Runway” or “Wheelspin” with interstitial radio pop sounds and full of fast, chugging snares, “Machine” also has a lovely melodic tinge to it. The composition, while complex to say the least, is almost orchestral in the way the layers are set up so even though the individual elements are experimental and chaotic, it doesn’t feel that way. The melodic vocals and ambient sound design ground the track. It’s a fitting landing on this sonic Runway. 

Korsakov Music · Current Value – MACHINE

With these recent Device and Korsakov Music releases under his belt, it’s anyone’s guess where Current Value will head next but it matters naught. Wherever he goes, he continues to leave a trail of masterful production and mind-expanding sound experimentation in his wake. It’s not a typical sound for Korsakov Music but they’ve just upped their cool points by about a million releasing him. Who in their right mind would say no to this legend? Please never leave us again, Mr. Value..

Runway drops tomorrow, December 3 on Korsakov Music. Pre-order or pre-save here.



Alison Wonderland Shares First And Only Single Of 2021, “Fuck U Love U” [LISTEN]

Even during the throes of the pandemic, Alison Wonderland was putting out music. Unlike other producers (not to say any one way of approaching the pandemic was “correct”), she took most of this year to lay back rather than last year. Earlier this month, she revived her Whyte Fang alias and played the project’s debut performance at Brownies & Lemonade’s event at LA State Historic park with Moore Kismet, IsoXO, and others. Now to cap off the year, she’s released her first (and probably only) Alison Wonderland single of the year, “Fuck U Love U.”

Fans got an early listen of the single at Temple of Wonderland earlier this year, so the excitement for this one is understandably through the roof, let alone being the first Alison single of the year.

Check out the lyric video below, directed by Elohim.


Photo via Marc Van der Aa for Insomniac Events


Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped Results & Experience is Here!

If 2020 was the year that flipped the world on its head, 2021 was the year that we got used to seeing things upside down. With “normal” thrown out the window, we embraced the unknown and championed all of the things that make each of us unique. Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped is a celebration of this — the millions of weird and wonderful ways to listen and live in a world that continues to keep us on our toes.

Spotify is today unveiling its annual 2021 Wrapped campaign and personalized user experience inspired by just that. At the same time, they’ve unveiled the top artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts from the creators that helped soundtrack the year for more than 381 million users worldwide.

For even more on how the world listened in 2021, check out Spotify’s For the Record blog.

Starting today, eligible users can also access their personalized Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app.

Spotify 2021 Wrapped U.S. Top Lists

U.S. Most Streamed Artists 

  • Drake
  • Taylor Swift
  • Juice WRLD
  • Kanye West
  • Bad Bunny
  • U.S. Most Streamed Songs 

  • drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo
  • good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo
  • Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)” by Doja Cat
  • Heat Waves” by Glass Animals
  • Levitating (feat. DaBaby)” by Dua Lipa
  • U.S. Most Streamed Albums 

  • SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
  • Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen
  • Planet Her, Doja Cat
  • Justice, Justin Bieber
  • Legends Never Die, Juice WRLD
  • Categories

    Nicky Romero Drops Radio-Friendly New Single “Why Do I Call”

    Nicky Romero returns to Virgin/Universal with another addictive, pop-leaning track, “Why Do I Call.” After previously releasing “Nights Like This” on the label, the Dutch super-producer returns with another melodic track that features his tinges of progressive house. The song is about someone chasing a lost love, even if his methods might be slightly toxic. Come on dude, I don’t want anyone calling me at five in the morning.

    The track opens up with the soaring vocal playing over some violins and pianos. The verse plays out over some finger snaps, and you can feel the pain in the vocals, despite the upbeat tone. The verse eventually leads into the chorus where we get a mix of progressive house violins and melody layered over a bubbling bassline. It’s like an emo song, so sad, yet so danceable too.

    Check out the latest from Nicky Romero, “Why Do I Call” out now on Universal.


    Armin van Buuren Enlists TikTok Sensations The Stickmen Project for Latest Single “No Fun”

    Armin van Buuren is never one to shy away from out of the box collaborators, and that’s exactly what he’s done with his latest single “No Fun” with the Stickmen Project. After seeing the TikTok sensations do a cover of his classic hit “Ping Pong,” Armin invited the Stickmen Project for an official collab. The result is a groovy and unapologetic dancefloor heater replete with playful vocals and thick synth layers.

    If you’re thinking that this song kind of reminds you of “Blah Blah Blah,” well, you’re on to something. It’s the same vocalist on both tracks. “No Fun” is certainly the spiritual successor to “Blah Blah Blah” with its tongue-in-cheek kiss-off to authority theme. However, this one has much more subtle production. Armin sets aside the festival vibes here for a groovy club banger with lots of bass and rhythm. Here’s what Armin and the Stickmen Project had to say about “No Fun.”

    “I loved the cover version the Stickmen Project did of my track ‘Ping Pong’. It sparked a flame of creativity within me, and I soon found myself in the studio with them to create this record. I hope everyone will be having a good time whenever ‘No Fun’ blasts from the speakers!” – AvB

    “Armin van Buuren is one of the most legendary DJs and producers of our time and it’s been an honour to work with him on the raucous, rebellious anthem that is ‘No Fun.’ We are so proud of this song and can’t wait for the world to hear it…this one’s for the renegades!” – The Stickmen Project

    Check out the latest from Armin van Buuren & The Stickmen Project, “No Fun” out now on Armada.


    R3HAB & Lukas Graham Drop Catchy Crossover Single “Most People”

    R3HAB is back with the latest single off of his upcoming album, “Most People,” and it’s another massive crossover collab. This time R3HAB teams up with Danish folk/pop band Lukas Graham for a soulful, but catchy tune. I hope you’re ready for some melodic accordion, because that’s where R3HAB goes with the production on this one.

    You probably know Lukas Graham best from his 2016 smash hit “7 Years” from an era when, for whatever reason, folk and Americana music was really big (I’m looking at you Mumford & Sons). “Most People” is a natural fusion of Lukas Graham’s and R3HAB’s styles. Melding folk-pop with R3HAB’s catchy beats, this is a track that plays just as well on the radio as it does on the dancefloor.

    The vocals are about sticking through it during tough times. The vocals discuss how most people give up during tough times, but the vocalist and who he’s singing to aren’t most people! The track is a fine pop song on it’s own, but the accordion drop is to die for. It’s so unique and catchy, and it also manages to encapsulate the vibe of the track. Here’s what R3HAB and Lukas Graham had to say about “Most People.”

    “I had the pleasure of remixing ‘Share That Love’ for Lukas last year, and we are excited to now release “Most People” as well. I’ve always admired how Lukas uses his platform to spread positivity and make the world brighter and more resilient. ‘Most People’ is a record celebrating the rewards of putting in the work. Tomorrow is not promised, so we need to recognize and celebrate the good things we have today. I hope this record encourages our listeners to live openly and love deeply.” – R3HAB

    “I’ve seen a lot of people break up when things got tough, but I’ve found the rewards of working through difficult times to be immense. The love I have for my wife hasn’t changed, but the circumstances of our love and our life have. Addressing our needs in a social and romantic context is imperative. Working with R3HAB has been awesomely smooth, and I love how versatile he is, probably why this collab has felt so easy. ‘Most People’ reminds me of beach parties, late-night BBQs and all the good stuff.” – Lukas Graham

    Check out the latest from R3HAB & Lukas Graham, “Most People” out now on CYB3RPVNK.


    Rick Wonder Drops Uplifting Piano House Single, “Feel Good” [WYN Records]

    Rick Wonder has established a remarkable career for himself. With residencies at top-tier venues including Lavo and Marquee to DJ gigs at prominent hot-spots such as Madison Square Garden, HQ2 in Atlantic City, Swan & Wall in Miami, Parq in San Diego, among others, Rick Wonder has become one of the leading names in open-format DJ entertainment in the country. In addition, he’s performed alongside superstar artists like The Chainsmokers, R3HAB, ACRAZE, Party Favor, Sultan + Ned Shepard and plenty more. 

    Now, he’s back with an uplifting piano house single, “Feel Good“, signed to WYN Records, a division of Deep Root Records. “Feel Good” began as a “quarantine project” for Rick Wonder, who continued working on the record as venues really began re-opening over the summer of 2021. Setting the vibe & tone for the song, Rick found inspiration in the sense of a fresh start coming out of the throes of the pandemic, and celebrating things beginning to go back to normal, especially within the nightlife & dance music community.

    A piano-driven house track, “Feel Good” is an uplifting & melodic tune, showcasing a beautiful vocal paired with a driving, upbeat arrangement that can’t help but spread a smile across your face. There’s nothing but good vibes and happiness infused in this song, one that is sure to brighten your day!

    Listen to “Feel Good” by Rick Wonder below!



    [PREMIERE] Phantoms Share Funk-Filled Mixtape For Upcoming Holy Ship! Wrecked

    Holy Ship! Wrecked is just over the horizon, waiting for thousands of attendees to revel in Riviera Maya, Mexico for four days, four nights of music, activities, and general rambunctiousness. We already premiered a mix from the one and only Craze earlier this month, and with the festival right around the corner, we thought there was no choice than to give you all one of the event’s MVPs — Phantoms.

    Both of us cannot wait for Ship Wrecked this year, so in anticipation we wanted to make a mix that feels like we’re already there – at a pool party, drinking fruity cocktails and playing disco. There’s a whole bunch of our older disco/house favorites in this mix: Baby Can’t Stop, Horny, Rakfunk and some newer ones from SG Lewis, TSHA, and Fred Again. If you can’t make it to Ship this year and you’re stuck in your cold apartment, put this on and we’ll transport you right to the party.


    Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Remix) (Phantoms Edit) – Lindstrom & Christabelle
    Rakfunk – Pryda
    Lose My Breath – Moreno Pezzolato
    Boy Boy Boy – Andhim
    Why Why Why? (ID EDIT) – Sault
    Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) – DJ Spiller
    Tease Me – Butch
    Up (Nonfiction Edit) – Cardi B
    Disco Electronica – Block & Crown
    One In a Million (Biscits Remix) – Phantoms
    Demba ft. Trio Da Kali – TSHA
    $100 Bill – Benoit & Sergio
    Running In Philly – Vaudafunk
    Horny (Mousse T’s Extended Mix) – Mousse T & Hot N Juicy
    Feed the Fire – SG Lewis
    Baxter (These Are My Friends) – Fred Again..
    Say It (David Jackson Remix) – Phantoms
    Eyes Wide Strut ft. Wooze (Tunnelvisions Remix) – Moscoman
    Cabrio Mango – Coeo


    Photo via


    Dr Fresch Announces Collab With Tom Morello + Members Of Metallica & Rush Out Friday

    Ever since the release of The Atlas Underground in 2018, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine has been having a blast collaborating with a ton of different artists. His new album The Atlas Underground Flood, a follow up to the original and to TAU Fire earlier this year, is due out this Friday.

    So far, three singles have been released — but no EDM collaborations yet. It’s good, then, that Dr. Fresch has revealed he will have a part in the album, and on a track with Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica, and Alex Lifeson, guitarist and backing vocalist of Rush. Which is to say this is a MASSIVE collaboration!

    The replies to his tweet (below) are all you need to understand the incredible hype for this record when it comes out Friday, December 3. You can pre-save The Atlas Underground Flood with Dr. Fresch’s collaboration here.

    I’m proud to announce the biggest collab of my career — “The Way”

    with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), and Alex Lifeson (Rush)


    — Dr. Fresch (@DrFresch) November 30, 2021


    Photo via


    Your EDM Q&A and Premiere: 1st Base Runner’s New EP ‘Ellis’ Is Upon Us [Video]

    The love of modulators (of which all EDM fans should possess a bit), can take one down some interesting, not necessarily conventional musical rabbit holes. As the first purveyors of electronic sound as early as the 1920s, mods have been instrumental (pardon the pun) in creating all forms of electronic music, including EDM, right the way through to present time. That said, it’s not just EDM producers who are mod heads, and in fact, as EDM gets bigger, artists from all other genres, including indie rock are turning to mods to created unique yet recognizable electronic sounds for their own work. 1st Base Runner is one such indie artist.

    The difference between how mods and electronica are used in the indie world now versus in previously (see: new wave, krautrock, et al.), is the electronic production is being integrated into the relative analog rock sounds more than ever before. Rather than being a side dish or an accompaniment, the mods and softwares that create the electronic indie rock are not only integrated but integral to the sound.

    Having just signed to Universal for his distro, 1st Base Runner (1BR) is about to join an elite list of indie EDM and indie rock artists who’ve broken the mold and straddled multiple genres while creating a unique sound that will find fans on both sides of the electronica divide. With a Radiohead sensibility and a Venetian Snares-level mod ability, 1BR is heading into his next EP with collaborator former band mate and namesake of the project, Bryan Ellis focused on that unique sound and what it means both musically and personally.

    It was only a matter of time, after following 1st Base Runner, given name Tim Husmann, before we would start scrambling to interview the Austin-based artist here at Your EDM, and it comes none too soon after the success and industry interest of his first album, Seven Years of Silence and before Ellis and his many other upcoming projects hit. Check out these words from the elusive and sometimes cryptic artist about his life, times and mods. Premiere of the single “Flux” off the upcoming EP follows interview.

    Boiler plate questions first: why did you decide to quit working on other musicians’ tours and focus on your solo work?

    There was a longing sense of self doubt I was unable to reconcile. In some ways it has always been easier to play a part.

    What’s the significance of the name of the project, 1st Base Runner?

    I think it addresses the elephant in the room: the longing to be made real. It’s also a play on my physical condition.

    Your first album, Seven Years of Silence, seemed like there was a lot of emotional openness required and, despite having a lot of styles musically, its songs were unequivocally think/feel pieces. With Ellis, the work still seems emotive but it’s more sort of sweet and reflective, thematically. What kinds of emotions were you trying to connote on this EP versus Seven Years…?

    Seven Years… was what I had to explore to become free again; a reclamation of sonic space of sorts. The Ellis EP was a collaborative effort with an old band mate from Austin, Bryan Ellis. It was a return to the origin, but through the lens of being once removed. The hope was to revisit the feeling of teenage longing, perhaps mixed with an adult notion of acceptance.

    Speaking of differences between the two releases, while Seven Years… had a lot going on stylistically and each track seemed completely different from the last, Ellis feels more bound to a singular theme. What were the themes you were going for this time?

    Yes. Seven Years… was more about standing up in the sunlight after being caked in mud. About owning the fluctuations and still being okay with them in the mirror. Ellis is an attempt at reconciliation and finding meaning in earlier life; while trying to exist in a singular world.

    You’ve just released a performance video for a one-off single, a cover of “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by Thom Yorke’s UNKLE project, a version one could actually call a remix since you’ve basically re-written the song with mods. You did a similar format with your cover/remix of “A Hymn” by IDLES. What do you enjoy about remixing indie tracks like this with mods?

    Ownership. It’s not a proper cover if it is done through the same lens. It has to be made whole and different in its own right.

    What do you enjoy most about the podcast-style performance videos? Is there a specific reason you enjoy them for your cover/remix tracks?

    I find them to be quite awkward, but to be real, we all have to exist somewhere. To be made real is to be laid bare. There is a feeling I appreciate in each of them.

    You’ve made it pretty clear that you’re a mod guy on your Instagram and elsewhere, and you’ve exhibited a number of your builds. What do you enjoy about them and how do you feel they help you express your style?

    They lend a depth and a nod to other artists I truly appreciate. People that have forced me to think and feel.

    Did the desire to focus on modulators influence your decision to move away from touring so much?

    No, touring is a necessity. I have been in the throes of assembling a live band for a few months. Really hoping the lineup will be completed soon. Music has to be accessible in real life. Although I may naturally prefer to be a hermit.

    In terms of style, there’s a lot of artists one could name that appear to have influenced you, but which artists do you think most helped craft your musical consciousness?

    I think there are lots of references available here, everything from the Louvin Brothers to Tones On Tail. I am wanting to convey a mood more than a style. Anything that creates a feeling, good or bad, is still relevant in my world. I think my musical consciousness was crafted by life experiences lived. I tend to seek out feelings across all genres. Sometimes those feeling align with where I am at in life.

    In terms of the videos released so far that aren’t performance or one-cam studio based, it seems you’ve got a pretty specific aesthetic in mind that seems to blend well with your sound. How did you find these directors and do you plan to have a similar aesthetic in the future?

    I had the good fortune of meeting Dilly Gent (former creative director for Radiohead), because my partner Lisa had a dream indicating she should call her. A creative director is a bit like a wizard pulling levers behind the curtain. Dilly has a deep understanding of the 1BR project as a whole and puts a lot of thought into which director would be the best fit for my music videos.

    Dilly set me up with Matt Mahurin for “Break Even” and “Only One” and we really clicked. Matt’s a bit of a creative savant and a highly respected photographer, artist, director and teacher. He literally makes all the props (you see in the videos) by hand. He brought in a really talented child actor to play me in “Break Even,” which is about my being in a car wreck on Christmas Eve just shy of my 6th birthday. These are dark topics but life is messy. Overcoming challenges is messy too, but it gives you grit, and Matt did a beautiful job of putting my origin story into artistic visual form. I think the aesthetic is both dark and hopeful, simultaneously.

    Speaking of future, aside from the impending release of Ellis, what do you have coming up in terms of releases, videos or general developments?

    Professionally, I’ve got two EPs coming up: Night Stalker, which is a four-track electronic recording with a dark stream of consciousness vibe, and Light Roars, a five-track “live” electronic full band project. I’ll be traveling to Montreal in January to have Light Roars mixed at Hotel 2 Tango, the famous analog recording studio. We recently signed to Universal as our distribution arm thanks to the help of Rob Gordon. Live shows will be announced early 2022. Other than that, I recently had the good fortune of acquiring an ondes Martenot, (an early electronic mod/keyboard invented in 1928).

    Ellis will release in full on December 9. In the meantime, check out 1st Base Runner’s Seven Years of Silence LP on Bandcamp or Spotify and his other stark and beautiful videos on YouTube.

    1ST BASE RUNNER · FLUX 48k – 24bit

    Featured photo cred: Dilly Gent


    Jauz, Louis The Child, Habstrakt, Deadbeats, & More React To Sudden Passing Of Virgil Abloh, 41

    Yesterday, November 28, news broke that iconic designer/producer Virgil Abloh had passed away after a private two-year battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare cancer. He was 41. As the founder off OFF/WHITE, he was highly regarded in the garment design world, but his work in music was equally distinguished.

    From stages at Coachella to Tomorrowland, Abloh blazed a trail of house and techno and, despite his already massive status, was well respected by his peers. Nothing points to that respect more than the outpouring of support and tributes from his contemporaries yesterday when the news became public.

    Look below for tributes and messages from Jauz, Louis The Child, Habstrakt, Deadbeats, Marshmello, Grandtheft, Keys N Krates, and more.

    The brightest stars always burn the fastest. RIP to Virgil, the worlds of fashion, street wear, music, art etc will forever be changed for the better thanks to your presence and vision. You may be gone from this world, but your legacy will remain for eternity 🙌

    — JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) November 28, 2021

    What an immense and tragic loss. Virgil Abloh shared his vision and changed the way the world sees fashion, music, art…he is one of the all time great creatives. To have lived in a time…

    — Zane Lowe (@zanelowe) November 28, 2021

    We are devastated to hear about the loss of Virgil Abloh today. We were honoured to have him play at our second Deadbeats event ever in Miami in 2016. A true visionary who will forever be a huge inspiration to us 😔❤️🕊

    — Deadbeats ☠️ (@deadbeats) November 28, 2021

    still one of the coolest blends ever

    rip virgil abloh

    — deadcrow (@devdcrow) November 28, 2021

    rest in peace Virgil. cultural icon and truly nice guy.. gone too soon. condolences to his friends and family 💔💔

    — grandtheft (@grandtheft) November 28, 2021

    …There’s pages of Yeezus covers that didn’t make it, stage mocks for Rocky, text messages etc. It gave a window into his creative process. You could feel that his intention was to inspire others and give others information that he didn’t have when he was first starting out

    — Louis The Child (@LouisTheChild) November 29, 2021

    Rest in power Virgil. Grateful for his positive and curious energy and of course his undeniable impact on everything.

    — KEYS N KRATES (@keysnkrates) November 29, 2021

    really fucking sad about Virgil, RIP 😭

    — ✨💎GRIZTRONICS II💎✨ (@Subtronics) November 28, 2021

    RIP Virgil Abloh. Absolute legend and visionary.

    — marshmello (@marshmellomusic) November 28, 2021

    RIP to Virgil Abloh. This is beyond sad. Gonna miss him dearly, and the world will miss his creativity. Gutted. Absolutely floored me 💔

    — Plastician / Stish (@Plastician) November 28, 2021


    Valentino Khan Shares Favorite Photos From Holy Ship Ahead Of Wrecked! Next Weekend

    There’s a reason Holy Ship! is regarded so highly among those who have attended, whether on the original ship or on the newly minted Wrecked! varietal in Mexico. Everyone booked for the event is already at least someone close — of course some more than others — but it always gives way to some of the most surprising and one-of-a-kind circumstances across the festival circuit.

    One of the producer/DJs who regularly shows up and creates a wonderful sort of chaos is Valentino Khan. We reached out to Holy Ship! to have Valentino provide us with some of his favorite photos from across the years, as well as his thoughts on each occasion.

    Below, you’ll see impromptu b2bs with Phantoms & GG Magree, or Diplo, as well as his WWF event, and just some general rambunction. Check it out below and visit for more info about festivities next week!

    The back 2 back sets are always very impromptu at Ship. Here I am playing with a country western DJ who says his name is “Diplo.”

    Best part about the few days is hanging with buds you don’t get to see too often. I think we all ended up getting dinner after this pic.

    Last year they had these coconuts filled with rare Dominican liquor and I couldn’t stop drinking them. They always seemed to spur conversation.

    I always try to play a ton of house music during my sets at Ship. Never fails to set the mood right.

    It’s become a tradition for me to referee World Sumo Wrestling Federation. Basically a tournament of people in inflated suits trying to destroy each other.

    When you play Holy Ship, half the fun is hopping around and checking out all your friends’ sets.

    Sometimes you link up with your homies and your bottles collide to create an incredible mix.

    And sometimes you stumble into something random. I was walking the beach and pulled up on Phantoms hosting a cocktail contest & got in on the action.


    Photo via


    NGHTMRE & Zeds Dead Reunite On “Shady Intentions” feat. Tori Levett [LISTEN]

    NGHTMRE and Zeds Dead have just unveiled their highly anticipated collaboration “Shady Intentions.” Featuring vocals by the talented Tori Levett, two of the biggest names in electronic music collide once again.

    Although it’s been more than five years since NGHTMRE and Zeds Dead last teamed up on a single, “Frontlines” with GG Magree off their debut album Northern Lights, “Shady Intentions” masterfully highlights each artist’s abilities resulting in a standout track. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the official release of their latest song for most of the year as news of the collaboration made the rounds on social media. Now, the wait for “Shady Intentions” is finally over.

    The three-minute track opens with Tori Levett’s tranquil vocals over peppy synth work that seamlessly transitions to a heart-pounding rise of powerful bass. NGHTMRE and Zeds Dead pull listeners back and forth from interludes of dreamy melodies to bass-driven breakdowns that build up to a satisfying drop that envelops listeners in an energetic blend of snappy sound design and thundering drums. “Shady Intentions” is sure to be the epic collaboration fans have been waiting for all year long.

    Listen below!


    Excision Presents ‘The Thunderdome 2020 Live Experience’ In Stunning 4K [WATCH]

    In anticipation of Excision‘s upcoming staple event — The Thunderdome 2022 — the bass music authority has unleashed his live set from The Thunderdome 2020.

    Running over an hour and 20 minutes, the performance is laced with plenty of Excision favorites, including collabs with Subtronics, Illenium, Slander, and more. Plus, music from Peekaboo & Calcium, YOOKiE, Spag Heddy, Hydraulix & SWRVO to name a few.

    Excision’s production is top notch, offering a full on audio/visual experience and showing future audiences what to expect from The Thunderdome. As mentioned in the video’s description, “It’s as close as you can get to being in the crowd!”

    Excision Presents: The Thunderdome 2022 soon returns — set to take place at Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA over February 4th and 5th.

    Watch below and explore the lineup / secure tickets here!

    Excision Presents: The Thunderdome 2020 Live Experience


    Photo via


    elrow Announces Final Line up for Winter Edition in New York

    Following their successful North American return in July 2021 with their sold-out 10-hour extravaganza, among the first large scale events back in NYC, today international party purveyor elrow announces it will be closing out the year with its most in-demand sci-fi pop culture-themed winter festival RowsAttacks! elrow’s final blow-out of the year will bring Ibiza to New York with an interplanetary post-apocalyptic invasion taking over two stages at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NY on December 11 for a mothership’s worth of partying. elrow also announces an exciting, otherworldly lineup including Grammy Award-winner CID, Jackathon party curator Heidi, and Barcelona’s Rendher. This is one of elrow’s strongest lineups in years so it’s sure to be a special night for music-loving creatures from all corners of the galaxy.


    In addition to Kings Hall and the Great Hall, elrow introduces a new theme, elrow City, making this the first time elrow features two themes in one event. Bringing the intergalactic vibes to Avant Gardner’s two stages are: Andrea Oliva b2b Cloonee, Archie Hamilton, Bastian Bux, Chelina Manuhutu, Ilario Alicante, LP Giobbi, and Jeff Arita b2b Luna Mar. elrow city’s debut hosted by Repopulate Mars will feature CID, J. Worra, Martin Ikin, and Westend. Lee Foss and Detlef will do double duty playing their own individual sets and a special b2b closing set. Also going b2b are these elrow exclusives with Charles Meyer b2b Inphinity, Bastian Bux b2b Rendher, and Adam Braimin b2b Shalev.

    “We’re excited to have our first indoor festival in New York since pre-pandemic days! We’ll be making up our RowsAttacks tour as this has been the most requested theme by our American fans. Last but not least, this is my most favorite lineup ever in elrow North America.” – Michael Julian, Head of elrow North America

    Adding to the outer space spectacle, elrow’s otherworldly performers and cosmic acrobats will immerse audiences in an interplanetary experience while dressed as extraterrestrials, astronauts, monsters, Yoda, and other sci-fi beings. With UFO sightings and space alien visitors in the news, and William Shatner blasting off into space, elrow’s futuristic outer space theme is on point. Expect larger-than-life props of UFOs, rockets, and more as the design team goes all out for this multisensory, interplanetary battle between Planet elrow and the evil Planet Sensible. The trendiest DJs in the house and techno universe will be spinning out-of-this-world beats to keep the international elrow crowd moving. Earth may be an apocalyptic wasteland but Planet elrow is teeming with friendly aliens of all types seeking out the best party in the galaxy.


    No Mana Recreates B2B With i_o From EDC 2019 In Honor Of One-Year Anniversary Of His Passing

    A year ago yesterday, Garrett Lockhart, known to fans as i_o, tragically passed away. It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year; then again, the past 12 months have seemed like a fever dream to a lot of people. However, to those close to G, it’s been a year bereft of their best friend.

    In honor of the one-year anniversary of his passing, No Mana set out on a journey to recreate the two’s iconic B2B at the parliamentARTCAR from EDC Las Vegas 2019. The set ended up more packed than either of them would have expected (story on that from No Mana below) and it’s a tribute that only No Mana could make.

    summer of 2019. it’s 12:55am and i’m at edc las vegas about to drink on the job with g at the parliament art car. it happens to be so windy that the kinetic field had to close. we were that crowd’s next option as we were literally right next to it. this is the most people i’ve ever imagined at an art car. without having said a word, i signal him for a cigarette. i’m not a smoker but i sarcastically do this every show with him so he knows the drill. enter second stage of our routine: rock paper scissors. i lose to him for the hundredth time in a row. now that our totally non-plur, bad-vibes intro has finished we start actually doing the thing. i work the faders while he stands on the dj tables. he works the faders while i spill 3 beers within 10 minutes (sorry sian). the whole hour was such a vibe that besides almost losing my socks and sandals from dancing the only words said between us during the set was “holy shit” and “hey play your track move so i can drop my dumb daft punk bootleg right after”; the rest was horseplay and kandii trading. no words can describe how fun this set was for us, the best i can do is say what happened. rest in peace you idiot. no tears only techno now.

    The recreation may not be entirely accurate, but at this point, that’s not important. What’s important is the thought and intent behind this moving tribute that you can now, to the best of everyone’s ability, live over and over again. Listen below.


    RONCO Releases Energetic Club Anthem, ‘The One’

    “The One,” isn’t just an upbeat original house track from USA based artist RONCO, it’s the next chapter of an artists realization of his talents and thus took things to the next level. His November 2021 single contains all the hallmarks of a sound primed to pop off in the club. The peak of the moment is the rhythmic basslines in the drop, this layered with crisp house percussion and a silky smooth pop vocal captures a perfect balance which sets a good mood. RONCO, real name Kendrick Acken, has been a life long music lover – after getting exposed to electronic music heavy in high school and then being moved by a Skrillex show in 2011, he knew what he was meant to do.

    RONCO began to immerse himself in the culture more than ever, soon learning to DJ and then starting the alias RONCO in 2018. He took notice to truly achieve his dream, he would need to improve his production game and begin releasing original music while continuing to do to events. In 2020, quarantine allowed him ample time to up his production development and unite his skillset of live performance and studio prowess. Today, he’s brought those 2 folds as one and is already gaining recognition, getting signed to labels like Bring The Kingdom, now Uttermost, and others.


    Martron Drops Fresh Bass Twist On Niiko X SWAE’s Eeny Meeny

    Martron’s twist on Niiko X SWAE’s “Eeny Meeny,” takes an already tasty trap song and makes it exquisite. The artist clearly sensed a side of the sound that had not been brought out yet and made the magic happen. Martron’s version adds a bit more melody and eased groove to the pallet, while still holding on to the trap and bass roots of it all which is at it’s core. The remix works across a variety of scenerios and activities – whether it be when you’re ready to go hard at the club, ankle-deep in mud at a festival, or hitting your daily peak at the gym – this remix would improve the situation across the board.

    Martron · Niiko x SWAE – Eeny Meeny (Martron Remix)

    Martron has had plenty of experience putting in the work with both remixes and originals, his streaming channels showcase both of just this. For example, his alias has amassed 724K streams on SoundCloud and over 407K streams on Spotify. On top of this, Martron has had music supported by Nervo and NGHTMRE, has been invited by Dash Radio and Lizzy Jane’s Mix Series “XO Radio” to do mixes on their show, and indicates no sign of slowing down as we begin to lean into the new year.


    Grammy Nominations 2022: Porter Gets Snubbed, Big Noms For Illenium, Marshmello

    You have two sides of a coin. On one side is the DJ Mag Top 100. On the other are the Grammy nominations. The coin, most times, seems to be flipped by an idiot. But like all games of chance, there are still a fair amount of people who are interested in the results.

    Both awards/lists are markers of success or popularity in some sense and there is definitely a degree of pride to be gleaned from inclusion on either one, the Grammys a bit more than the DJ Mag Top 100. Still, a lot of times, they both seem to be stuck in the past. Take for instance the 2022 Grammy Nominations which noticeably leave Nurture from Porter Robinson off the list. Tsk tsk.

    Best Dance/Electronic Music Album noms are given to Black Coffee, Illenium, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Sylvan Esso, and Ten City. Recording (aka singles) noms are given to Afrojack & David Guetta, Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo, James Blake, Bonobo (again) & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Caribou, Rüfüs Du Sol, and Tiësto.

    Many of those nominations are valid and deserved. Some definitely could have gone to other artists. But hey, that’s how it is.

    One interesting update to this year’s awards, as pointed out by Variety, “Having every producer, writer and featured guest suddenly included in the album and record of the year categories also makes for some interesting disparities. At one extreme, nearly 200 people are nominated for helping make [Justin] Bieber’s Justice album; at the other end of the scale, [Billie] Eilish’s Happier Than Ever album sports just five nominees for album of the year.”

    You can see the full list of nominations here and

    Best Dance/Electronic Recording

    1. HERO
    Afrojack & David Guetta

    2. LOOM
    Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo

    3. BEFORE
    James Blake

    Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

    5. YOU CAN DO IT

    6. ALIVE
    Rüfüs Du Sol


    Best Dance/Electronic Music Album

    Black Coffee


    Major Lazer


    5. FREE LOVE
    Sylvan Esso

    Ten City


    Photo via


    SIDEPIECE & ACRAZE Surprise Fans With Unannounced B2B Set After Audiotistic SD

    A couple years ago, there was Fisher. Last year and this year, it’s SIDEPIECE. This year and next, it’s ACRAZE. All of these artists are destined for bright and successful futures if they continue putting in the effort, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that SIDEPIECE and ACRAZE are two of the hottest house artists this year, especially with “Do It, To It” just surpassing 50,000,000 plays since it was released just three months ago.

    This past weekend in San Diego, both were scheduled to perform at Insomniac’s Audiotistic festival. And by some miracle, they both descended on Bang Bang for an unannounced afterparty and shook the rafters.

    There are some sets that, when they happen, you know that being there is a privilege and you were there at the right place and right time. This was one of those moments. Check out a couple videos from the night below and stay tuned for 2022 as both SIDEPIECE and ACRAZE are destined to have huge years!


    Your EDM Premiere: Something Something Is Really Becoming ‘Someone’ [Korsakov Music]

    Something Something, a new face from Germany by way of London, seemed to have sort of sprung onto the scene in 2019 when she won the DJ contest at that year’s Hospitality at the Beach festival in Croatia. Her skills on the decks were proven that day, but according to an interview with UKF back in 2020 just after her debut single “Another Reason” featuring Nicole Thalia on Friction imprint Elevate’s Quadrant vol. 4 compilation EP, her entree into D&B was already in the works by then. Now with singles and a remix under her belt with fellow underrated producing duo Klue on DeVice, Uncommon and Right Good Records, Something Something is making her Euro label debut with her new solo track, the aptly named “Someone,” due out on Korsakov Music this Friday.

    While she’s already proved herself to be quite diverse, from the melodic, Elevate beginnings of “Another Reason” to the grinding, tech-and-old school-inspired “All My Life” and “Keep Me From You” to the deep bass of “Know You,” Something Something deigned to beat the style spread on “Someone.” Combining melodic vocals and break synths, vintage UK hardcore rave pianos, that expertly-crafted deep bass synth and some seriously sexy syncopation at the phrase transitions, “Someone” is the full package.

    Korsakov Music · Something Something – Someone

    As fans listen to this premiere, we can also see the evolution of style for Something Something. The tracks are composed differently and thus, by “Someone,” despite all its moving parts and divers styles, it doesn’t feel as screwed together as “Another Reason,” and certainly it seems like this budding talent feels freer to put all the sounds she loves from D&B into her work. With “Someone,” the old adage of seeing the artistry rather than the effort certainly rings true here. From her nods to raves past to the very futuristic bass synths that are already her signature, Something Something has a little something for everyone.

    “Someone” drops Friday, November 26 on Korsakov Music. Click here to pre-order or per-save.


    MDLBEAST stacks house & techno lineup with Ricardo Villalobos, Black Coffee, Fisher & more

    MDLBEAST, has added even more dance music royalty, along with a host of local and regional stars, to the lineup of their world-class music festival, SOUNDSTORM 21, due to take place in Riyadh from 16-19 December this year, lifting the tally of performers so far confirmed to 150.

    With a phase one lineup that already includes a huge array of international names like The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, DJ Snake, and more, the house and techno lineup is particularly strong with the addition of these new names. Already included in the lineup are the likes of Dubfire, Paul Kalkbrenner, Malaa, Purple Disco Machine, Loco Dice, Eric Prydz, Hot Since 82, Jamie Jones, and more.

    Talal Albahiti, chief operating officer and head of talent booking and events at MDLBEAST, commented: “Adding to an already stellar lineup, we’re showing our commitment to the regional scene today. We’re ecstatic to be bringing over the biggest and best names of dance music while providing our regional audiences with regional talent to enjoy. For us that’s the future, a clear balance which showcases the best global talent alongside stars from here in the Middle East, with a unique audience loving every minute of it.”

    Tickets to SOUNDSTORM 2021 are now on sale and selling fast with 4-day weekend prices starting from just about $100 USD (SAR 399).


    Illenium Announces New Song With Sueco & Trippie Redd (With A Heavy Edit) Out Next Wednesday

    It wasn’t that long ago that Illenium released his Fallen Embers (Deluxe Edition) with five new songs, and he’s already back with one last treat before the end of the year. Just announced, “Story of My Life” with Sueco featuring Trippie Redd.

    Better yet, we’re going to be getting two versions of the song — first up, a heavy edit on Wednesday, December 1 and then the original on Friday, December 3.

    Check back next week to hear the new song!

    ILLENIUM & @suecothechild – “Story of My Life” ft. @trippieredd (Heavy Edit) 12.1.21

    ILLENIUM & @suecothechild – “Story of My Life” ft. @trippieredd 12.3.21

    Pre-save →

    — ILLENIUM (@ILLENIUM) November 22, 2021


    Photo via


    Disco Donnie Discusses $1 Million Ticket Donation Initiative, Expanding Into Seattle, & What His Company Hopes To Inspire [Interview]

    Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Parry/Shoot People

    If you ever get the honor of speaking to James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal in person, you will experience how undoubtedly passionate he is for creating epic and memorable live events. Clearly, his passion has translated throughout his success as he has pioneered in this space for the last 26 years.

    Since his company’s inception in 1994, Disco Donnie Presents has sold over 17 million tickets producing over 17,000 live events, arena shows, and outdoor festivals in over 100 markets around the world including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Panama.

    In 2020, Disco Donnie announced he re-acquired sole ownership of DDP. This historic acquisition concluded an epic eight-year journey through being the first company acquired by SFX, surviving SFX’s subsequent bankruptcy, becoming a part of LiveStyle, and finally buying his company back.

    Since the return of live shows, DDP has implemented novel COVID-19 protocols for their festivals including COVID-sniffing dogs and event specific smartphone health screening mobile applications. Creating safe and immensely fun environments has no doubt been a challenge, but DDP has gone above and beyond in accomplishing just that.

    Whether it is through initiatives encouraging people to register to vote, expanding into new markets like Seattle, and, most recently, pledging to honor first responders, veterans, and gold-star families with $1,000,000 ticket donation throughout 2022, Donnie’s passion for creating iconic events while also focusing on leaving a lasting legacy and positive impact in the world is obvious and incredibly inspiring.

    I had the great opportunity to speak with Donnie to get a behind-the-scenes look at his unstoppable drive in creating these meaningful experiences. Enjoy this exclusive interview with Disco Donnie!

    I want to re-wind real quick to the start of this pandemic and you make the announcement that not only are you are buying back your company, but you’re going fully independent. That’s a decision that takes a lot of courage. Can you walk us through what your process was like reaching this decision and then going through with it?

    Luckily the conversation was already in process, which is why it was able to happen so fast. I saw that agencies were firing agents almost over the weekend as soon as things started shutting down. I could see the writing on the wall for people that had worked for me for 15-20 years. I had tweeted at one point that everyone would get a refund to a specific event and was reprimanded for that. I had no choice: either I would take back control of the company and be able to make those decisions, or I would let someone else make them for me.

    Me buying back my company was a real head scratcher for everyone, but it was something I had to do.

    It was really fascinating to see your passion behind your voting initiative last year. Can you tell us a little more about your R.A.V.E. (Register And Vote Everywhere) initiative? 

    We’ve been engaged in the last two elections cycles (2016 & 2020) in trying to get people to register to vote. We know we have a platform and a voice. I’m under the mindset of not trying to influence anyone how to vote because I have a 20 year old and if I tell him what to do, he’s going to do the exact opposite!

    I’m trying to push people to get involved, to register, and to be engaged in that way. I try to keep it really non-political. I think voting is important and we’re going to be continuing this initiative for every election cycle as long as I’m around.

    What prompted Disco Donnie’s expansion into Seattle? How has response been thus far?

    I had actually done shows with USC Events in the early 2000’s. At the time, I was doing nation-wide tours, bringing artists like Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto. I also helped produce the original Beyond Wonderland at WAMU, the one that nobody talks about (laughs). We were doing Freak Night, Lucky and all the USC events that were going on. Eventually our partner at USC wanted to change the terms of our partnership, so I ended up pulling out of Seattle.

    The Higher Ground show coming back was great. The venue was great, the artists loved it. It’s unfortunate because I never wanted to leave Seattle so when I had the opportunity to go back, I made sure we could do something big on the way back in!

    News just came out last week about your amazing initiative to donate $1 million towards first responders, veterans, and gold-star families. Can you share more about this?

    We have a large community of veterans and first responders that attend our events. Usually, promoters will unload tickets to them to fill seats for shows that aren’t doing well, which is still admirable and a great cause. I was like, well, why don’t we give them tickets to shows that are selling well, too? That’s where the idea came from. I wanted to honor everything they have endured and done for us over the past couple of years.

    My little cousin (PFC Jason Hill Estopinal) actually died in Afghanistan in 2010 and I had been wanting to do something big like this for a while. After seeing everything happening over in Afghanistan this year, it brought it back to my attention that now was the time for this initiative to both honor him, and honor our first responders, veterans, and gold-star families.

    I think it’s important and I’m asking all other promoters to do something similar. These are people that keep us safe and we need to recognize that.

    How do you see your company progressing in 2022 as opposed to 2021? Are there things that you’ve learned/or new ideas to implement for next year?

    2021 was a strange year. There were a lot of great unknowns. We were working the whole time but we were only to really start working in April. There are still a lot of unknowns for 2022, but we want to keep growing and doing new stuff that’s interesting to us. We want to continue to build out new brands, new partnerships and see where that takes us. 

    You’ve stepped into another new space, offering your first all-inclusive destination music festival, Ember Shores, with Illenium this December and then Paradise Blue with Excision next April. Is this something you plan to do more of in 2022?

    Yeah, its definitely interesting to me and I’m learning as much as I can. I had one set up with Pretty Lights about 4-5 years ago but it was canceled due to a hurricane. I don’t see myself doing a lot of them, it is definitely a lot of work. But, who wouldn’t want to do a show on the beach in Mexico?

    When I grew up, I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I knew I wanted to be on the beach! (laughs) I got my dream right there. If I can figure out the formula and do 4-5 of these a year, that would be great.

    You’re undoubtedly a legend, a leader and pioneer in the live events industry. What do you hope your company inspires among fellow promoters and even artists in the space during these times?

    Well I think legend is a little much…legend means old! (laughs) I’ve worked with a lot of different people and talked with a lot of promoters, artists, managers, agents throughout the years. I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude, encouraging them that if they keep fighting, work really hard, get a little lucky, and not give up, they can succeed too. Hopefully, I’m showing people that someone like me can be successful in this industry.

    When I started I didn’t know anything and people weren’t teaching me, so I had to learn it all myself. It’s a long lesson and I’m still learning everyday. I just hope people take away from this is that it’s a good story, there’s been so many ups and downs, but here we are today, still doing shows, and making people happy. I’m happy doing what I’m doing and I’m going to keep doing it until people tell me to stop.

    Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Parry/Shoot People

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    Armin van Buuren hits Chicago Bulls’ NBA home game with surprise guest performance

    Yesterday, fans of the Chicago Bulls pinched themselves a few times when Armin van Buuren suddenly graced their team’s NBA game with a huge guest performance. It shook the stadium in both unmistakable magnitude and surprise impact, but the fact that Armin van Buuren dropped by seemingly unannounced does become less unexpected when you factor in one of his latest tracks, “Sirius.” Attentive listeners of Armin van Buuren’s recent collab with Canadian artist AVIRA may have noticed that the track is a rework of the The Alan Parsons Project’s iconic track of the same name, which was the anthem of the Chicago Bulls in the ‘90s. And that led to the five-time #1 DJ playing the single live during the Chicago Bulls’ home game against the New York Knicks at the United Center.

    “Sirius,” the guitar parts of which were rerecorded by Armin van Buuren’s brother Eller, naturally took center stage in the Dutchman’s performance, but it wasn’t the only track that supercharged the venue’s ambiance. The Grammy-nominated DJ and producer also played his globally renowned hit ‘Blah Blah Blah’ and his recent collab with The Stickmen Project called ‘No Fun’, which got released on Amsterdam-, New York and London-based record label Armada Music past Friday.

    “Last night felt like a childhood dream come true, as I’ve been a longtime fan and also followed the recent Netflix series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls”, Armin van Buuren says. “It was a great honor to do a special halftime show and I’m still buzzing from the performance.”

    Our halftimes are next level 🔥🎵

    — Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) November 22, 2021


    Grabbitz Tapped By RIOT To Soundtrack Theme For VALORANT Champions 2021, “Die For You”

    Valorant, and by extension, RIOT Games, has a strong history of choosing incredible artists to soundtrack their various tournaments, activations, and more. For the VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament, Grabbitz croons about the sacrifices that teammates make for the sake of the win.

    “Die For You” is everything we love about Grabbitz, but paired with key visuals from Valorant characters and scenarios, the music hits just a little different.

    VALORANT Champions – December 1 – 12. For matches and schedules visit

    Watch the official music video below!