T-Pain and Blac Youngsta Make A Splash In “Goal Line” Video

T-Pain and Blac Youngsta hosts a massive pool party in their new video “Goal Line.”

T-Pain has been dropping new music ahead of the release of his highly anticipated new album OBLiViON, due in November. The singer drops his “Goal Line” video featuring Blac Youngsta a day after performing the single on TRL. The pair hit the poolside with drinks in hand with a bunch of banging females dancing in bikinis. The crew partied from in the all the way into the night.

“You don’t think we’ll catch a case ain’t a / All of my ni**as got GPS all of my ni**as show up at your place ain’t a / I move that weight like I’m weight gaining / I push that weight like I’m weight training,” T-Pain raps. Blac Youngsta has also been on the come-up after signing a deal with Yo Gotti’s label. Earlier this year he got into some legal troubles for his alleged involvement in a drive-by shooting that almost claimed the life of rival rapper Young Dolph in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dolph was sitting inside his SUV when a rain of bullets came down on the vehicle, but fortunately for him, the car was bulletproof.


Yo Gotti Wants By Police For Young Dolph Shooting

Yo Gotti is on police radar for Tuesday afternoon shooting of rival rapper Young Dolph.

Dolph was shot multiple times outside of the Shoe Palace at the famous Hollywood and Highland intersection. He is currently in hospital in critical condition. TMZ reported that cops have named Yo Gotti as a person of interest in the shooting. There is at least one person currently in custody who cops said is linked to the crime.

Sources say both Young Dolph and Gotti were staying at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday when their respective crews got into an argument outside. Shots were fired and everyone fled the scene. An eyewitness told police officers that the “Rake It Up” rapper was involved in the shooting incident.

In February of this year, Dolph was shot at in Charlotte while sitting in his SUV that turned out to be bulletproof. Blac Youngsta later turned himself in after police named him as a person of interest for that shooting where over a hundred rounds were fired at the vehicle. Youngsta is signed to Yo Gotti’s label and the two are friends.


Young Dolph Shot In Hollywood Hospitalized In Critical Condition

Rapper Young Dolph is currently fighting for his life after being shot multiple times in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.

This is the second attempt at his life this year following a drive-by shooting in February. TMZ reported that Dolph was attacked and shot outside of the Shoe Palace at the famous Hollywood and Highland intersection. Police officers were close by the scene and quickly responded. At least one arrest has been made so far as cops continued their investigation to see if there are other suspects on the loose.

It’s unclear just how many shots the rapper received, but sources say he was shot multiple times which means that someone really wants him dead. Back in February, Young Dolph SUV was shot at in Charlotte, North Carolina with cops reporting that over a hundred rounds were fired. Fortunately for him, the SUV was bulletproof. A warrant was issued for rival rapper Blac Youngsta who was a suspect in that shooting. He later turned himself in to police.

Sources say that the 32-year-old rapper is currently in critical condition in a local Los Angeles hospital. Cops have yet to charged the suspect who is currently in custody. Story is still developing.


Curry Durant – Blac Youngsta lyrics

Lyrics Blac Youngsta – Curry durant

Curry durant a new rap song from Blac Youngsta feat. Yung Money.
Blac Youngsta lyrics
Video durant


Illuminati intro – Blac Youngsta lyrics

Lyrics Blac Youngsta – Illuminati intro

How you doing ladies and gentlemen. I go by the name of Blac Yougsta.
I rep them three letters C-M-G
And I name this project Illuminati because I felt like I sacrificed a
lot of s**t to get here. I had to sacrifice a lot of friendships
A lot of family members
The lifestyle, the streets, the b*tches, the drug dealing, the shootouts,
gangbanging and s**t you know I had to stop that s**t you know.
And you know this is the toughest thing to sacrifice.
Motherf*ckers you been with all your life you know.
And if you ever had to sacrifice something (Welcome to Illuminati intro) Thank God.

Tried to take my stripes, Almost lost my life
Watch my lil brothers struggle, fighting for his life
These niggas killed my brother he was dead wrong
Got the phone call I was heading home
Tried to rob him thought he had some money on him but my brother only had a cell phone
Runna B know I miss you brother know I never ever wanna forget you brother
Know I’m with you brother bought some shoes for you fore you died and I know they fit you brother
Lord knows I hate that bullet hit you brother
Lord know I hate that nigga killed you brother
And you see the pain I be going through
I be shedding tears in that foreign coupe
They just see me acting out in public
But they never know what I’m going through
They don’t really know how I’m stressed out
They don’t wanna know what I wanna go and do
I just wanna hang out the sunroof
I just wanna let go a gun or two
I already killed your killer baby brother
I just wanna kill your killers son too
I swear to god, Swear to god I ain’t gone let no lil nigga play me
Swear to god ima buy mama that new Mercedes
Swear to god I ain’t gone pay attention to no haters
I swear to god, I cross my heart
My fingers ain’t crossed (no no no) No
That’s on my life, that’s on my life baby
If you stay loyal, ill make you wife baby.

Seen a lot of things, Codeine fiends
Lost a lot of friends, I miss my dawgs
All these friends I done lost, all these cars, all these houses, all these jewels I done bought, but it still feel like I lost
Even though I live like a boss, I don’t really feel like a boss
Talk to my niggas every night man I wish they was here just to talk
I just wanna have a conversation with them
I just wanna tell em I done made it nigga
I just wanna tell em how these niggas hating
I just wanna tell em how they babies living
Oh, you gotta man up out here nigga
Run your bands up out here nigga
Is you on your knees, is you sucking dick is standing up out here nigga
If you ain’t gangsta better get the f*ck from out here nigga
Is your big Glock 27 30 round clip tucked out here nigga
I swear to god (Gang Gang)
f*ck with me ima let them killers come through nigga f*ck them b*tches ima let my lil niggas run through them b*tches
I done seen so many real niggas die
Seen so many real niggas cry
Seen a lot of fake real niggas switch sides
Oh, Lord can you forgive me, Oh lord i know you hear me
I know i did a lot of bad things i had to take care of my children
I know you understand lord what it take to be a man lord
I was gone get kicked out if i didn’t pay my landlord
Gone let me know girl
Is you gone stay down and hold me down girl
If i go to jail right now would you bail me out girl
If i go to hell right now would meet me out there
I swear to god, I talk to god every night
I miss my dawg, I pour my hear every night
I could’ve never made it off that flight
When i got shot i could’ve never fight, I could’ve died
I could’ve told my brother i love him before he died
I could’ve told my big cousin not to slide.(illuminati intro)

Without that
I don’t know what the f*ck i was thinking
You know what I’m saying i just wish i would’ve told craig like it ain’t even worth it f*ck that s**t homie
Rest in pea- Rest in peace Runna B I love you to death
I swear to goddd.(illuminati intro)
Blac Youngsta lyrics
Video intro