Brazil’s Pontifexx & Düncan release “Rhythm In Me” On Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS

Brazilian DJ’s/producers as well as long time friends, Pontifexx and Düncan, have teamed up for a brand new single “Rhythm In Me” on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS. This is the second record of Pontifexx at the label, and the first for Düncan, who joins the select group of few Brazilian producers to have a single released by Martin Garrix’s record label.

“Rhythm In Me” features the vocals of Cammie and 2Strange, providing an excellent harmony between the female and male vocals. With a slower BPM, mysterious elements on the break to culminate in an interesting build-up and with a striking rhythm, the record promises to please as many electronic music fans as other audiences. Here’s what Düncan had to say about it:

“This track was born in 2017, when I decided to call several producers to my newly built studio. On one of the days, Pontifexx came and brought a vocal to work with. After making several different versions, the first draft came up. To release on STMPD has always been a dream of mine. I have been to many Garrix shows and I have always said that he is one of my greatest inspirations.” – Düncan

Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or not, “Rhythm In Me” arrives to occupy the space of the new favorite song of the moment. Listen below!



DJ Mag’s #1 Club Teams Up With Brazil’s Largest EDM Radio Station For Live Stream Today

This global pandemic has forced business to get creative, especially those in the music industry. It’s also brought together companies in an amazing way to continue to service people with great music and happiness despite these hard times. Today, May 2nd, there’s an iconic event set to take place in Brazil.

For the first time, Radio Energia 97 FM together with Club Green Valley are performing a live stream on the station’s rooftop at iconic Avenida Paulista. Thinking about bringing quality entertainment to people’s homes in this period of social distancing caused by COVID-19, Rádio Energia 97 FM, the main Brazilian radio focused on electronic music and Green Valley, the #1 Club in the world 5 times elected by DJ MAG, unite. They will perform a live stream on today at 12 PM (PST).

“Entertainment can’t stop, that’s why we joined with these two giants – Green Valley and Energia 97FM – and made an AT HOME party with total safety and responsibility, bringing excitement to the public in this quarantine.” – Ricardo Morsch (MoreBass Intent).

The project is called Energia 97 FM Green Valley Sound Delivery and has a live presentation of 9 DJs divided into 8 hours in the late afternoon in São Paulo. Some of the DJ’s include Fractall, Bruno Martini, and Pontifexx, proving to be 9 hours of incredible music.

During the exchanges of the artists, Adriano Pagani and Dimy Soler will mediate, answering questions online and bringing the latest news from the electronic scene while a complete team will sanitize the equipment for the total safety of the artists and people involved in the project.

All in all, we’re excited about this collaboration between Energia 97 FM & Green Valley because it’s going to bring a lot of people together and bring some happiness in a time when we all so desperately need it.

Energia 97 FM Green Valley Sound Delivery will air on Saturday, May 2nd from 12 PM (PST) to 8 PM (PST) on Instagram and YouTube of Rádio Energia 97 FM and Club Green Valley, as well as live on Rádio Energia 97 FM.

Youtube Energia 97

Instagram Energia 97

Youtube Green Valley

Instagram Green Valley


[Premiere] Chemical Surf Deliver Groovy House with New Single and EP “Terremoto”

Brazil has been pumping out a lot of dance music talent lately. From guys like Alok and Vinatge Culture, Brazilians have definitely been making their mark on the EDM scene. Brazilian producer/DJ duo Chemical Surf are the latest to take those hip, clubby sounds to the masses. Consisting of brothers Lucas and Hugo Sanches, they’ve already caught the eye of none other than Martin Garrix. Now, Chemical Surf are back with their latest release on the Dutch superstar’s STMPD label, “Terremoto.”

“Terremoto” is a groovy tech-house heater, definitely made for the after hours. In the current world we’re living in, this is the perfect soundtrack for your 4 AM silent disco. The track opens simply enough, with some hi-hats, you know you’re getting a house track. However, we’re then treated to a weirdly hypnotic synth note progression. Combined with a lush buildup you find yourself instantly caught in the groove of the track. The drop is pure rave vibes as the quirky synth starts dancing all over the place as the bass and drums play in the background.

Chemical Surf’s latest single “Terremoto” is out today on STMPD records! Get familiar with one of Brazil’s hottest new exports, Chemical Surf, and check out their four most recent tracks on the Terremoto EP.


Deaf Havana – Cassiopeia Lyrics

Cassiopeia Lyrics

I blacked out ’til the morning broke, I was swallowing glass
And inhaling smoke, I lost my mind in a haze of cobbled streets
And broken windows.
I managed to get away, for a minute or two, to catch my breath,
Just long enough to catch sight of a man with a broken nose
And a bandaged leg, sleeping silently in a photo booth on the
Road where I caught a cab, back through the heart of the
Tourist district and into our rundown, rented pad.

I met a strange girl from Brazil, she made me laugh for an hour
Or two and it took me back to the festival where I was sure
That I was gonna go (die). But then I bought a beer from a nice
Bar lady with the kindest eyes that I’d ever seen, she said
“take a water too honey, it’s warm outside, we don’t want you
Dying now, do we… ?”

Oh, Berlin, my love, I’ve got you underneath my skin.
In the early hours of the morning, I can’t help but let you

I was there talking to you about some of the shit they’d put
You through, and I knew that this could be my chance to get
You closer. So I met you round the back, away from others, I
Was trying to fight off my brother but I knew, I knew, that you
Didn’t have eyes for me…

I’ve got a fire and it burns in me, it takes me back to the very
Day I was with you there. I’ve got a fire and it burns in me, I
Knew back then, it was clear to see that I was running scared.


Declan McKenna – Brazil

I heard you sold the Amazon
To show the country that you’re from
Is where the world should want to be
For find something all people need
I’m faithless now though we win
Every time and I don’t know how
‘Cause I haven’t bought you
And I haven’t sold me
But the people are dying to get on TV
I heard he lives down a river somewhere
With six cars and a grizzly bear
He’s got eyes, but he can’t see
Well, he talks like an angel but he looks like me
Oh Lord, what have I become
I’m the face of God I’m my fathers’ son
I’m not, what you think you see
I know you can’t eat leather, but you can’t stop me
Why would you lie, why would you lie about how you feel
I’ve got a mission and my mission is real
Because you’ve had your chances, yeh you’ve had enough
I’m gonna burn your house down to spread peace and love
And it gets me down
Oh Lord how it gets me down
I heard he lives down a river somewhere
With six cars and a grizzly bear
He’s got eyes, but he can’t see
Well, he talks like an angel but he looks like me
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Everybody plays a beautiful game out in Brazil
‘Cause it’s all you ever wanted and it’s all that you want still
Don’t you wanna play the beautiful game out in Brazil
I wanna play the beautiful game while I’m in Brazil
‘Cause everybody plays the beautiful game out in Brazil
And it’s all you’ve ever wanted, and it’s all that you want still
Don’t you wanna play the beautiful game out in Brazil
Oh yeah
I heard he lives down a river somewhere
With six cars and a grizzly bear
He’s got eyes, but he can’t see
Well, he talks like an angel but he looks like me
I heard he lives down a river somewhere
With six cars and a grizzly bear
He’s got eyes, but he can’t see
Well, he talks like an angel but he looks like me


Michael Franks – Down In Brazil lyrics

Down in Brazil
It takes a day to walk a mile
Time just stand still
And when the people you meet look at you they smile
They still believe in style
They serve you with their sambas ’til
You really know you’re down in ol’ Brazil
You can tell you’re down in ol’ Brazil

Down in Brazil
They’ve never heard of win or lose
If you can’t feel
Then all those cafe ole girls in high heel shoes
Will really cure your blues
It seems they all just aim to please
Those women sway like wind in my banana trees
Then you know you’re down in ol’ Brazil

Down in Brazil
They know a million ways to play
You start to feel
And when you’re happy
It’s the same as when you pray
You’d think you get away
Then you know you never will
Now when you’ve been down in ol’ Brazil
Now when you are down in ol’ Brazil

Down in ol’ Brazil
Down in ol’ Brazil
Down in ol’ Brazil
Down in ol’ Brazil