Denver Just Announced A New Drive-In Rave Series With Peekaboo, EPROM, & More

In the wake of live shows being cancelled, promoters and artists have been desperately trying to find ways to fill the gap for live entertainment. Live streams are nice, yes, but they’re obviously missing a part of the experience. Drive-in raves have somewhat taken the place of real shows for now, and though they carry their own set of hurdles, are the best we’ve got right now.

A new drive-in rave series in Denver was just announced this week for every Thursday (minus the first) in July called Dirty Drive-In. It features a lineup of Peekaboo, Dirt Monkey, EPROM, and Goldfish, respectively, at the Mile High Swap Meet in nearby Henderson. Joining them will be support from Decadon, DMVU, Break Science, Zeke Beats, Chee, SoDown, and more.

For the show, attendees will be required to receive mandatory temperature checks and anyone with a temp of 100.4 or higher will be denied entry. Masks are also mandatory (even in the cars), “and social distancing will be strictly enforced with 10-12 feet spaced between each vehicle, and revelers will be monitored to ensure safety when exiting their vehicles to dance,” writes

Tickets to Dirty Drive-In go on sale today and you can get yours here.


Photo CREDIT: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/DPA


Dirt Monkey Plays To A Packed Crowd In Orlando At One Of The First Shows Post-Lockdown

While most of the nation begins slowly opening up clubs at reduced capacity, many individual states are going opening up at their own pace, and some are even throwing full-on shows already. GILT Nightclub in Orlando, FL just had a show last night with Dirt Monkey headlining.

GILT had strict safety procedures in place for both employees and guests, with mandatory temperature checks in place, masks mandatory for staff and “strongly encouraged” for guests. Sanitizing stations were placed all around the club, including the front door. Staff were required to wash hands at least 6 times per hour, as well. The club itself was also only at half capacity, holding less than 700 of the normally 1,500 capacity room.

When we asked Dirt Monkey if he was still worried about COVID-19 when he was approached about the show, he said, “I had some concerns for sure, especially with it being the first show back, but my family and I eat really healthy and work hard to keep our immune systems on point, also I made sure not to have any direct contact with anyone in the crowd. Dosed up hard on vitamin D and zinc the day before and during, as well.”

From the video below, it did not seem that many guests were wearing masks, at least not at the time the video was taken. It’s possible they could have been otherwise.

well dirt monkey officially played in orlando

— nick (@nickwubs) June 9, 2020

“It felt unreal,” Dirt Monkey said. “We all needed this. Not only was there a vibe of just pure happiness, all the staff was beyond stoked to have their jobs back again. That’s who got hit the hardest during the pandemic – clubs and their employees. I’m just happy that they (and us artists) can have the light at the end of the tunnel now with all this.”

Florida showed a large spike in new cases on June 4, 10 days after large Memorial Day celebrations. However, new cases have continued to decline since then.

While the risk for COVID-19 is far from over, proper precautions can help maintain a degree of safety while still allowing people to get back to enjoying the things we’ve been missing.