Chris Brown Begging Rihanna Friends To Help Him Get Her Back

Chris Brown is far from being over Rihanna and is reportedly actively trying to get her back.

The rumors are getting louder that the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer is kicking himself for letting Rihanna go. Sources inside the Bajan pop star’s circle of friends told Dancehall HipHop this weekend that Brown has been reaching out especially after seeing her Crop Over Carnival photos. “He has been reaching out and I guess the whole reason is to see if he can get her back,” sources told us.

We’re told that the two haven’t spoken to each other in over two years and Rihanna has since moved on and is now dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. “They haven’t spoken to each other in maybe two years or more and at this point, she has moved on, I doubt she wants to go back there so he should move on,” sources added. “He called her his soulmate but she doesn’t see it like that. Yes, they have gotten back together in the past but this time it’s different, she is older and more mature and doesn’t want that drama. He still seems like he has some growing up to do so I just don’t know.”

Seems the odds of Chris getting that old thing back is next to zero but you never know, love is a powerful thing. Drake might also be feeling the same way as Breezy but maybe he is just not so vocal about it. Chris Brown seems like he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran to the point where she had to get a restraining order against him. Karrueche claimed that he threatened to kill her on sight and even threatened her best friend. Breezy recently released his new documentary “Welcome To My Life” where he opened up about his famous 2009 assault on Rihanna. The “Loyal” crooner says the two would get into regular fights and that on the night of the beating he punched her with a closed fist and taste blood. “I felt like a monster,” he said.

While Rihanna has said in the past that she forgives Chris Brown for the beating, fans are a lot harder to reach that stage. Seems Breezy still has some work to do to get over that incident, for proof just look on Twitter.


Rihanna Can’t Watch Chris Brown Confession In New Documentary

Rihanna says she will not watch Chris Brown new documentary “Welcome To My Life” where he opened up about brutally beating her.

The “Grass Ain’t Greener” crooner premiered his new documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life last week. The cut made headlines for a segment where he opened up in-depth about the night in 2009 when he assaulted Rihanna, an incident that would change his life forever. In the clip, he spoke about punching his pop superstar girlfriend at the time with his closed fist and tasting blood inside his Lamborghini.

Sources inside the Bajan pop star’s circle told us that she has not watched the documentary and has no plans to. “No she (Rihanna) hasn’t watched it, in fact, none of us did and there is no plans to,” sources told “There are only two persons that know the true story about what happened then and it’s pretty clear who those two people are. I think RiRi has put all of that behind her and I think the other party should do the same and stop bringing back these old wounds. They were both young when this unfortunate incident happened and now they are older and more mature and have moved on from that. The rest of the world should do the same.”

Chris Brown also detailed his relationship with Rihanna in the months leading up to the assault on the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards. The singer says that he and RiRi always have big fights to the point that their relationship became toxic. He also confessed to lying to her about another female he had sex with and that made her not trust him anymore. Rihanna is currently dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. Just last weekend the pair were spotted on a dinner date out in London.

Our source told us that Rihanna has not spoken to Chris Brown in years, but she isn’t holding any grudges against him. “She wishes him well and will forever care about him,” sources added. “But she has moved on and don’t feel the need to keep in contact with him.”

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Rihanna steps In London With Boyfriend Hassan Amidst Chris Brown Documentary Drama

Rihanna steps out for a dinner date in London with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel on Wednesday night.

Rihanna broke the internet last week when she posted photos from her visit to Barbados for the 2017 Crop Over Carnival. After leaving her homeland in the Caribbean, she then went to her home in New York City and then jetted to London where she met up with her Saudi billionaire boo. Rihanna and Hassan Jameel dined at the famous Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in London.

The Bajan pop princess flaunts her curve in an ankle length black dress, heels, and a Ralph Lauren hoodie that helped cover her up from the rain. Paparazzi snapped pictures of the two leaving the restaurant and leaving in an awaiting SUV. The two of them left together. Rihanna and Hassan were first spotted together in June this year locking lips in a pool at a private villa in Ibiza, Spain. They were also spotted together earlier this year in New York City, but no one knew that they were dating at the time. Hassan reportedly is worth $1.5 billion dollars and is the heir to his family Toyota dealership in the middle east.

Chris Brown released his new documentary earlier this week where he detailed what really happens on the night he assaulted Rihanna. The “Loyal” singer opened up about punching the pop star with a closed fist. Brown also expressed a lot of regrets about his relationship with Rihanna and you can tell that he is remorseful for his actions and for letting her go. Rihanna seems to have fully moved on with her life and is not looking back. In an interview last year, she said that Chris Brown will always be someone she cares about, but she is now over that relationship and clearly isn’t looking back in that direction.

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Is Chris Brown Singing About Rihanna & Karrueche On Dave East Song

Chris Brown always deliver on any song he is featured on but is he singing about Rihanna or Karrueche Tran on Dave East new song “Perfect.”

On Breezy’s verse, he sings about a good girl that he let get away and his fans are divided on who that girl is. Some are saying it’s Rihanna while others are saying it’s Karrueche Tran. Bottom line, Chris Brown sounds like he has many regrets about his past love life.

“Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why) / Why you won’t listen no more? (listen) / Damn I let a good girl go,” Chris Brown croons. The “Loyal” singer also delivered a smooth hook for the track that will be featured on Dave East upcoming album Paranoia. It’s no secret that Chris Brown tried desperately to get back with Karrueche Tran after she dumped him after founding out via the internet that he has a love child name Royalty. Since then Breezy suffered a lot of public humiliation trying to get her back. She even recently got a five-year restraining order against him, a move that he called a publicity stunt on her part to bring attention to her new show Claws.

As for his relationship with Rihanna, it’s completely over and she has moved on with her life. Sources close to her have repeatedly told Dancehall HipHop that she doesn’t even talk to him anymore and maintain a friendship with him despite rumors that they are still friends. In the lyrics, you can hear Chris Brown singing about not being friends with the girl that he lost. So more evidence is pointing towards him having regrets about losing RiRi. The Bajan pop star is currently dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, although she has never confirmed a relationship.

Chris Brown is currently working on a double-disc album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, due later this year. Peep some more of the lyrics from his new single “Perfect” with Dave East below.

Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why)
Why you won’t listen no more? (listen)
Damn I let a good girl go
Away, away, away, I’ve been (away)
All around the world
And I’ve been lookin’ for you searchin’ (I’ve been lookin’)
You deserve it ’cause you perfect