“Perfect” Chris Brown Drop Video For Song About Rihanna & Karrueche

Chris Brown serves up a sensual video “Perfect” with Dave East, a song where he sings about Rihanna and Karrueche Tran.

Breezy clearly had his ex-girlfriend on his mind when he recorded his verse for the hip-hop/R&B joint. The track can be found on Dave East new project “Paranoia: A True Story.” In the Arrad Rahgoshay-directed cut, a shirtless Chris Brown sings about still having feelings for his ex-girlfriend and wishing that they could still be friends.

“Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why) / Why you won’t listen no more? (listen) / Damn I let a good girl go / Away, away, away, I’ve been (away) / All around the world / And I’ve been lookin’ for you searchin’ (I’ve been lookin’) / You deserve it ’cause you perfect,” the R&B crooner sings. Dave East comes through with a killer verse while serenading his lady. “You deserve it ’cause you perfect (perfect) / You make every moment worth it (every moment) / I’m flyin’ down Collins, I’m shirtless (skrrt) / Just thinkin’ how you might’ve curved it (might have curved it),” he raps while sitting in a chair with a female dancer giving him a special dance session.

Chris Brown has never been shy about his regrets of loosing both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran. Since his split with Tran in 2015, he has been trying hard to win her back, much to the extent it becomes stalker-ish and leads her to get a restraining order against him. Rihanna has completely moved on and openly said in interviews that she has no interest in getting back together with him and doesn’t even communicate with him anymore. Dave East is already working on his next EP “Paranoia 2” due later this year.

If you’ve seen Rihanna lately then you would understand why Chris Brown desperately wants her back, she is smoking and filthy rich.


Karrueche Tran Opens Up About Chris Brown Falling In Love & Restraining Order

Karrueche Tran is opening up about her past relationship with Chris Brown and how they met and fall in love.

The actress has some new shows coming out so she has been doing the press run to get the media interested. But you can’t have a Karrueche interview without she be asked questions about her estranged ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Speaking with Wendy Williams on Thursday, Karrueche says that she met Breezy through a celebrity stylist that he hired.

“I was a personal assistant to a stylist,” she told Wendy. “That was the direction I was going in my career. I was on this job. We met. You know, he did his whole charming thing. The base of our relationship started as us just being friends. It was work related. I didn’t have sex with him, anything like that. Then, you know, I got into my emotions and I fell in love with him.”

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown then went on to have an on-again-off-again relationship with Rihanna getting in the mix resulting in a love triangle. Fast forward to this year and she had to take out a restraining order against him. She said she did it for her own safety because Brown had threatened her and even abused her in the past. “It came to a point where I felt like I needed to protect my safety,” she added. She said despite the bitterness between them now and the fact that they live in the same city, she has not crossed path with Breezy in the past several months.

Karrueche also stopped by Ebro show on Hot 97 radio where she opened up about the restraining order against Chris Brown and her new show on TNT name Claws. She said that she didn’t want the show at first because in the first ever episode she did the dirty. Now she says that she is focused on her work and also confirmed that she is single.


Rapper Ralo Explains Karrueche Tran Body Shaming Comment

Rapper Ralo has stepped forward to explain his infamous Karrueche Tran body shaming comments.

The rising Atlanta rapper made headlines this week when he told Karrueche Tran that she looks better with cloth on after she posted a pic of herself in a bikini. Karrueche didn’t take the comment too well and offload on Ralo and other body shamers on Twitter. Ralo went on Instagram live last night and explain to the people coming at him what he really meant.

“So you gonna get mad at me because I told the little chick she looks better with clothes,” Ralo said. “Some people look better in clothes. I didn’t say she was ugly. I just said she look better with clothes on. Getting mad at me the f*** man. Everybody need to tell her to put on some clothes. I think she very attractive, don’t get me wrong. Don’t keep coming at me because I said whatever the f*** I wanted to say.”

Some folks on social media think that Karrueche Tran was trying to pull off what Rihanna did last week with her smoking hot Crop Over Carnival photos on IG. If that was her end game, it didn’t end so well for her because she received a mountain of criticism. Despite getting some backlash for the photos, she did get some support from her fans and her rumored boyfriend Quavo.

#ralo clarified his comment about #karrueche.

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Chris Brown Ex-GF Karrueche Blasts Ralo Over Body Shaming On Social Media

Chris Brown ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran has hit back at rapper Ralo for body shaming her on Instagram.

The actress has been getting trolled on IG since last night after she posted a photo of herself in a bikini. While she has been getting a lot of praise for her toned body, she is also getting some criticism including from Ralo who said, “U looks better wit clothes on.” Perhaps that was the point when Karrueche Tran decided to fire off on Twitter her feelings.

“Ya’ll shame natural bodies but praise fake ones,” Karrueche tweeted. “Point is, constant judgement makes it hard for people to love and accept themselves and that’s wrong.” The Claws actress took the selfie inside her home before posting it on her Instagram feed. While she is not the typical celebrity who usually posts revealing photos, she is prone to get attack from folks on social media particularly Chris Brown and Rihanna fans. Seems rapper Ralo wasn’t too impressed with what he saw and let his feelings be known and now he also is getting some blow back from some folks who support Karrueche’s stance.

“Ralo should go make some better music and leave Karrueche alone, maybe you like you don’t like women or something homie,” one fan wrote on IG. Karrueche Tran has been rumored to be dating Migos rapper Quavo but neither of them has ever been public about their rumored relationship. In June this year, Chris Brown got into a fight with Quavo and the other Migos members while leaving the BET Awards. The fight was over Quavo’s relationship with Karrueche.

Just last week, Karrueche weighed in on Chris Brown commenting on Rihanna’s Crop Over carnival photo on Instagram saying that she wishes she could get that thick. I doubt Breezy will comment on her photo since she has a five-year restraining order against him. She ended her Twitter rant saying, “Any ways I love meeeeeeee and idgaf what y’all gotta say. Have a good day y’all.” She has since deleted the photos from IG.

#ralo weighs in on #karrueche

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Ya'll shame natural bodies but praise fake ones ?????

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) August 14, 2017

Point is, constant judgement makes it hard for people to love and accept themselves and that's wrong.

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) August 14, 2017

If you don't like what you see then keep it pushing.

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) August 14, 2017

If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. Keep your negative vibes to yourself.

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) August 14, 2017

Any ways I love meeeeeeee and idgaf what y'all gotta say. ? Have a good day y'all ??

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) August 14, 2017


Is Chris Brown Singing About Rihanna & Karrueche On Dave East Song

Chris Brown always deliver on any song he is featured on but is he singing about Rihanna or Karrueche Tran on Dave East new song “Perfect.”

On Breezy’s verse, he sings about a good girl that he let get away and his fans are divided on who that girl is. Some are saying it’s Rihanna while others are saying it’s Karrueche Tran. Bottom line, Chris Brown sounds like he has many regrets about his past love life.

“Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why) / Why you won’t listen no more? (listen) / Damn I let a good girl go,” Chris Brown croons. The “Loyal” singer also delivered a smooth hook for the track that will be featured on Dave East upcoming album Paranoia. It’s no secret that Chris Brown tried desperately to get back with Karrueche Tran after she dumped him after founding out via the internet that he has a love child name Royalty. Since then Breezy suffered a lot of public humiliation trying to get her back. She even recently got a five-year restraining order against him, a move that he called a publicity stunt on her part to bring attention to her new show Claws.

As for his relationship with Rihanna, it’s completely over and she has moved on with her life. Sources close to her have repeatedly told Dancehall HipHop that she doesn’t even talk to him anymore and maintain a friendship with him despite rumors that they are still friends. In the lyrics, you can hear Chris Brown singing about not being friends with the girl that he lost. So more evidence is pointing towards him having regrets about losing RiRi. The Bajan pop star is currently dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, although she has never confirmed a relationship.

Chris Brown is currently working on a double-disc album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, due later this year. Peep some more of the lyrics from his new single “Perfect” with Dave East below.

Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why)
Why you won’t listen no more? (listen)
Damn I let a good girl go
Away, away, away, I’ve been (away)
All around the world
And I’ve been lookin’ for you searchin’ (I’ve been lookin’)
You deserve it ’cause you perfect