Mystikal Indicted On Rape Charge Bail Increased To $3 Million

Mystikal could be heading back to prison after getting indicted on rape and kidnapping charges.

The Louisiana rapper’s bail was also increased to $3 million up from $2 million. Last month, his attorney filed legal docs asking a judge to reduce his bail because he was too broke to foot the $2 million bill, but now it turns out that he will unlikely see the light of day with another million dollars tacked onto his bond. Just how serious his legal troubles are right now, very serious. In August, the No Limit rapper turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He is maintaining his innocence, but so far police say they have DNA evidence linking him to the crime.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, could be given a life sentence if he is convicted on the charges of first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping. KSLA News reported that the rapper was indicted on Wednesday on one count of first-degree rape and one count of second-degree kidnapping. These two charges are for very serious crimes. His alleged accomplice 26-year-old Averweone Darnell Holman was also indicted on the same charges that Mystikal was indicted on. Holman bail was also increased to $3 million. Tenichia Monieck Wafford, a 42-year-old woman from Harker Heights, TX, was indicted for obstruction of justice and her bail was set at $500,000.

According to a police report, Wafford attempted to get the victim to rescind her story about being raped by Mystikal and Holman. Wafford also claimed that the victim lied about the story to protect her boyfriend whom she lied to spend the night with another man. As for the case against Mystikal and Holman, investigators say their DNA was recovered from the crime scene In 2003, Mystikal copped a plea deal for sexual battery and was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in January 2010 and was forced to register as a sex offender in Louisiana and placed on five years of probation. Now he found himself in a much more serious sexual offense, rape, where he could be given a life sentence if found guilty.


Mystikal Too Broke To Make Bail Lawyer Request Reduction

Mystikal is too broke to make his bail which is set at a whopping $2 million.

The legendary No Limit rapper turned himself into the Shreveport Police Department after a warrant was issued for his arrest on a rape charge. He is currently locked up the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department on a $2 million bond. Mystikal attorney, Kenneth Beck, filed court documents last week pleading with the judge to reduce the bail amount arguing that he nor his family cannot find that amount, Bossip reported.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, is charged along with another man name Averweone Holman for allegedly raping a female in Shreveport, LA last year following a concert. DNA evidence link both men to the crime and if convicted they both could face the death penalty. His next court date is set for September 26 where he will learn if the judge will lower his bond. The 1990s rap legend also told the court that he is willing to wear an ankle monitor and says he isn’t a flight risk because he is a well known celebrity.

A woman name Tenichia Wafford was also charged with accessory to the crime after she allegedly called the victim and asked her to drop the charges against the two men. She is on a $200,000 bond.