Kodak Black Gets Trolled For Calling Self The Lil Wayne Of This Generation

Kodak Black is adamant that he is the Lil Wayne of this generation but Twitter thinks that he couldn’t be more wrong.

There was once a time when Kodak Black said he is greater than Lil Wayne and he got hammered for it. Seems he never learned his lesson or his obsession with Weezy is getting the better of him because now he is referring to himself as the Lil Wayne of this generation of hip hop. Rappers these days can’t help themselves when talking about some icons of the genre, everyone wants to be the Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas or JAY-Z of this generation.

One of his fans on Twitter wrote “Kodak Black is the Lil Wayne of this generation” and the Pompano Beach rapper enthusiastically added, “I Swear.” Those two harmless words triggered a Twitter firestorm and Weezy never had to utter a single word. “How can that even be compared Lil wayne has the nastiest word play I’ve ever heard he put ppl on,” one fan tweeted.

Kodak Black buried his beef with Lil Wayne and even announced recently that he has a new collaboration with the rap legend already recorded and mastered. During one of his frequent Instagram Live sessions last weekend, he revealed that he wants to get Future on the record. “By the way, I finna [trying to] get Future,” he said. “Future need to get on this song me and Lil Wayne on. Me and Tunechi on.”

Since leaving prison in November last year, Kodak Black has had a good run in hip hop this year with a handful of hits and a new album Project Baby 2, released in August. The Florida rapper also has his fair share of legal troubles that are not going away including a rape for which he was just indicted for.

I Swear

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) October 22, 2017

— Dirty Dan ????? (@Ftoe_JT) October 22, 2017

who tf lied to you?!?! no one could ever compare to Wayne. ?

— j (@jaee_layne) October 22, 2017

Gtfoh ?

— Sir Jewlz (@SirJewlz) October 22, 2017

— Wayne??? (@W_lawrence1) October 22, 2017

— Dirty Glove Bastard (@DGBastard) October 22, 2017


Watch Kodak Black New Video “Snot Thot”

Kodak Black is not letting his indictment distract him from his music.

A day after getting indicted for first degree sexual conduct, Kodak Black drop a new music video for his single “Snot Thot.” This video is particularly interesting since it portrays Young Kodak in a light that we are not used to. The cut features the Pompano Beach rapper falling in love with a beautiful female who other people told him that he should avoid at all cost.

At the start of the video, Kodak Black stands outside while arguing with a female before getting vex and head back inside his house where he say a female twerking while he looks on with approval. “They telling me she a thot / That ho over there / But I don’t even care if she got gonorrhea,” Kodak raps while sitting on the coach and looking on as the female continues to show off her dancing skills.

Kodak Black live out his fantasies about turning a ho into a princess, he has some serious legal troubles to attend to. On Monday, he was indicted with first degree sexual battery which carries up to 30 years in prison if convicted. He has not spoken publicly about the indictment, but he will have to stand trial for the crime which was allegedly committed back in 2016 at a hotel in Florence, South Carolina.


Kodak Black Explains Why He Abruptly Ended Wild N Out Performance

Kodak Black has stepped forward to explain why he abruptly ended his Wild N Out performance on Saturday night.

Multiple fans took to social media over the weekend to let their disappointment with the Pompano Beach rapper who walked off stage midway his performance. According to Kodak, the main reason for the mishap was because organizers leaked his performance and breach their contract with him. He also said that he was contracted to perform only one song and he instead performed three.

“They leaked my surprise performance 3 times “breached of contract” i Compromised,” he wrote on IG. “I Came I was pose to only do 1 song I “sorta” did 3 songs for them well for the “Individuals” .. wtf else those unappreciative mf’ers want?! Fux’em milk da promo out of it?? I Jumped In Da Whole Crowd #YeaDatPart Of Course I Got A Extra Bag #YungNiggaReally #WildnOut.”

Despite his clarification on Instagram, some fans are left wondering what does he really mean and what really happen. Maybe he is planning to sue for breach of contract or maybe he is just saying that was the reason why he walked off the stage and leave it at that. There was also some echoes of boo from the audience during his performance and that could also be part of the reason why he left the stage so abrupt.

Kodak Black is having a great year in hip hop with a number of hits. In August, he released his “Project Baby 2” mixtape. Offset and XXXTentacion are among the guest list on the project. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper is currently working on his new album due later this year or early next year. He is also currently serving probation. Watch the video below and read his full statement about the melee the took place on Wild N Out on Saturday night.

They leaked my surprise performance 3 times ? " breached of contract" i Compromised !!!!! I Came ! i was pose to only do 1 song i "sorta" did 3 songs for them well for the "Individuals" .. wtf else those unappreciative mf'ers want?! Fux'em milk da promo out of it????? I Jumped In Da Whole Crowd #YeaDatPart Of Course I Got A Extra Bag #YungNiggaReally #WildnOut

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