Porter Robinson taps Skrillex to replace Fred Again at Second Sky

With only eight days to go until Second Sky, Porter Robinson has finally revealed the special guest replacing Fred again.., and it’s none other than Skrillex himself.

When the festival first debuted with two days in 2019, G Jones ended up unable to make it either day and it seemed like DJ Potaro was filling in on Sunday until the costume came off and revealed Skrillex underneath.

It’s ironic that he is, once again, filling in for an artist who became unable to play the festival. Although, this time, there’s no special reveal to be made at the festival, fans can seethe with anticipation for the next full week.

ANNOUNCING the special guest at Second Sky; in to save the day, it’s SKRILLEX !! my freaking hero and a living legend

see you in 8 days Second Sky!!

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) October 21, 2022

Porter has yet to make any statement regarding Keudae, his live pianist, or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, one of the artists playing the festival, after fans made their concerns known on Twitter almost two weeks ago.

Jenny Hughes, who goes by Keudae on YouTube and aihaeyo on Instagram, made her own statement on October 12. Nothing yet from KPP.


III Points Bolsters State of the Art, Artist Curated Stages for their 10th Anniversary

III Points is only a handful of weeks away and the anticipation for this year’s edition cannot be any higher. With its headlining roster consisting of EDM legends like Flume, Porter Robinson and Madeon along with other music industry top-dogs like Rosalia, LCD Soundsystem and Joji, everyone in Miami, Florida will be there rain or shine.

Recently, the music and arts festival boasted on their various socials how they plan on having one of their most impactful events of the year. According to a recent Q&A session with III Points co-founder David Sinopoli and World Red Eye, there will be a stage where the artist lineup and visual direction will be curated in collaboration with house music legend Black Coffee. In the interview, Sinopoli talks about how the idea of this kind of stage and presentation has been in the works over the last year and will involve artist and activist Vince Fraser. Fraser’s artwork will be incorporated into the visual components of the stage and showcasing his psychedelic approach to Afrocentric art.

According to Sinopoli,

“[Audiences can] expect an immersive stage where the sound, visuals and curation all align, and they’ll be able to see it has been carefully and thoughtfully put together from A-Z.’

Meanwhile, Black Coffee and Sinopoli have worked together to have the lineup for this specific stage to give it variety and cohesion simultaneously. As of right now, attendees can expect to see Chloè Caillet, Moscoman, Jimi Jules, and Busta Rhymes. Closing the stage will be none other than Black Coffee himself and will debut on day 2 of the festival. There is also word from Sinopoli that this won’t be a one-time gimmick and the stage idea will be built on annually to improve and include more artists in it’s collaborative vision.

Also, III Points just released a list of all the visual artists who will have their works displayed at the festival grounds. This major collaboration will include localized talent from South Florida as well as collaborations with the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, Faena Miami and the Miami Art Society. Check out the full list of those artists here.

III Points takes place next weekend on Friday October 21st and Saturday October 22nd. Tickets are still available here.

If you also want to check out some of their recently announced and stacked after parties, check out the link here to see where to go after the festival. Some of the after parties are hosted by the likes of festival headliners like Chris Lake and Nina Kraviz as well as off-the-lineup artists such as Rufus Du Sol and Kittin & The Hacker.


Photo by: World Red Eye


Twitter calls out Porter Robinson’s live pianist at Second Sky for harmful beliefs

Yesterday, Porter Robinson announced that he would be performing his Nurture show at Second Sky later this month with a live band. Fans were ecstatic about the news until it was revealed a couple hours later that Keudae, a fan who’d done creative piano mashups of popular Porter songs, would be the pianist for the live band.

keudae is part of the band … we’re at rehearsals right now and it’s incredible how she can recall how to play every part of my songs better than even i can

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) October 7, 2022

Twitter was quick to call out Keudae’s harmful beliefs, in which she follows a variety of alt-right pundits and news sources, including NewsMax, Candace Owens, the Trump family, and is a supporter of Family Federation for World Peace and Unity (FFWPU). FFWPU has been criticized by some for being a dangerous cult.

In the replies, fans brought up another artist performing at the festival Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who has been accused of pedophilia in the past, allegedly becoming interested one of her 12-year-old dancers when she was 19-20, sharing inappropriate thoughts about him.

Porter, for the love of god, please address this.

— garrett 🔜 second sky! (@kmkzpl) October 8, 2022

the unification church (aka the moonies) are known for being a cult that brainwashes and isolates its members and coerces them into marriages, among a whole laundry list of problems.

— niko (@nikapaprika) October 8, 2022

you may not agree with her politics, but to have her perform on stage w/ you and pay her? yikes

you can find better pianists than her, 100%

— kev 🇺🇦 68% (@avesynt) October 8, 2022

these screenshots of her likes were taken back in Sept/Oct 2020, they don’t even reveal the worst of it. my friends and i were following her at the time, and started to notice anti-BLM and right-wing tweets pop up on our TL because of her. unfollowed immediately 🥴

— Kelly (@KellyAlbers15) October 8, 2022

I know plenty of other people are saying this too, but after the KKP issue, I wish you and your team would better vet who you book. There are plenty of talented keyboardists who don’t implicitly wish to purge a large portion of your own fan base/Second Sky attendees from society.

— Chaos ❤️ 🇺🇦 (@Ch4osWe4veR) October 7, 2022

i will literally sell my ticket or rip it up if you allow this woman on stage, are you serious??? this is so disappointing and appalling

— Рейчел (@rvcheltaylor) October 8, 2022

It’s been over 24 hours (at time of publishing) since the announcement was made and Porter has yet to share a response.


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Porter Robinson announces Together Live for Second Sky featuring his “Nurture” show with a full band

Only yesterday, Porter Robinson teased some “crazy ass update” about his set at Second Sky. We didn’t expect the reveal to come quite so soon, but we’re not complaining to learn that he’s bringing a full live band for a reimagined Nurture live set later this month.

So many EDM artists have performed with a live band before, including Modestep, Rudimental, Louis Futon, Chase & Status, Netsky, and more, so it’s not that it’s revolutionary in that sense. But it is new for Porter and with the way his Nurture live set is structured, we can only imagine that a live band will bring more immersion and, probably, tears to the crowd.

Even better, there’s no indication that this is going to be a one-time thing, as he mentions it’s “debuting” at Second Sky. We can hope that the next evolution of the Nurture tour will include the full band going forward.

For those going to Second Sky, get ready as it’s coming October 29.

Porter Robinson (Together Live), debuting at Second Sky.

a reimagined live show with a full band.

it’s a whole new Nurture live.


— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) October 7, 2022


Porter Robinson teases “crazy ass update” about his set at Second Sky

Second Sky, the festival curated and thrown by Porter Robinson, is only just a little over three weeks away and there’s still work being done. Fred again.. sadly had to drop off the lineup, in an announcement he made last week, and a special guest has no yet been revealed. But as for Porter himself, he shared some news about his own set.

“I’ve been working hard and I have a crazy ass update about what my set will be at second sky HAHAH more soon,” he tweeted this morning.

Just as Madeon upgraded his Good Faith set to Good Faith Forever, perhaps a new Nurture live set era is upon us, as well.

As he said, there will be “more soon” — but if you’ve already got your ticket, transportation, and lodging all set for October 29, you’re going to want to hold onto that ticket tightly to see what’s in store.

everything’s changing

i’ve been working hard and i have a crazy ass update about what my set will be at second sky HAHAH more soon ‼️‼️‼️‼️

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) October 6, 2022


Decadence drops insane lineup with Porter Robinson, Flume, Kaskade (Redux), & more

One of the biggest NYE festivals in the country returns this year with one of its biggest lineups ever. Decadence NYE in Denver is shaping up to be the all-star Red Rocks festival of the season with nearly 60% of its lineup featuring past headliners like Flume, Porter Robinson, GRiZ, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead, Ganja White Night, and more.

ENTER TO WIN: 4 VIP 2-Day passes for Decadence 2022 in Colorado

Even though many might equate Denver with bass music, there’s still plenty of other acts to catch like Chris Lake, Kaskade, Tïesto, San Holo, Jai Wolf, and Destructo.

Tickets officially go on sale Wednesday, September 14th at 12PM MDT at, but Your EDM has teamed up with Global Dance to give away 4 VIP 2-Day passes before the general on-sale begins! All you have to do is enter below for your chance to win.


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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pauline Herr, sumthin sumthin, Rome In Silver, and capshun Discuss Their EZoo Debut

Electric Zoo, New York City’s premiere electronic music festival is just a couple of days away. For some performers like Tchami and Porter Robinson, EZoo brings back fond memories performing in the City. For many new performers this Labor Day weekend will be their debut performance on Randalls Island where the 3-day Zoo extravaganza will commence.

We got to sit down with debut EZoo performing artists such as the likes of wunderkind Pauline Herr, the ever-eclectic Rome In Silver, the refreshing bass music innovator sumthin sumthin, and the genre defying capshun all of whom will perform in New York City this Labor Day weekend.

We first spoke with Pauline who was leaving for Hawaii the forthcoming day. I caught up with her just before she was about to travel to the airport.

How does it feel to be performing in a couple of days in New York City for your EZoo debut over labor day weekend especially at the mainstage!?

I’m really excited. I’ve played in New York twice before. The first time was with RL Grime and the second time was with my friend Juelz.

For those coming to EZoo that have never been fortunate enough to hear your music live, how would you describe to them a Pauline Herr set?

It’s kind of what you would not expect from me. Not super heavy bass but somewhere in between bass music and some really nice melodic music as well. It’s kind of like a journey in a way that shows two different sides of me which are very authentic to me. I like to go hard and I also like my more emotional soft side. It’s kind of like a combination of both. I also really like making edits to throwback songs in my sets. People seem to really enjoy those and I really like those.

You just released a new single titled “Addicted” with TWERL can you tell us about the creative process and meaning behind that song?

So Addicted is a part of the Ep we made but we made Addicted a single because it sounded like a single. Basically me and my boyfriend have done long distance for about more than a year now and we wrote this Ep when he was visiting me in LA. We finished it up when he went back to Australia which is where he’s from. It’s Called distance and each of the songs are about different situations of being in a long distance relationship. Basically everything is tied to that. The music itself is kind of in its own world. We don’t think it ties to either of our production styles but it’s just something we ended up creating.

I got to sit down with Vincenzo Pisciotta aka Rome In Silver who had just completed a session of Yoga down the street from where he lives. Rome in Silver will be playing on Sunday at CloZee’s Odyzey stage takeover. Without further adue we jumped into it.

How does it feel to be performing in a couple weeks in New York City for your EZoo debut over labor day weekend?

It’s crazy. This will be my first festival in New York. I always remember back in the day how massive EZoo was and how cool it would be to play there and here we are. The last time I played in the city was in February at Terminal 5 but I’ve never done a festival here.

How does it feel to drop a remix for CloZee on her Neon Jungle remix album during the pandemic to now performing at her Odyzey stage takeover on Sunday and her after party later that night. Can you tell us about your relationship with Chloe and how she has impacted you as an artist!?

She’s probably had the biggest impact on my career as an artist. She really opened the door for me and put a lot of new eyes on my music. She was dropping my music years ago. I remember one day I was in Thailand vacationing with my cousin and she dm’d me on Instagram. It was new years and she was like hey I just want to let you know I’ve been dropping your music at every show.

Finally, Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans in anticipation of your EZoo debut?

I will be playing a lot of new music. I am going to be testing new music from this new album I’m working on. I have an album set for next year. I’m so hyped for EZoo. New York is always a vibe. I’m also hyped to be doing the b2b with sumthin sumthin at CloZee’s afterparty on Sunday.

We sat down with capshun who will be performing a super special b2b with none other than Jon Casey on the opening day of Electric Zoo.

How does it feel to be performing in a couple of days in New York City for your EZoo debut over labor day weekend?

I’m very excited. Being as it’s one of the biggest festivals I’ve played, and alongside with the homie Jon Casey, I think it’s going to be a really dope time. Excited to have the opportunity!

You just announced a new release on WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 5 can you tell us more about what fans will get to hear on your newest musical venture supported by Zeds Dead.

Oh absolutely. I’ll be playing that out. Lost is one of my favorite releases this year so I’ll be rinsing that out for sure. Maybe twice if they let me!

You will be playing back to back with Jon Casey. What can you tell us about your relationship with Jon Casey?

Jon and I go back a few years now and of course we have our collab Fever Dream together. We’ve played back to back two or three times and every single time it is electric. We have similar tastes and attitudes in our music so it’s always a really good energy when we are on stage together. I’m hyped to be back up there with him for real.

Finally, Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans in anticipation of your EZoo debut? Do you plan on dropping any new ID’s. Will there be any special appearances?

Just expect one of the best sets from Jon and I that you have heard. Lot’s of ID’s, lots of crazy mixes and just hella energy. Maybe a guest or two we’ll see haha.

I ended off the day speaking with Conrad Woodul aka sumthin sumthin. He had just gotten off a solid day of surfing at the beach.

Hey Conrad, how does it feel to be performing in a couple days in New York City for your EZoo debut over Labor Day weekend? What’s going through your head.

The classic nerves. I’m a very nervous person but in a good way. When I was first getting into electronic music as a producer per say EZoo was definitely at the top of the bucket list. Now that I get to play it at the coolest venue ever I’m beyond excited. I performed in the city once with Bleep Bloop and the other time with Lost Dogz friends and one time I headlined with TVBOO.

For those coming to EZoo that have never been fortunate enough to hear your music live, how would you describe to them a sumthin sumthin set?

I would say it’s a perfect blend of really hard hitting stuff mixed in with some softer elements. It’s not going to be just banger after banger after banger there’s going to be some cooldown moments and moments of introspection. But dont get me wrong I like going stupid hard as well. It’s basically a combination of hard heavy bass and some lighter elements.

You will be performing at CloZee’s Odyzey stage takeover on Sunday and at her after party later that night. What can you tell us about your relationship with Chloe and how she has impacted you as an artist!?

Chloe is just an A1 human being. And in this industry there are a lot of non A1 human beings. So it’s really inspiring to be able to work with her and do the stage takeover. Her inspiration is more of a human quality than the music side of things and it’s really important for me to take that aspect into consideration as well. She’s a really good energy to be around and that speaks volumes past any sort of music production goes. One time I took my dad to see her perform in LA and the mixing was flawless. The set was flawless and from a music standpoint it was really inspiring to see her. My dad was even sitting, he was like no offense that’s the best set ive ever seen.

Who are your top 3 artists to watch in 2023? 

Keep an eye on Snuggles. He’s a member of this crew I’m a part of called Lost Dogz. LYNY obviously. I think he’s going to have a humongous year next year. His consistency is unmatched, same with Jon Casey. I think he’s about to take off and flourish.

Finally, Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans in anticipation of your EZoo debut? Do you plan on dropping any new music? Will there be any special appearances?

It’s just me going to be up there but I got a grip of new unrealeaed stuff to play out from me and all my friends. We’re gonna shake some booty up there. Show up early!

Grab your tickets for EZoo here before they sell out. Or Grab tickets to the official EZoo after parties here. Read Your EDM’s coverage of Electric Zoo from 2016.  Be sure to check out the set times below!


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Insomniac Delivers Yet Again with HARD Summer 2022

HARD Summer returned to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino this past weekend for its 14th(!) edition and its first ever foray as a 3-day festival. Boasting a stacked lineup featuring some of the biggest names in dance music and hip-hop, this year’s HARD was one for the ages. The stages were epic, the layout was friendly and convenient, the vibes and energy of the crowd were off the charts. Despite the sweltering heat and humidity over the weekend, Insomniac made sure that all it’s headliners were hydrated and shaded as they partied into the night.

First off, let’s talk about some of the logistical changes that Insomniac made to the layout of the festival. The first thing I noticed from an aesthetic standpoint was the remodeled stages. Obviously, NOS hosts several Insomniac festivals over the course of the year, and most of the time, the stages are enclosed in a mega-structure. For last year’s HARD, the team made the interesting choice of removing almost all of the roofs of the mega-structures, but otherwise leaving the stages intact.

This year, the mega-structure roofs were completely done away with, allowing the HARD and HARDer stages to illuminate the night sky. The HARD stage featured the familiar trapezoid design that has featured on previous HARD stages and also evokes the Mayan temple from HARD Day of the Dead. The HARDer stage underwent and even more drastic evolution. Converted into something of a smaller Coachella stage, the HARDer stage featured massive video panels adorning the entire stage. The crowds there were treated to insane colors and visuals as well as up close looks of their favorite performers on stage.

Another big change that alleviated traffic was the tunnel that went from the HARD to the HARDer stage. Last year, there was a massive wall between the two stages and one had to walk all the way around and back to travel between the two places. This year, the tunnel offered a quicker alternative, as well as a detour to the Pink Tent, and allowed for more breathability going between stages. In fact, if you went into the tunnel, you were treated to shade and misters that were way more prevalent this year. The weather may have sucked, but Insomniac did their part to help alleviate the heat.

Juliana Bernstein for Insomniac Events

HARD has always featured an eclectic lineup that’s slightly left of center. While of course there were artists on the lineup who fit that description and are HARD mainstays like Porter Robinson, Madeon, Alison Wonderland and Jai Wolf; House music was large and in charge this year with artists ranging from Chris Lake, Vintage Culture, Wax Motif, James Hype, Anabel Englund and Matroda all gracing the HARD stage. This year’s hip-hop lineup also offered up something for everyone. Zoomers got Lil Uzi Vert and Denzel Curry. Millennials got Three 6 Mafia (Juicy J and Project Pat are still going hard!). Everyone in between got Megan Thee Stallion and 21 Savage. Whether you wanted to get hype or get in your feels, this year’s HARD Summer got you.

It was a late arriving crowd on Friday’ it’s always brutal driving into San Bernardino from Los Angeles at that time of day. I enjoyed the shade and mist of the VIP area as Anabel Englund had whatever small amount of headliners were there vibing out to her set. James Hype was a definite highlight with his insane mixing skills and wonderful mashups of g-house and 2000s rap and hip-hop classics. Griz was another huge highlight as he has not performed at HARD Summer since 2015 back when the event was at the Pomona Fairplex. He had his full live band, psychedelic visuals, and of course, that sexy sax. I left it all out on the dancefloor for Griz’s performance. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another seven years to see him back at HARD.

Saturday definitely saw more headliners descend upon the NOS Events Center. I started the day off at the HARD stage where Matroda was throwing down the house vibes. I eventually made my way over to HARDer stage for some of LP Giobbi’s set and she continues to impress with her unique brand of groovy house as well as exceptional visuals. Once the sun went down, Three 6 Mafia took the stage, and the crowd started getting hype as the legendary Memphis duo threw down hit after hit from “Bin Laden,” “Side 2 Side” and “Poppin My Collar.” 2000’s Mark was very happy during this set as were a lot of millennials to be sure.

After brief stops at Dimension and Alison Wonderland, I made it back over to HARDer for the highlight of the night. Madeon performing Good Faith Forever live. Aside from a couple of DJ sets, I had not seen Madeon perform solo live since Coachella in 2015. He did perform with Porter Robinson at Coachella 2017, but again, it’d been awhile since I’d seen Madeon solo, and it was well worth the wait. Unleashing some of the most mind-blowing visuals I’ve ever seen, the French singer/songwriter/producer wowed the crowd with live renditions of his Good Faith tracks as well as updated versions of his old progressive classics like “Imperium” and “You’re On.”

Demian Becerra for Insomniac Events

It was another full day on Sunday, as I got in early to check out a little bit of Space Wizard at the Green Stage before heading over to the HARDer stage for Rossy. The up and coming producer and DJ threw down an appropriately HARD set of old skool trap that certainly got your blood flowing if the heat was getting you down.

Highlights of the day had to be Sidepiece and Tchami. With the sun down and the final night afoot, the duo of Nitti Gritti and Party Favor did not disappoint as they expertly blended house grooves with 90s and 2000s classics that had the dance floor vibing. Side note, if you found that open area to the right of the HARDer stage you lucked out, you had space to dance all night long. And, so we did as Tchami took the stage. The renowned French producer/DJ dropped a banger of a set featuring all types of house genres.

Porter Robinson closed out the night at the HARD stage, and fans had to be delighted by his blend of new tracks like “Look at the Sky” and “Something Comforting” as well as new re-imaginings of his classic Worlds tracks like “Easy” and “Sad Machine.” HARD maybe an electronic music fest, but the musicality of EDM itself is always on display at HARD Summer.

Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events

While there was no doubt that HARD Summer was an absolute vibe, and there are definitely performances that will stay with me for a long time. The only question I have for HARD going forward is, is three days really necessary? This time of the year is brutal, and it certainly felt like the crowd was pretty light at certain times. Insomniac also usually announces next year’s edition of the festival right away. We did not get that announcement for HARD Summer 2023. One would have to assume it will return to NOS, however, maybe it will be scaled back a day. Either way, this year’s HARD Summer was an absolute blast, and I hope that it can return in such an epic form next year.


Ophelia Records Takeover North Coast Festival’s Spotify for Special Melodic Playlist

North Coast Festival is returning to the greater Chicagoland area this Labor Day weekend for what is sure to be a massive weekend of dance music. Featuring artists like Armin van Buuren, Illenium, Porter Robinson, Seven Lions, Diplo, Fisher, and many more; there’s truly something for everyone on this lineup.

To commemorate the festival, Seven Lions and his Ophelia Records label have created a specially-curated North Coast Playlist on Spotify. Ophelia fans will no doubt be familiar with the label’s many artists featured on the lineup. Jason Ross, Wooli, Mitis and Trivecta are just a handful of the fan favorites on the North Coast lineup this year.

Get your tickets to North Coast Festival here and get ready for North Coast with the official Ophelia Melodic Takeover playlist!


Porter Robinson Releases New Song “Everything Goes On” For League of Legends

It’s been a little over a year now since Porter Robinson released his second album, Nurture. He’s had the opportunity to tour the album and perform across the world doing what he does best. Based on previous patterns of release from Porter, we weren’t really expecting any new music for another year or two at least, but when Riot approached him to create music for Star Guardian, something must have clicked.

Verge wrote in their interview with Porter for the new release:

Like many of us, Porter Robinson turned to video games during the pandemic. In particular, the musician got really into League of Legends. He remembers getting his first kill and thinking, “Oh, I get it. I get why people play this. I get why people love it.” It became a hangout for his group of friends during a particularly challenging period, a space where everyone would get together in the evenings to play. But it wasn’t until League developer Riot released the animated series Arcane on Netflix that Robinson truly got sucked into the fantasy universe. “I was like, ‘I want to be involved in their world,’” he tells The Verge.

There’s a lot more to the interview that provides context to the song and Porter Robinson’s obsession with League of Legends during the pandemic, which you should read if you have the time.

For now, watch the music video for “Everything Goes On” and scroll further down as Porter explains the line, “someday I’ll be overcast, but you won’t have to cry – cause we’ll do the grieving while I’m by your side.”

when i wrote “don’t look for me, i’m just a story you’ve been told”, that was when the song clicked for me

when riot first hit me up, i wasnt sure if i could make something that would work, but when i wrote that melody i got extremely hyped and was like “i 10000% finishing this”

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) July 14, 2022

because you can’t really “pre-grieve” anything. it’s a shallow comfort, it kinda magnifies the pain in a way was moving to me.

i embraced that perspective a lot on this song — someone who’s in pain and is saying things they don’t mean, or can’t follow through on

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) July 14, 2022

it reframes the chorus by saying:

“i told you to forget me, but you stayed by my side, when i said –

‘don’t try to make yourself remember etc etc’ —“

it put the last chorus in quotation marks, as something the narrator once said, and is now apologizing for.

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) July 14, 2022

basically saying: “thanks for staying with me, even i told you to forget all about me.”

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) July 14, 2022

Listen below.



Porter Robinson Surprise Set At Ocular Organ Among Highlights From Electric Forest

Porter Robinson closed out the Ranch Arena stage at Electric Forest this past Saturday, which was undoubtedly a fantastic set. But the highlight for many fans was seeing him in a more intimate setting at the Ocular Organ in the festival grounds the next afternoon, playing a full acoustic set.

The featured photo for this article, captured by @MarioH92, sums up the experience pretty perfectly. But if you want to see some of the actual set, @reporterrobnson has you covered with some unreleased music and a clip of “Look At The Sky” below.

i don't want to ruin the entire surprise but here's a clip of that porter robinson new new (unnamed) from the forest piano @porterrobinson

— dj not reporter robinson (@reporterrobnson) June 27, 2022

look at the sky (@Electric_Forest piano version) featuring porterfam on vocals @porterrobinson

— dj not reporter robinson (@reporterrobnson) June 27, 2022


Photo via @MarioH92


Wavedash and James Ivy Drop Phenomenal Dance-Pop/House Track “Chicago Loop”

Honestly, we all should have known that Wavedash and James Ivy would make a great collaboration if they ever connected. The good news is that day has actually arrived and their collab is incredible. Their latest single “Chicago Loop” is the four artists’ most vulnerable and groovy tracks.

From the trio that gave us glitchy/future bass in tracks like “Dummo Loop” to the synth-heavy cascade of “Stallions”, it’s clear that Wavedash are making some of the glitziest bass music in the scene. Their soundscape has the shine to it that very few electronic artists can emulate.

Meanwhile, James Ivy has been rising as one of indie music’s most interesting acts. If you followed Porter Robinson‘s Nurture rollout, they may have caught James Ivy’s version of “Something Comforting” with it’s washed-out guitar and excellent 90’s boyband singing. But his output feels like a revival of alternative rock with a new charm, making him one of this year’s most exciting artists to watch.

On “Chicago Loop”, they really flexed their creative muscles. Wavedash and James Ivy make a bedroom pop that gets a sadboi house beat. But it’s paired with these very intimate vocals from Ivy that vitalizes the track. The track’s 80’s inspired drums and sensual vocal-manipulation are some of the elements that give this song such masterful songwriting. It’s the kind of song you listen to dancing in your room and it feels so cathartic.

Wavedash dropped their debut record World Famous Tour about a year ago. Five months later, the trio start releasing new music again. The new output feels like a new body of work could be on the way. But nothing has been announced officially. And James Ivy’s debut EP Good Grief came out in October last year and was followed by a new song 8 months later. These young artists continue to sharpen their imagination and their songwriting while efficiently releasing quality future bass. Who could want anything more?

Make sure to check out “Chicago Loop” by Wavedash and James Ivy! Let’s hope they do it again.


Porter Robinson Bringing Virtual Self Back For Epic B2B With G Jones At Second Sky Fest

Porter Robinson has been rolling out the lineup for his annual Second Sky Fest for the past week and so far it’s shaping up to be another incredible event. Before this morning, fans knew they’d be seeing RL Grime, KYARY PAMYU PAMYU, Hudson Mohawke, Fred Again.., and more.

This morning, however, he might have just announced the biggest act at the festival — even potentially more impactful than his own headlining set.

Virtual Self is coming back after Porter shelved the project to focus on his sophomore album. And better yet, it’s a B2B with G Jones.

The announcement was saved for a special video this morning as opposed to the usual key art he’s been sharing for the other artists, giving another indication of just how big this act is going to be.

You can see the announcement video below. Presale starts this Friday, May 13th @ 10:00am PT.


BUKU Drops 2022 Lineup with Porter Robinson, Rezz, Alison Wonderland, Svdden Death & More

BUKU Music + Art Project returns full force next year with a massive lineup to rival that of years past. The two-day experience serves up vibes and beats in the heart of New Orleans over March 25-26, 2022.

The 2022 lineup features an eclectic mix of acts including Tyler, The Creator, Tame Impala, Glass Animals, Taking Back Sunday, Porter Robinson, $UICIDEBOY$, Rezz, Vince Staples, Alison Wonderland, Kali Uchis, Baby Keem, Liquid Stranger, Lane 8, Trippie Redd, TroyBoi, Maxo Kream, Amelie Lens, Tierra Whack, 100 gecs, Bas, SVDDEN DEATH, CloZee and more.

This installment of BUKU marks the 10th anniversary of the beloved event and first show back since 2019. Dedicated fans of the festival will finally get the chance to return home to the creative playground of BUKU for a celebration of music, art, and community.

BUKU will continue this mission in 2022 alongside Upbeat Academy, a non-profit that inspires and empowers New Orleans youth through music education, who also act as the beneficiary of proceeds from every ticket sold to BUKU. Learn more here.

Registration for BUKU Music + Art Project 2022 is now open and the presale takes place December 17th. Tickets go on sale to the general public on December 20th.

More info and sign up here.

BUKU Music + Art Project 2022


Photo via BUKU Music + Art Project 


Grammy Nominations 2022: Porter Gets Snubbed, Big Noms For Illenium, Marshmello

You have two sides of a coin. On one side is the DJ Mag Top 100. On the other are the Grammy nominations. The coin, most times, seems to be flipped by an idiot. But like all games of chance, there are still a fair amount of people who are interested in the results.

Both awards/lists are markers of success or popularity in some sense and there is definitely a degree of pride to be gleaned from inclusion on either one, the Grammys a bit more than the DJ Mag Top 100. Still, a lot of times, they both seem to be stuck in the past. Take for instance the 2022 Grammy Nominations which noticeably leave Nurture from Porter Robinson off the list. Tsk tsk.

Best Dance/Electronic Music Album noms are given to Black Coffee, Illenium, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Sylvan Esso, and Ten City. Recording (aka singles) noms are given to Afrojack & David Guetta, Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo, James Blake, Bonobo (again) & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Caribou, Rüfüs Du Sol, and Tiësto.

Many of those nominations are valid and deserved. Some definitely could have gone to other artists. But hey, that’s how it is.

One interesting update to this year’s awards, as pointed out by Variety, “Having every producer, writer and featured guest suddenly included in the album and record of the year categories also makes for some interesting disparities. At one extreme, nearly 200 people are nominated for helping make [Justin] Bieber’s Justice album; at the other end of the scale, [Billie] Eilish’s Happier Than Ever album sports just five nominees for album of the year.”

You can see the full list of nominations here and

Best Dance/Electronic Recording

Afrojack & David Guetta

Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo

James Blake

Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Rüfüs Du Sol


Best Dance/Electronic Music Album

Black Coffee


Major Lazer


Sylvan Esso

Ten City


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Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Announces Stacked Lineup for 2022 Return

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is back for its 2022 edition with a stacked lineup of over 125 world-renowned and upcoming artists across a broad musical spectrum.

Headliners include Tame Impala, Porter Robinson, Megan Thee Stallion, Rezz and GRiZ. Plus, Flying Lotus, Ashnikko, The Glitch Mob, Clozee, TroyBoi, Eprom, 1788-L, Elderbrook, CharlestheFirst, VNSSA, Chee, Khiva and so many more.

The festival features three main stages — Be, Here, Now — as well as the beachside oasis Aquachobee and the Jungle 51 dusk-till-dawn dance party. As always, Okeechobee’s signature PoWoW! musical showcase features a once-in-a-lifetime jam session with multiple acts and surprise guests.

OMF takes place over March 3-6, 2022, celebrating five years at Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida.

Tickets go on sale this Thursday, October 7th at 10 AM ET here.

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2022 Lineup 

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Ten Years Ago Today, Porter Robinson Released His Debut EP, ‘Spitfire,’ on OWSLA

The electronic music scene ten years ago looked a lot different than it does today. Artists weren’t getting their tracks in major motion pictures, AAA video game titles weren’t creating full albums of EDM-inspired tracks, let alone creating bespoke events in-game, nor were there any major fashion brands giving artists sponsorships or ambassadorships. Today, EDM artists are selling out the biggest stadiums in world and tackling new challenges, but it’s nice to look back at when times were simpler.

Today marks ten years since the release of Spitfire, the groundbreaking debut EP from Porter Robinson. Back when OWSLA was still releasing music, banking on a no-name at the time like Porter was a risk from a business standpoint, but it was less about the business and more about the raw talent that this 19-year-old oozed out of every pore.

Almost every song on Spitfire is iconic, from “Unison” to the seminal “100% In The Bitch,” not to mention Knife Party’s remix of “Unison,” themselves still a very young group at the time having just split off from Pendulum.

Spitfire represents an incredible era in dance music, one that those fortunate enough to have experienced in person look back on with fondness. Go back a decade and listen to Porter’s origins below.


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Porter Robinson Announces New Live-Only Prog House Side Project, Air To Earth

Second Sky is quickly approaching, and Porter Robinson is still announcing more new incredible news regarding his bespoke festival. Revealed today, Porter will perform as his new live-only alias, Air to Earth, “focused on sample-driven, tranquil proghouse and airy disco.”

Check out the preview below.


my new live-only dj sideproject called Air to Earth. it's focused on sample-driven, tranquil proghouse and airy disco. i'll be opening both days of Second Sky with this project!

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) September 8, 2021

He goes on to explain why he personally performs the opening set at Second Sky, and the idea behind Air to Earth encompassing the reasoning behind all of it.

i realized i loved DJing in this style so much that i'd want to do it again and again. that's why i wanted to give the project its own name and identity.

Air to Earth will be opening at Second Sky, both days!


— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) September 8, 2021

Second Sky goes down at Oakland Arena Grounds, September 18 & 19.


Five Years Ago Today, Porter Robinson & Madeon Released Their One And Only Collab, “Shelter”

It seems incredible to think that “Shelter” came out five long year ago, but time has a way of tricking the senses. Sure enough, on August 11, 2016, Porter Robinson and Madeon released their first and only collaboration* and began a long and fruitful tour around the song, eventually capping it off with an epic double-weekender at Coachella the following year.

The longevity of the song itself is incredible to think about, as two of EDM’s most celebrated artists came together after each had just (or at least, recently) released their debut albums and fans knew there was more on the way. Between the lyrics, the production, or lest we forget the incredible animated music video, “Shelter” is as much a modern classic as be.

Last year, the song officially went RIAA Gold, reaching 500,000 sales or equivalent.

Check out “Shelter” once again below and tap into that nostalgia and happiness from a simpler time.


* A small caveat, Porter and Madeon collaborated around 2009-2010 when both went by different artist names, Ekowraith and Wayne Mont/DJ Deamon, respectively. However, “Shelter” remains their only collaboration under “Porter Robinson” and “Madeon.”


Watch Madeon Throw Down Rare DJ Set with Surprise Guest Porter Robinson [FULL SET]

Madeon took the stage last week in a rare, intimate setting at the Roxy in LA to throw down a one-off DJ set for the people — and it’s available to stream now!

The vibes were immaculate as Madeon threw down much of his own material including recent hits like “Dream Dream Dream” and “All My Friends (VIP Intro),” mixed in with a plethora of dance favorites from Justice, Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, Hudson Mohawke, Bronson, ZHU, SebastiAn and more.

In an unexpected twist, he brought out friend and collaborator Porter Robinson much to the crowd’s excitement. Watch around the 1 hour 27 minute mark to watch the moment unfold.

“I want to point out what a cool, hyper energetic and considerate crowd this was,” Madeon shares. “Everybody masked up and everybody was full of love and joy, I really feel like we shared something special.”

While it’s always a treat seeing Madeon’s live shows, DJ sets like these radiate a raw energy of their own. The producer has a handful of upcoming DJ sets in Boston, Las Vegas, Grand Rapids, and Columbus, all leading up to his Good Faith Live Tour which kicks off mid-September.

Shoutout to YouTuber HiFriend for capturing the full performance! Watch here!



Porter Robinson Shares the Making of ‘Nurture Live’ Tour in New Mini-Doc [WATCH]

Porter Robinson shares a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his Nurture Live show, which is shaping up to be something truly special.

The mini-documentary, running just over 5 minutes, features striking visual cuts straight from the set — as well as clips from the artist’s widely cherished and acclaimed second album, Nurture. It’s all tied together with Porter’s own narrative, with emphasis on his creative direction for the show.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for so long,” he shares in the mini-doc. “The instant I turned in the album, I was like, ‘Let’s start making the live versions.’”

Porter reveals his initial idea was to perform the songs mostly in their original form, but that soon changed as he began hashing out the live show. “You have this idea in your head of what you want it to be,” he shares, “but your heart has its own intentions completely.”

Tickets for Nurture Live on sale now, with newly added dates.

Check out the mini-doc here!

porter robinson – nurture live behind the scenes


Porter Robinson Reveals Alternate ‘Nurture’ Tracklist via Spotify [PLAYLIST]

Porter Robinson just shared a new way to experience his second studio album, Nurture.

Track-by-track, the producer presents each Nurture offering in the order they were made. Through which, we can hear an unspoken transformation as Porter lets us in on his creative journey.

Porter shares of the rearrangement: “i put together an alternate tracklist for nurture as a playlist, with the songs in the order in which i wrote them. maybe you can feel the shifts over time as you listen.”

While the original Nurture order starts off with “Lifelike,” the chronological tracklist begins with “Something Comforting,” moving into “Look at the Sky,” “Lifelike” and then, “Get Your Wish.”

The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. In addition, 12 of 14 tracks on charted on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs upon the album’s release.

Listen to Nurture again from another perspective right here.

Porter Robinson – Nurture (Chronological Tracklist)


Does Skrillex, Or Any Artist, Owe It To Fans To Let Them Know They’ve Changed? [Opinion]

Imagine you’ve been a fan of an artist for 10+ years. Their breakout songs were all new waves of electro house, dubstep, brostep, and catapulted the genre into mainstream limelight, and hell, they even got a Grammy nomination out of it. This artist was the pinnacle of their genre for years and years and years, and then their newest song is something completely different. The artist didn’t share any heads up or mention that their style was changing, but do they even have to?

This week, Skrillex released two new songs — “Butterflies” with Four Tet and Starrah, and “Too Bizarre” with Swae Lee and Siiickbrain. Vastly different from his original works over a decade ago, “Butterflies” went a more house/pop route while “Too Bizarre” was more along the lines of modern pop punk from Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear, Modsun, and others. Responses to the songs have been divided; while most have appreciated how well they’re produced at the most technical levels, a lot of people have expressed sadness or frustration that they’re unfamiliar styles and don’t “sound like Skrillex.”

But what does Skrillex sound like? If we’re only relating his “sound” to his past works, then yeah, these songs do not sound like him. But wouldn’t anything that he makes technically sound like him?

Skrillex is not alone in this phenomenon of changing sounds and bringing new influences to a project. We saw just this past month Porter Robinson drop his sophomore album, Nurture, a much more personal and less heavily electronic album compared to his 2014 opus, Worlds. Calvin Harris went from Motion to Funk Wav Bounces; Zedd went from Clarity to True Colors; Flux Pavilion on his most recent album, .wav; and let’s not forget the very visceral reaction to Getter’s last album released in 2018.

These are all merely a small subset of artists who have evolved from the sound they began with. Not all of them were even met with harsh criticism, but at the same time, none of them either went, “Hey, by the way, I’m doing something new.” They just did it.

We’ve seen this happen outside of EDM, as well, if we look at artists like Paramore or Bring Me The Horizon who have evolved over the years. And Poppy, especially, has created a whole brand out of being unpredictable.

At the end of the day, while an artist has some degree of debt to their fans for getting them to where they are, that debt does not extend to creative endeavors or decisions about what an artist can or cannot make.

Over the past year, a lot of things have changed and people have had a lot more time to sit back and take account of who they are, what they want to do, and where they want to be in the future. If we didn’t see a lot of things change moving into 2021, that would have likely been the more strange phenomenon.

Stream both of Skrillex’s new songs below, and don’t worry about the old, celebrate the new and exciting.


Porter Robinson Announces 30-Date ‘Nurture’ Live Tour For North America

Porter Robinson announced the dates and lineup for his Second Sky festival just last week, and now he’s revealed the dates and locations for a full Nurture live tour for North America.

Nurture, Porter’s second album, was released April 23 and immediately received rave reviews. The next day, he performed the album live for the first time at Secret Sky, the digital version of his Second Sky festival that debuted in 2019.

Fans now get to witness the Nurture live performance in person this fall. Jai Wolf will provide support, and other artists will probably be announced based on region at a later time.

Presale starts Wed, May 12th @ 10:00am PDT. Full dates and presale registration can be found here.


— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) May 10, 2021


NEW: REZZ, Porter Robinson, ZHU, Shöckface + More – Your EDM | Week In Music

May has just begun and some of dance music’s biggest names have begun to release their latest albums among the masses. Dance music veteran Porter Robinson just released his much awaited sophomore album Nurture. Mysterious electronic producer ZHU just released a brand new album titled DREAMLAND 2021. Among the new releases we saw new singles and collaborations between REZZ and deadmau5 for ‘Hypnocurrency,’ a new single from Shöckface and Lauren Martinez, and Louis The Child and A R I Z O N A. Sit back, relax or continue doing whatever you are doing and stream Your EDM | Week In Music below.

Release Spotlight

REZZ links up with none other than deadmau5 for their debut collaboration ‘Hypnocurrency.’ They’re much awaited collaboration showcases the perfect balance between deadmau5’s progressive synth work and REZZ’s mid tempo touch.

Porter Robinson recently released his sophomore album Nurture. The 14-track lp features 1 collaboration with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The album departs from the ‘Worlds’ era of seven years ago and provides listeners with a bright new euphoric pop and ambient electronic work.

ZHU releases his new album DREAMLAND 2021 following up from his previous album ‘RINGOS DESSERT.’ ZHU showcases that his sound can remain recognizable on any work he puts his touch on but at the same time new and refreshing.


Porter Robinson Has 12 ‘Nurture’ Tracks Charting on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs

Porter Robinson is on fire with the release of his sophomore album Nurture, the announcement of his forthcoming Second Sky music festival — and considering he has 12 songs charting on Billboard‘s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs this week.

That means of Porter’s 14-track album, only two previously released tracks — “Mirror” and “Something Comforting” — are not currently ranked on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. This by no means suggests these singles haven’t been successful, but they were among some of the first Nurture-era songs to drop.

Porter recently opened up to Billboard about the pressures he faced and ultimately overcame when making his sophomore album…

Throughout the album, you can really sense some of the trepidation, worry, anxiety and fear I’m feeling. On ‘Musician,’ I wasn’t feeling it at all. I just felt pure unbridled joy and excitement. That was the goal: I was trying to get to this place where I could write music in a way where I could be vulnerable and just do this thing I love with the confidence I used to have. That song is that materialized for me.

Huge congratulations to Porter Robinson on all Nurture has accomplished thus far. The album is truly a work of art — listen here.

.@porterrobinson has 12 songs on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs this week:

#16, Look At The Sky
#19, Unfold
#20, Get Your Wish
#23, Musician
#28, Lifelike
#30, Wind Tempos
#33, Mother
#35, do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
#41, Sweet Time
#43, Dullscythe
#46, Blossom
#50, Trying To Feel Alive

— billboard charts (@billboardcharts) May 4, 2021


Source: Billboard


Porter Robinson Reveals Completed Second Sky 2021 Lineup

The second edition of Second Sky is coming and Porter Robinson has curated an eclectic lineup of innovative acts to look forward to.

Presented by Goldenvoice, Second Sky marks Porter’s first in-person performance of a brand new live show featuring music from his critically-acclaimed new album, Nurture. The producer’s first full-length album in seven years features a new wave of pop-inspired anthems, “Musician,” “Look At The Sky,” “Mirror,” “Get Your Wish,” “Something Comforting” and more — and seeing them play out live for the first time ever will be a truly remarkable experience.

MORE: Porter Robinson Uploads ‘Nurture Live’ Set from Secret Sky 2021

Porter has been rolling out the Second Sky lineup for days — and, finally, his masterpiece is complete. The two-day festival will feature performances from Madeon, Jai Wolf, Toro Y Moi, Jon Hopkins, Jacob Collier, Wavedash, KNOWER and Jyocho. In an exciting yet expected Second Sky twist, all artists will perform on both days.

Porter’s visionary festival returns to the Bay Area on September 18 & 19 at Cesar E. Chavez Park in Berkeley, CA. Ticket pre-sale goes live this week on Wednesday, May 5.

More info and registration for Second Sky here.

Second Sky Music Festival Lineup


— Second Sky Music Festival (@secondskyfest) May 3, 2021


Listen To Sets From Porter Robinson, Imanu x Buunshin, Rezz, & More From Yesterday’s Secret Sky Festival

Yesterday’s Secret Sky was absolutely phenomenal, with a lot of stand out performances and one in particular that could be one of the best live streams we’ve seen all quarantine (depending on taste, of course).

Beginning noon PST and going until around 9:30pm PST, Secret Sky invited a number of artists with whom EDM fans might not be as familiar with, like Yvette Young, James Ivy, Serph, Salute, or End of the World. Considering the festival was curated by Porter Robinson himself, it stands to reason that every artist had something to add to the day’s goings on.

While we wait for some (or all) of the official streams from Secret Sky to be uploaded, many of them are already up on Mixcloud to relisten, including the revolutionary Imanu x Buunshin set which set the chat ablaze with reactions of amazement and disbelief at what we were listening to. Sets from Potaro, James Ivy, Rezz, Laxcity, Boys Noize, Baauer, and more are also available.

Listen below!

Additionally, Porter has announced an IRL Second Sky festival happening later this year! Presale tickets available Wednesday May 5th – signup for early access at


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Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky Festival Is Live Now! [WATCH]

Almost a year since we last experienced Secret Sky, the IRL festival turned virtual experience returns today after the long-awaited release of Porter Robinson’s sophomore album, Nurture. The album dropped yesterday and so far has received incredible praise across the music culture, which is no particular surprise.

Today’s live stream features performances from a wide array of artists within and outside of the EDM world, including Kero Kero Bonito, Wave Racer, Yvette Young, Boys Noize, No Rome, Baauer, Rezz, and more.

Of course, everything is capped with a finale performance from Porter Robinson himself, who will no doubt have some incredible form of showing off Nurture Live.

Set times and watching link below!

set times for #secretsky !!

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) April 22, 2021


Porter Robinson Achieves Grandeur And Grace On Sophomore Album, “Nurture”

My thoughts thus far on the Porter Robinson singles released from Nurture have been “good, not great.” As so many, the shadow of Worlds was too powerfully lurking the back of my mind. A mix of nostalgia and such intense reverence for the album since 2014, coupled with the many live shows I’ve seen of it and the memories therein have put it upon a pedestal that is nigh untouchable. But I have learned over years and years of reviewing albums that a project is often greater than the sum of its parts.

It was known, ahead of the album’s release, that this was not going to be Worlds Pt 2. If anything, after listening the full way, it is the antithesis to Worlds. Bright, textured, synthetic effects are replaced with lush, graceful, emotional organic sounds and experimental runs that present a much different feel to Porter’s debut album. And why shouldn’t it when he is a different person now than he was then?

In an interview with Billboard, he spoke about how the time after Worlds was one of his most unhealthy. Pressure he put on himself, pressure fans put on him, and his brother’s cancer diagnosis all culminated in a wildly untimely fashion (a cancer diagnosis is never timely), though it did lead him to produce his first and only EP as Virtual Self.

This, in the end, opened him up to creating Nurture in a more organic way. Though, it wasn’t the only catalyst — you can read more on that in his interview with Billboard.

The album released last night at 9pm western time, and I began my listen at approximately 10pm. Over the course of the album, my initial impression of “good, not great” was transformed. I read so much of fans’ impressions of the album leading up to my first listen, but reserved my own impressions until I finished. What I came away with was peace — it wasn’t the feeling that I had listened to the best album of the year, it wasn’t comparisons to past material, it wasn’t any real critique at all, really.

What I will walk away from this album with is a feeling of contentedness. That, in the face of overwhelming adversity and insurmountable hardship, this album will always be here to help lift me up. Nurture is a love song to hope and the belief that things get better.

Listen below.