Seven Lions & Kill The Noise team up with Shadow Cliq for “The Blood VIP”

Coming off his debut album release, Seven Lions releases a special VIP version of his cult classic collab with Kill The Noise, “The Blood,” from 2019. The haunting track delves into three distinct drops of heart-pumping psytrance, head-banging dubstep and elements of techno.

For the VIP, Shadow Cliq was brought on to add an epic rock guitar solo to amplify the original, while each drop is switched up, either to be made more intense or to completely alter the flow of the track entirely. The final minute or so also amplifies the suspense of the original with a more cinematic feel, approaching an epic climax as the psytrance comes back into play.

If you the debut album from Seven Lions, Beyond The Veil, this VIP is going to be a delicious dessert to savor. Check it out below!


Photo via Dawndra Budd @dawndraphoto


Rezz & Seven Lions release first collaboration “Arcturus” with more on the way

Yesterday, Rezz announced that she and Seven Lions were going to upload their debut collaboration, “Arcturus,” for free on SoundCloud. They collab has been played out live since at least November 2021 if not earlier.

According to Rezz, it hadn’t been released yet because it’s more of a “live” track.

“I released my OG version of the track in my NORS2 mix, and he had just released his album, but we decided, ‘fuck it,’” she said in a tweet.

We both like it but it is more of a “live” playable track where as we want to make a proper vocal/type track. Also it was in question cuz I released my OG version of the track in my NORS2 mix ~ and he had just released his album— but we decided “fuck it”
N feed the Ppl

— RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) November 13, 2022

We’re also definitely gonna make a second track & make it more official for Spotify and everything — but our first track we made that we play out was asked by u guys a lot so ya, we’re giving it to U ^_^

— RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) November 13, 2022

Listen to “Arcturus” below!


Press Photos: Nicole De Khors (Rezz) & Dove Shore (Seven Lions)


NEW: Fred again.., ILLENIUM, Seven Lions, RYL0 + More – Your EDM | Week In Music

As we near closer to the winter in the US many artists have begun to hibernate and hold off on releasing new music until the new year starts. As we near closer to months of November and December many artists have stopped releasing in anticipation of having an explosive beginning of 2023.  Other have not curbed there heavy output of releasing incredibly good new music. From Fred again.. to ILLENIUM and Sickick all have been releasing some of there best music now!

Release Spotlight

Fred again.. does it again.. with the release of “Delilah (pull me out of this).” Fred has us all on the edge of our seats waiting for his new album Actual Life 3 out October 28th.

hyperpop producer and vocalist RYL0 released a new pop-punk record “Leave Me Alone” which features crunchy guitar riffs and a bass boosted beats.

The Chainsmokers released a full lofi version of their album So Far So Good.

After over 10 years Santa Barbara-born melodic dubstep producer Seven Lions released his debut album Beyond The Veil.


After a decade, Seven Lions at last releases his debut album, ‘Beyond The Veil’ [Interview]

Since Seven Lions first released his Polarize EP on Viper Recordings in 2012, fans knew there was something special about the Santa Barbara-born melodic dubstep producer. Of course, at the time, melodic dubstep wasn’t even a thing, coming to light during the heyday of brostep and the murmurings of trap in the US.

By the time he released Worlds Apart in 2014, however, Seven Lions had amassed a devoted following and ‘melodic dubstep’ was up and running, thanks to others like Illenium, MitiS, Skrux, Rameses B, Dabin, and others.

Now, a decade after his first major EP, melodic dubstep has nearly run its course, and Seven Lions is in some agreement, but more on that later. After 8-9 strong years, it wouldn’t be surprising for a genre as thematically limiting as melodic dubstep to reach some level of saturation, the same as brostep or future bass. Though trap, spawned around the same time, seems to be having a resurgence this year.

Still, Beyond The Veil, the debut album from Seven Lions, out today, doesn’t play on old tropes, nor does it try to reinvent the wheel. It’s just Seven Lions, as he’s always been. Only three out of the twelve songs on the album were released as singles, leaving much for fans and listeners to discover. And with collaborations featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic, So Below, Eli Teplin, GG Magree, JT Roach, Dia Frampton, Mija, and Lights, there’s so much to enjoy.

I think the most basic question I can ask is why now, after pretty much a full decade since the inception of your project. What about this year or this period in your life made you go, “Okay. It’s time for an album.”

I think the pandemic kind of allowed it just because that was the first time I had almost two years off from touring, So it just kind of made sense to, um, I don’t know. I mean, I just had a lot of music at the time, but then I kind of realized just what the state of melodic music and a lot of dubstep that I felt like I needed to put out a statement. Kind of in a way that was, you know, no collaborations with other producers and artists. I was lucky to have the time and it also just really felt like the right time.

Okay, so even when you have you know, for instance, GG Magree or Mija. They’re just doing vocals for the tracks and not doing any production?

Yeah, they’re just locals.

Interesting. Okay, That’s really that’s really interesting.
One of the tracks on the album is “Beyond The Veil,” which shares the title of the album. What exactly is the veil to you? What is beyond it?

I mean, that’s a big question. I feel like that’s kind of the core mystery of the whole thing, right? I mean, beyond the veil is something unknowable and uncrossable. And I think that’s some of the romantic ideals behind the message. Those are like beyond the veil and when the veil can be crossed, and loving somebody that you can’t be with and that it’s a whole – I mean the concept is actually, it was made to be a mystery, a bit ambiguous.

It would mean different things to different people. But within the context of the Seven Lions mythos, it does kind of have a more meaningful, specific context. It’s like, really pick up on that and decide what it means to them, I’d say.

Did you make some of these tracks with a vocalist in mind, or were any of them vocalist demos that were brought to you first? When did you begin to think of maybe which vocalist would go with which song?

There’s some that went both ways. The majority of them were demos that I started and then went for specific vocalists. But there were a few that came in that were like this vocal is amazing. And it fits with the album and this is like something that I’m gonna take and build the song around, but most of them started from just instrumentals. Sometimes I would just be listening to a lot of different artists on Spotify and be like, “Oh, wow, this person is amazing.”

With So Below, I just kind of randomly ran into her on Spotify and was like, “Wow, She’s got an amazing voice, and this would be perfect for her. Some of them went like that. Some of them that were already up and coming I knew, like Vancouver Sleep Clinic I was already familiar with for a while. So when I started the song, I wasn’t immediately like, “Oh, this is perfect for Vancouver Sleep Clinic.” But then after I got decently far in I realized that would be a good one to send over and we did, and he was into it. With JT Roach, I sent him a demo, and he wrote to it, and his voice was fantastic. He’s a great writer and has a great voice. But it just wasn’t right for that song in the key that it was in, so you know, we went and actually try to find a lot of different singers to sing that particular song. It was actually the last one that got finished on the album because we had such a hard time finding someone.

Were there any songs in particular that were created out of any specific event or feeling where you thought, you know, “I need to make this song for this reason”?

The whole album really [laughs]. You kind of feel like that in a way as I was saying, just as far as an artist. Making music right now and the current state of things I’ve felt like I really wanted to show who I am. And what I sound like, you know, like what my music means to me. I’d say the inspiration for some of the songs came by me just walking around. During the pandemic I was spending a lot of time alone, like a ton of time alone.

Yeah, I will say the album, there’s a lot less of the bombastic elements that you might have had in the past, and a lot of the tracks are more somber and almost melancholic.

Yeah, I’d say so for sure. It definitely comes from a place of solitude.

Was there any part of the album process in particular that you really enjoyed? Maybe it was you know where you where you recorded it or who with or maybe it was something that just happened during the process, like just a fun studio session or something.

I’ve always been more interested in being in the studio and anywhere else. As an electronic music producer in 2022, there’s like so much touring, and there’s so much being away from home and, like, just the ability to stay at home and roll out of bed every day and work on the same project was amazing. I feel like I really got to explore different sounds and different things that I’ve been interested in.

Doing a lot of vinyl re-sampling was really fun. I would go to the record store and flip through records and try and find cool indie stuff, older stuff that I’d pull little samples out of, and I went to the thrift store and bought some old shitty speakers and cut them up and get a lot of revamping stuff just to get a cool organic texture out of some of the things that I don’t really feel like I would have been able to do.

That approach is more like working on an EP because I’m making songs that people want to hear. Like I’m gonna make a banger, and I do enjoy doing that as well. But this is a much more personal and experimental kind of vibe I’d say.

Are there any examples of the vinyl thrifting that we could hear and recognize in the album, or is it so chopped up and sort of melded into like the core of the piece that we wouldn’t really be able to pick it out?

I know it’s all over. “Call On Me,” for sure. I’d say that one has it everywhere. “Between” has it a lot. Then also “Never Learn” there’s a ton of it. The revamping you definitely hear in “Beyond The Veil.” In the very beginning, it gives it this weird distortion that you just couldn’t get from a plug in where you hear the buzz and it’s an interesting kind of sound for sure.

So as I mentioned, it’s been pretty much a full decade since the inception of your Seven Lions project. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way and anything you might want to mention to new producers, new recording artists who are either just starting out or want to advance their ability as producers?

There’s so many things to say. I would say, obviously, the first thing is do it because you love it. You know, it’s a long road and I feel like the reward at the end of the day is actually making the music. If you take your time in how much you enjoy the process as opposed to what you’re looking for the outcome to be, then I think you’re in a good spot. I’d also say being very aware of what you let into your mind when it comes to social media and what you’re looking at because it’s really easy to get lost, comparing yourself to other people and get down and get knocked off your path. How you compare yourself to other people is very important.


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Seven Lions reveals latest album cut “Stop Thinking” feat. Lights

Beyond The Veil, the debut studio album from Seven Lions, is due out in exactly three weeks. Today, he unveils the third single from the project, “Stop Thinking” with Lights.

Digging more into his trance side, with opening chords that invoke memories of “Language,” “Stop Thinking” makes use of the tried and true method of hiding melancholy lyrics within a bright and exciting melody. The song opens with someone in a relationship pleading with their partner, thinking about who they were and who they thought the other was, when they first starting pursuing something outside themselves.

At first, the tone is more exasperated and tired. Frustrated, even. As things progress, it turns into becoming comfortable with who you are and knowing that if the other person can’t accept that, it’s just not meant to be. Not in a regretful way, but proud of growth and moving forward.

Beyond The Veil is set for arrival on Seven Lions’ own Ophelia Records imprint on October 21. Pre-save the album here.


Photo via Ashley Von Helsing


Seven Lions shares latest album single “Call On Me” featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Earlier this summer, Seven Lions surprised fans by wiping his socials and later revealing he will be releasing his first ever artist album Beyond The Veil this fall. The full-length LP is set for release on Seven Lions’ own Ophelia Records imprint on October 21.

“Call On Me” is dance music leader Seven Lions’ second single from his highly anticipated debut studio album. Filmic, room-filling chords envelop tender lyrics and vocals by Australian singer/songwriter Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Seven Lions merges a more indie and folk sensibility on “Call On Me” – a brief and well-executed departure from the gritty nature of first single “Every Time.”

The new single reveals another glimpse Beyond The Veil, as Seven Lions fans patiently wait for the full-length album to come this fall. Listen below!

Seven Lions North American Tour Dates
Sat, Sept 3, North Coast Music Festival 2022 – Bridgeview, IL
Sun Sept 4, 2022 Electric Zoo Festival 2022 – New York City, NY
Fri, Sept 9,  Wildwood Outdoor Education Center – Lacygne, KS
Thur, Sep 15, Imagine Festival – Atlanta, GA
Fri, Sep 16, Vanguard – Orlando, FL
Fri, Sep 23, The Metropolitan NightClub – New Orleans, LA
Sat, Sep 24, Firefly Festival – Dover, DE


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Segan Combines Energy with Beauty on New Single “In Your Arms”

Segan is a relatively new name to the drum n bass scene. Songs of his like “Champion” and “Attack Order” drop an insane amount of audio-action that you would expect from artists in the genre. However, the Los Angeles producer has dropped a new single “In Your Arms” that strays away from DnB and offers in its stead a vocally-charged, half time anthem.

“In Your Arms” kicks off with a flurry synths and singing that is reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Imogen Heap. It’s soft, breathy and enchanting. The drums pick up and as they get to the drop we are met with a slower climax than what most Segan fans would be used to. But the glimmering synths and gnarly bassline combine this euphoric energy with a hard kick-drum pattern. This gives “In Your Arms” a lot of invigorating elements that compel you to dance to its beautiful beat.

It’s an impressive sound for an artist to shift in that has been built their career around the growing American drum and bass boom. In their third year as a producer, their expanding into the dubstep/future bass sound made popular by the likes of Illenium and Seven Lions (the former of which he has remixed too). “‘In Your Arms’ is meant to scratch an itch you didn’t know was there,” said Segan.  “[The song] is the embodiment of where the Segan project is headed.”

If that’s true, then we certainly can’t wait to hear more! But meanwhile, make sure to check out “In Your Arms” by Segan.


Seven Lions Releases First Single From Upcoming Debut Album, ‘Beyond The Veil’

After announcing his debut album earlier this week, Seven Lions returns today with the first single from the project. “Every Time” featuring So Below is out today on Ophelia Records.

Kicking off instantly with his signature and revered bass sounds, “Every Time” is an innovative, genre pushing masterwork – So Below offers up her haunting vocals, which carry through the single’s evocative melody and cascading drops.

Beyond The Veil is set for arrival on Seven Lions’ own Ophelia Records imprint on October 21. Listen to “Every Time” below!


Photo via Ashley Von Helsing


Seven Lions Announces His Debut Album (At Last) Out October, “Beyond The Veil”

For the past decade, Seven Lions has been creating incredible music and releasing as much of it as possible to fans with intricate stories and themes behind them. Now, finally, his debut album is coming — Beyond the Veil is out October 21.

The announcement was made today via social media announcing the title and release date with a beautiful instrumental to accompany it, perhaps a clip of the first single?

With a little less than three months to go until release, we could see anywhere from 3-5 singles in the meantime. For now, keep an eye on Seven Lions’ socials to be the first to know about new music and, inevitably, the accompanying album tour.

Debut album, Beyond the Veil 10.21.22

— Seven Lions (@SevenLionsMusic) July 25, 2022


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Kill The Noise Reunites With Seven Lions For 3rd Album Single & Collab “Without You”

Kill The Noise and Seven Lions have collaborated a number of time, for “The Blood,” “Horizon,” “Cold Hearted,” and “Pantheon.” Now, they’re together again for the 3rd single from KTN’s upcoming sophomore album, “Without You.”

Singer Julia Ross, who’s achieved two Billboard #1 records as a co-writer for BTS, provides the perfect vocal performance over the groovy, driving house beat that switches to a huge melodic festival Ophelia Records 2021 banger in the second act. “Without You” continues the string of high performing collabs between the two producers and blends the best of their sound design, styles and melodic sensibility for another unforgettable, genre-blending track.

As 2022 unfolds, Kill The Noise will be unveiling even more material leading up to the release of the album.

Listen to “Without You” below!


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Seven Lions, Kill The Noise, Wooli, Trivecta, & More Team Up On Ophelia’s 100th Release, “Pantheon”

Made over the span over a year, “Pantheon” serves as Ophelia’s celebratory 100th release as one the most highly anticipated tracks to come out of the label. Featuring seven of the largest acts on the label — Seven Lions, Kill The Noise, Trivecta, Wooli, Jason Ross, Dimibo, & Blastoyz — the track weaves through psytrance, riddim, melodic dubstep and more to showcase each artist’s styles and a whopping 6 distinct drops.

“Pantheon” has been teased at almost all the major dance festivals in the U.S. from Ubbi Dubbi, Sunset Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo, Nocturnal Wonderland and Lost Lands to special Seven Lions showcases at Red Rocks and the Gorge.

The track shares the same name as the label’s first official tour, which also kicks off on its release date, and hits over 10 different cities.


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Ophelia Records Mega Collab with Seven Lions, Trivecta, Kill the Noise, Wooli & More Drops Friday

Ophelia Records, the record label from Seven Lions, is gearing up to release an official mega collab with seven total artists in the mix!

“PANTHEON” will feature Blastoyz, Dimibo, Jason Ross, Kill the Noise, Seven Lions, Trivecta and Wooli. Though the mega collab has yet to be heard, it has potential to bring together the worlds of psytrance, melodic dubstep and beyond like never before.

The producers and label have been dropping hints of their mega collab for days, first unleashing an image that revealed each artists’ distinct logo (see here). Now, the single artwork has surfaced, confirming what fans were already able to put together.

See below and pre-save “PANTHEON” before it drops this Friday!

Ophelia Records Presents “PANTHEON” Mega Collab



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Lights Confirms New Collab With Seven Lions From Red Rocks

Seven Lions made his momentous return to Red Rocks earlier this week, supported by Mitis, Gem + Tauri, and special guest Andrew Bayer. The whole show was probably pure magic, the attendees could attest, but Twitter seems to be abuzz about one particular ID from the Ophelia head’s set — and it’s been confirmed to be a collaboration with Lights.

Lights just put out a new single with deadmau5, plus a “meowingtons remix,” so she’s fresh in the EDM zeitgeist. This new collaboration, especially with one of EDM’s preeminent melodic bass artists, is sure to have fans going head over heels once it finally releases.

So far, there’s not a whole lot more information about the release, but the video and knowledge that Lights is singing on it is enough to get curiosities piqued.

Check out the video below!


— Lights (@lights) July 29, 2021


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Seven Lions & Andrew Bayer Unleash Melodic Masterpiece “Returning To You” ft. Alison May [LISTEN]

Seven Lions and Andrew Bayer have exceeded expectations with their inaugural collaboration together, “Returning To You” featuring Alison May. The emotive production bridges the gap between melodic bass and trance labels Ophelia and Anjunabeats.

The track opens with an airy atmosphere, soon met by vocals from Alison May, which guide the track into a theatric and majestic realm. Culminating an expert blend of explosive synths, bass and melody, Seven Lions and Andrew Bayer carve out the perfect space for listeners to fall in love with the music.

Per the song’s press release, “producer Seven Lions has never had a problem breaking rules and transcending musical boundaries to satisfy his creative vision” — and “Returning To You” is no exception.

Seven Lions shares, “We’ve been working on this track for some time now and we’re excited to play it out live at Red Rocks.” His headlining show takes place July 28, with support from MitiS, Gem & Tauri and collaborator Andrew Bayer.

Listen to the dazzling, 5-minute journey right here! Out now on Ophelia Records!

Seven Lions & Andrew Bayer – Returning To You (ft. Alison May)



Dabin Reveals His Third Album is Finished

Dabin is making his presence known in 2021 with a brand new album, which is completely finished.

The producer just tweeted out, “my third album is done,” sparking much excitement among the dance music community.

Dabin first came on the scene in 2012 and later unleashed his 8-track Bloodless EP in 2014. What’s considered his debut album, Two Hearts, came out in 2017 — followed up strongly by Wild Youth in 2019.

Known for his production and instrumentation, Dabin has revitalized the EDM scene with his genius. In addition, his high-profile collaborations “Hearts on Fire” with Illenium and Lights and “First Time” with Seven Lions, Slander and Dylan Matthew have catapulted his career to the next level. He’s also performed live with Said The Sky, Day, and KJ Sawka as part of Illenium’s live touring band.

No further details on the new album thus far, but stay tuned for more details.

can’t believe I’m tweeting this but…

my third album is done 😭

— DABIN (@iamdabinlee) June 20, 2021


Seven Lions, Trivecta, & Blanke Come Out With Ultra Collab, “Wild & Broken” ft RBBTS

Seven Lions just dropped one of his latest big collaborations, this time teaming up with Trivecta, Blanke, and RBBTS. Trivecta previously teamed up with Seven Lions on the massive hit “Island” back in 2019, and Blanke has remixed “Another Way,” but this is the first time the three have ever collaborated on the same track together.

The song begins with some beautiful vocals from RBBTS before leading into a wholesome, anthemic bridge. The drop is intensely happy and perfectly indicative of each artists’ ability to produce incredible, uplifting music. But, as we’ve heard in the past, each artist is also equally capable of creating devastatingly heavy music… which is exactly where the second drop comes in.

After another wholesome bridge, it drops into an uptempo dubstep section that chugs along to the perfect headbanging tempo.

Finally, a third drop combines the heavy and melodic for a festival-perfect finish.

Check out the full track below!!


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Insomniac’s ‘Lost in Dreams’ Festival Reveals Inaugural Lineup [DETAILS]

After months of anticipation, Insomniac reveals the glorious lineup for the newest festival brand in its arsenal — Lost in Dreams.

The Lost in Dreams festival takes place September 4 and 5, 2021 at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center and is dedicated to future bass, melodic dubstep, and pop/electronic music.

As promised, the lineup boasts a broad range in talent. Among the most recognizable names are Dabin, Seven Lions, K?D, SG Lewis, Gryffin and Washed Out. Notably, festival-goers will be treated to a Manila Killa B2B Chet Porter set.

Some of the names on the list are more surprising, like LICK, Haywyre, Moore Kismet, Yung Bae and Vanic, but we can’t wait to see these artists connect with their dreamier side.

And then there’s the artists who just make sense like Amtrac, Shallou, Crystal Skies, Pluko, William Black, Kaivon, Two Lanes and more.

To accompany the new brand, Insomniac Radio will kick off its “Lost in Dreams” radio show hosted by Taylor Kade on June 4th at 8 p.m. Tickets to the festival are on sale the same day.

See full details in the announcement below!

Lost In Dreams 2021 Lineup


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A post shared by Insomniac Events (@insomniacevents)


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Seven Lions, Trivecta, & Blanke, ft RBBTS, “Wild & Broken,” Out This Friday!

Seven Lions’ pattern of hopping on with two or more other producers to create an epic song is long established — “Shadows,” with Wooli & Amidy; “Foolish Of Me,” with Jason Ross & Crystal Skies; “Don’t Wanna Fall,” with Last Heroes & HALIENE; “Another Me,” with Excision, Wooli, & Dylan Matthew… the list goes on.

But perhaps the most enthralling collaborative effort yet has just been announced, as he teams up with Trivecta and Blanke for “Wild & Broken,” featuring RBBTS.

This will be the first collaboration between Seven Lions & Trivecta since 2019’s massive hit, “Island” with Nevve, and the first collaboration between Blanke and either artist, though he’s remixed Seven Lions in the past.

Stay tuned for any previews of this epic collaboration and wait for Friday for the full release!

When Jeff & Sam asked me to jump in & finish this record with them I was so stoked, @SevenLionsMusic has been one of my long time music idols & I’ve always been a huge fan of @TrivectaMusic style. Wild & Broken feat @RBBTSmusic is out Friday!

— blanke (@blankemusic) June 2, 2021


Sullivan King Unleashes New Excision Collab at Sunset Music Festival [WATCH]

With energy at an all-time high for the return of live events, Sullivan King took the stage at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa over the weekend.

One of the standout productions from his performance was undoubtedly this collaboration between him and Excision. The video below shared via r/edm exposes a healthy portion of the track, complete with heavy rock/metal influence and relentless bass drops. Blending genres like this is truly an art that Sullivan King has mastered.

Previously, the bass music superstars teamed up on “Wake Up” and “Fight Through The Pain” in 2018. More recently, “Unbound,” in 2021 as part of Sullivan King’s 7-track To the Grave EP.

Sunset Music Festival was ripe for collaborative IDs, including this Illenium x Said the Sky collab and another between Seven Lions x Andrew Bayer.

Sullivan King x Excision – ID

Sullivan King and Excision – ID (SMF2021) from EDM


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Seven Lions Drops Stunning New ID with Andrew Bayer at Sunset Music Festival [WATCH]

As one of the first music festivals to take place in 2021, Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida became testing grounds for plenty of fresh, new IDs over the weekend.

This unreleased gem between Seven Lions and Andrew Bayer has captured our attention with its divine, melodic grandeur. Enchanting vocals are matched with an entrancing groove as the producers find their stride together and unleash absolute magic.

In July, Andrew Bayer will join Seven Lions during his headline show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Whether or not the song will be released by then is unknown, but regardless, fans are in for a treat.

Also debuted at Sunset Music Festival, the new and buzzworthy Illenium x Said the Sky collaboration, “Crazy Times.” Forthcoming on Illenium’s upcoming album, Fallen Embers, the track can be heard here.

Seven Lions x Andrew Bayer – ID


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REZZ & Seven Lions Reveal They’re Down to Collaborate

REZZ x Seven Lions? Sounds like music to our ears!

Just yesterday, someone proposed the idea of a collaboration between the two via tweet in saying, “You guys have very different styles, but I think they would mold together beautifully. Just a thought.”

Not only has the idea of a REZZ x Seven Lions collab sparked interest on social media, it has also sparked a very real possibility. Both producers revealed they are open to collaborating and now it seems it’s only a matter of time.

“That would be sweet,” REZZ responded.

“I’m so on board with this,” Seven Lions added.

Recently, REZZ has teamed up with deadmau5, PVRIS, and Grabbitz, and we’re awaiting her forthcoming collab with pop sensation Dove Cameron this Friday. Meanwhile, Seven Lions has unleashed collaborative productions with Wooly & Amidy, HALIENE, and more.

See the conversation below via r/edm and help wish this collab into existence! Also check back Friday to listen to Rezz’s new song with Dove Cameron, “Taste Of You.”

Potential Seven Lions x Rezz collab from EDM


Press Photos: Nicole De Khors (Rezz) & Dove Shore (Seven Lions)


Seven Lions Teams with Wooli and Amidy on Latest Single “Shadows” via Ophelia Records [LISTEN]

Seven Lions’ increasingly-influential Ophelia Records delivers his latest single, a team effort by melodic dance icon Seven Lions, Wooli and Amidy.

The production starts gently, with vocals backed by minimal production. Throughout this first verse, the sound builds, leading into a light, melodic bass drop. After the first verse, the song takes a turn for the heaviest, a frequent move from the Seven Lions playbook. Heavy dustep briefly takes over from here, before returning to the glitchy, euphoric sound that dominates most of the song.

Wooli has been a standout on the Ophelia roster since his 2019 hit, “Islands.” Since then, he has released “Over You” and “Nothing Left” for the label as well as some remixes. The single is Amidy’s sophomore release on the label, with other notable releases on Monstercat and Dim Mak.

The single is Seven Lions’ first of the year and follows his recent remix album, 1999 EP.

Listen here!

Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy – “Shadows”


Bonnaroo Officially Drops 2021 Lineup Featuring deadmau5, Seven Lions, Tipper & Many More

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is gearing up for its 20th anniversary edition this September 2-5, 2021.

The official 2021 lineup just dropped featuring headliners Foo Fighters, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Tame Impala, Tyler, The Creator, and Lana Del Rey. Other major acts include Run The Jewels, Glass Animals, Young Thug, Incubus, Lil Baby and so many more.

Despite the lack of electronic/dance headliners, the lineup is still stacked. deadmau5, Seven Lions, and Tipper are joined by Dr. Fresch, Subtronics, Level UpLICK, Mija, Svdden Death, HE$H, Zia, TroyBoi, Lucii, Big Wild, LP Giobbi, Yaeji, Boombox Cartel, NotLö, Peekaboo, LSDream and more.

4-day tickets go on sale today with options for GA, GA+, VIP and Platinum accommodations. With layaway plans, GA tickets can be reserved for as low as $35 down. More info and tickets here.

Peep the full lineup below and let us know the acts you’re most looking forward to!

Bonnaroo 2021 Lineup


Photo via Lucas Gregg


Seven Lions Remixes his 2016 Collab on “Rush Over Me” With Classic Trance Sound

“Rush Over Me” came out in 2016 with Seven Lions, Illenium, Said The Sky, and HALIENE, and remains one of the most intensely emotional melodic bass tunes of the past five years — with those artists together, who could be surprised? But Seven Lions has never been one to stay in one lane, mixing dubstep, trance, psytrance, and even folk with his regular productions.

As we enter a new year, Seven Lions has announced his 1999 EP, a collection of four tracks transformed into the classic trance vibes of 1999. First up from the forthcoming release is a remix of the 2016 bass track, which is reconstructed to glorious throwback precision. Starting with the classic kick snare combo and quickly introducing iconic trance synths and rhythm, we’re instantly transported to a time long past.

Speaking about the impetus to create the 1999 EP, Seven Lions says,

“2020 was a strange and honestly really demotivating year for me. I was having a hard time feeling inspired and creative in the studio so I decided to just do some musical therapy and make old school trance remixes of some of my older tracks. I had a great time making these songs. They have a nostalgic vibe for me and it made me remember how much I love the process of making music, especially with zero expectations. It definitely worked and has brought me a lot of focus and I’ve been really happy just being at home and making loads of music that I’m excited to share with you down the line. For now I hope these songs bring you as much joy as they brought me!”

Check out the remix and relive the original below!


Seven Lions Fractures His Spine In Fall, Currently Recovering

Yesterday, Seven Lions shared that he was postponing the night’s Visions live stream because he’d taken a particularly bad fall and hurt his back and was in the hospital. A few hours later, he shared the diagnosis: he’d actually fractured his spine.

Good news though, he doesn’t seem in bad spirits about it and says he’ll only be spending “the next week” in recovery mode. So it can’t be that bad, right? Definitely different than the time it happened to Paul van Dyk.

Nonetheless, back injuries are nothing to scoff at and they can often have other dire ramifications down the road if not treated properly. We’re hoping Seven Lions has the help and care that he needs right now, and we’re wishing him a speedy recovery!

Check out the Find Another Way remixes in the meantime!


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Abraxis (Seven Lions + Dimibo) Drops New Song, “Half Of It”

Before today, Abraxis, the collaborative project between Seven Lions and Dimibo, had only dropped two tracks. Today marks the third official release from the project, “Half Of It.”

Those who listened to their Amygdala Mix from earlier this year will immediately recognize the track, but for those who didn’t, hearing it with fresh ears is equally exciting. The vocals and melody in the beginning lure you into a false sense of complacency, as if maybe this is just another Seven Lions melodic dubstep song.

But as the melody breaks and the drums begin to filter in, melding with the rhythm of the vocals, it soon becomes clear that it’s anything but “just another.” The first drop is a sort of minimal, trance-y bit that has elements of psytrance at just a slower tempo. It continues building on itself, element upon element, until it hits the middle break.

The second drop brings more of a funky psytrance flavor to the mix, with a bouncier rhythm and heavier synths and bass. From there, it goes into pure psytrance to wrap everything up.

Like everything we’ve come to expect from Seven Lions, Dimibo, and Abraxis, the song is a journey through high quality sounds and it’s come out simply amazing.

Check it out below!


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Higher love – Seven Lions feat. Jason Ross lyrics

Lyrics Seven Lions – Higher love

Wrap your head around this make believe
You inspire, we grow older
Resign as far as the eye can see
Let’s get higher love before it’s over.

Light me up tonight, I will let down my weapons in the ground
A higher love, higher loveee, higher loveee
We can both decide how to let our all differences aside
A higher loveee, higher loveee, higher loveee
On and on and on, we’re awake in our cold world
On and on and on, we don’t pray for each other
On and on and on, we’re awake in our cold world.

Light me up.
Light me up.

On and on and on, we’re awake in our cold world
On and on and on, we don’t pray for each other
On and on and on, we’re awake in our cold world
Light me up tonight, I will let down my weapons in the ground
A higher loveee, higher loveee, higher loveee
We can both decide how to let our all differences aside
A higher loveee, higher loveee, higher loveee.

A higher loveee, higher loveee
A higher loveee, higher loveee.
Seven Lions lyrics
Video love