Rezz & Grabbitz’s Collaboration “Someone Else” Gets New Music Video

Rezz & Grabbitz released their new collaboration a little less than three weeks ago, and we’re still obsessed with “Someone Else.” Combining impeccable production from both Rezz and Grabbitz, as well as a vocal performance that makes the track what it is, not to mention those amazing guitar chords toward the end, it’s easily one of Rezz’s most traditionally musical tracks yet.

The music video opens up on a woman tied to a chair as the camera furiously scans the room for various pieces of evidence for what has just taken place — computers, lots of cables, and a dead woman lying on the ground. Through the course of the video, it appears that the dead woman’s consciousness has been transferred to the woman in the chair, who’s actually some sort of android being controlled by someone else.

As Rezz revealed in a new interview with Alt Press, the video depicts the idea that “who we present as on the outside doesn’t always match with who we truly are.”

Grabbitz’s voice provides the epic narration for the video, as his face is shown on computer screens from the very beginning. It’s actually impressive how accurately the music video team was able to convey the message of the song to the visual medium, but the result is nothing short of thrilling.

The final shot is of Grabbitz’s digital visage on a computer screen, reminding us, “you are someone else.”

Check out the video below.


Rezz & Grabbitz Release New Rock-Hybrid Collaboration, “Someone Else”

Out today is Rezz’s second new track of 2020, a massive collaboration with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer Grabbitz, “Someone Else.” Combining Grabbitz’ rock elements with Rezz’s midtempo inclinations, the song is a brilliant mixture of styles that complement each other with grace and intensity.

Rezz took to Instagram Live on Tuesday, April 7th to answer fan questions ahead of the release of the new single. She discussed her sonic evolution as an artist and was joined by surprise guest Madeon for a spontaneous chat about the creative process under quarantine.

As for Grabbitz, he revealed in a new interview with For The Wolves that he has even more collaborations coming out with some really “dope” artists — as we’ve seen from his discography, whenever he teams up with someone (NGHTMRE, Rezz, 3LAU, Sullivan King), the results are stellar.

This is her first track on RCA Records, her first major label release, as RCA is a division of Sony.

Check out “Someone Else” below!


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Run Through The Desert – Someone Else’s Name Lyrics

Someone Else’s Name Lyrics

Verse 1
Tonight it’s late and were sitting in my car (down)
The stars are close but lost in outer space (up)
I say goodnight, but the words got in the way
I broke your heart with the pain I can’t erase

Pre Ch
I called you someone else’s name, things will never be the same,
I can’t go back and change the words, 2 letters off and Now she’s heard, now she’s heard, now she’s hurting

Let me make it up to you, I’ll do whatever I can do,
Let me make it up to you, yeah I’m so far down
But I’ll make it up to

Verse 2
You’re here with me but a million miles away
The song is clear but don’t know what to say
I feel you breathe but I can’t find the air
I found the words but lost you sitting there (cause)