REPORT: Over 2,100 Seoul Clubs Shut Down After Nightclub Outbreak

Over 2,100 establishments have reportedly shut down across Seoul after an outbreak of over 50 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

This new cluster has been reportedly traced back to a 29-year-old man who tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting five clubs and bars in Itaewon over the weekend of May 1st. With social distancing rules relaxed, authorities believe as many as 1,500 people were in attendance.

Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said, “Carelessness can lead to an explosion in infections.”

“Even during the stabilization phase, similar situations can arise again, anytime, anywhere in an enclosed, crowded space,” he said. “We must never lower our guard regarding epidemic prevention.”

After suffering from one of the worst early outbreaks, Seoul was eager to take steps toward a normal routine. However, this seems to be a prime example of social distancing rules being lifted too soon.

South Korea has suffered 10,874 infections and 256 deaths due to COVID-19 at the time of this writing, according to Johns Hopkins University.

South Korea’s recent coronavirus outbreak from people going to nightclubs last weekend, resulting in 40 infections.

Seoul has now shut down over 2,100 clubs.

Sobering reality check for DJs that nightclubs and festivals will most certainly be one of the last things to come back.

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South Korea Clubs Begin Reopening As COVID-19 Curve Flattens

Early projections estimated that clubs around the world wouldn’t reopen until late 2020 at the earliest, but as the curve begins to flatten in South Korea, select clubs are beginning to open their doors once again, though under very strict regulations.

Faust, vurt., Modeci, Beton Brut+Concrete Bar, and Volnost all opened this past weekend.

Below, you can see the strict regulations that vurt. is putting in place.

  • No mask, no entry
  • Entrants will need to fill out the access records for epidemiological investigation in case of a confirmed case of corona virus
  • If anyone has traveled abroad, had feverish symptoms or symptoms of any respiratory disease, or visited places with known confirmed patients, you cannot enter the club

Yesterday, Guardian shared that South Korea reported no new domestic coronavirus cases for the first time since February, according to the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).

A series of national holidays next week has local health authorities still urging people to use caution as they’re more likely to travel and visit family to celebrate May Day today and Children’s Day next Tuesday.

Many clubs in China have also reopened in the past days and weeks.

These recent developments provide hope that maybe the same could be seen in the US in the coming months, but such thinking is still likely premature in many states and municipalities until a vaccine is developed.

Fri (금) 24 April 2020 합정동테크노 : HAPJEONG – DONG TECHNO Lavera / Xanexx / Zorba ‘오래된 미래’ 라는 슬로건과 함께 2014년 서울에 등장한…

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L2B – The Journey lyrics

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

[Verse 1]
I got a lyrical addiction, I’m a punchline fiend,
Even in my dreams, I come up with rhyme schemes,
I try to be calm, but my mind is like a mob scene
Full of obscene gestures and loud screams in dark streets
From wild teens whose moms can;t stop them
From robbing people just because they want nice things,
They’d sacrifice a life to live like kings, but
That’s not the song that I sing,
Sometimes I just need to switch to a positive mind frame
And change the way I think.
See I’m excited for what life brings,
I’m trying to travel the world and go sight-seeing
And see what it’s like to be in different cultures and ways of life,
Traveling in first class flights, that sounds nice.
Walking through foreign lands, Europe and Japan,
Got as much Seoul as South Korea,
Looking down from the Namsan Tower,
I love where I’m from, but I got bigger plans,
I’m trying to spin a globe and just go wherever my finger lands.

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

[Verse 2]
I got so many dope verses, think I need an intervention,
Not to mention, never cared for being center of attention,
But I’ll deliver a hundred and ten percent, even when
It’s a challenge and the pressure is high, like hypertension.
Caught up living above the influence of reality,
Love, hugs, peace, drugs, and LSD,
Bright colors being smudged without paint brushes,
Just me under a spell while I’m staring at trees,
See life is one giant canvas to me,
Hand me a can of paint and watch me transform a
Blank space landscape in to something out of fantasy,
Something you’re seeing with your eyes, but still can’t believe.
I’m in the Amazon rain forest, laying underneath the canopy,
Staring up at the sky, wondering why can’t life always be this simple,
Thinking back to everything that I’ve been through,
But with endless possibilities, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

Life is just a journey,
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey,
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay strong..
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay strong..

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..


Wale – Folarin Like (Nas is Like Freestyle) Lyrics

What, boy?
Let’s have some motherfuckin’ fun
Yeah, ayee, yeah

Folarin like, women level-headed
And more aggressive
That demoralize any moralless
Man or woman and
More or less any man or woman that go against me
Better know the lord, ignore it, keep it at 450
Fuck a 450, we 730
It’s December now
When they simmer down we start burnin’ ’em
It’s embarrassing
There’s literally no comparison
That’s like comparing Yogi Berra and Yogi Ferrell
I’m the coldest poet, they never show it
I show up like the fuckin’ bear from Revenant
Barely niggas is Yogi Bear in here
Mo’, this is a picnic walk
I sip gin, tonic in booth then I big shit talk
I’m cool, clam, collected ‘less I get pissed off
Then everybody get it like a pitch in kickball
Pimp hard, pimp hard, but think two times harder
Mulsanne parked
I bet the Pumas Usain Bolt to us
Woo! That’s a fast ass pussy cat
Ralph really rappin’ like he’s really, really in his bag yeah
Folarin like, a lot of artist father I
Think a lot of y’all been multiplying the prototype
Notice I
Don’t hang with niggas much in this industry
Been this way, niggas be hating wasting my energy
Then they say
Maybe Folarin is just a mental case
It’s not the case
I just confide in cases of Hennessy
L.A. Fitness will fill up, yeah I’m gettin’ a little bigger
Baby mama don’t notice, all my bitches can dig it
‘Bout to hit the casino, Steve O bring all the women
And if we hit the digits, the only way that we’re trickin’
Rose gold the pinky
Flows gold, the singles
Is all gold and platinum, I’m so focused really
Whole goal was really
To promote the city
Some niggas off that boat like they got motion sickness
Lord forgive me, you know that I’m flawed
But been on my job
Way more, ’cause I had a daughter
I dogged bitches before
Now talk sense into bitches
And not to give you my business
But they ain’t bitches no more
Naw, nah, fuck it let’s keep this shit goin’
I see niggas talkin’, could chalk it, grown people ignore it
But keep with the bluffin’
You see I be with people that love that shit
Love to see you public performin’, we will applaud
Now you Weekend at Bernie-lookin’
Mama purchasing urns for you, confirming you finished
I done murked you niggas
Whether first one, this verse is a hearse
It hurts me to hurt you
It burns, yeah it burns because I birthed you nigga [?]
Yeah, of course you niggas forgot
But every time I drop a single niggas hittin’ me up
Tellin’ me to give ’em a jump
Never think they’ll ever pull up
Literally I live in Maryland, Beverly Hills and the charts
Yup, and with the pen it’s like I’m like Kemba with ball
I’m Kyrie, Jamal
Crawford, guard me and you fall
Foreign features from South Korea
BTS be the shit, we about to see it
I am not North or South, I am just DMV
I’m a G, well-achieved, well-received
I’m a seasoned nigga
Yeah, boy I’m the cleanest nigga
Got soul, got style, rap genius nigga
I will not back down when you see a nigga
My whip black, like brown, Pam G’in a nigga
Yeah, Folarin like
Women like Miss Erykah
Badu, see you next lifetime, I marry ya
Playin’ though[?] nigga this gospel on my tonsils
Got the world on my hand like Kwame on Captain Planet do
I’m just a rhymer a lot of y’all just be sleepin’ on
They stay at mama’s house and get their Cheetos and cheap reefer on
They stay on social media
Being somebody doper than the person they are in person
Of course nobody meetin’ them
Folarin like, none of these niggas
Shine coming, man I’m tired of everyone of these niggas
Fuck ’em