Space Jesus Hosts IG Live “AMA” In Response To Sexual Assault Allegations

Last week, Space Jesus responded to renewed allegations of sexual assault with lengthy statements, screenshots of text conversations, and audio clips from one of his accusers. He also admitted to having sex with a 17 year old girl, though he wasn’t aware of her real age and thought she was over 18.

Today, he went on Instagram Live for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) that was largely pointless and didn’t answer many of the question that the over 3,000 people watching were asking.

He didn’t know how to use the official Q&A function on the IG Live feature, refused to respond to many people who asked him to respond to more than just two allegations, and largely just fumbled around with empty words for 20 minutes and didn’t answer anything that he hadn’t already addressed in either of his two statements.

In other words, he came unprepared and it showed. It was a stark contrast to his carefully worded first statement with screenshots and audio files.

You can read his statements here and the initial statement from Liquid Stranger that eventually caused him to come forward here.

Space Jesus’s Live AMA Discussing Assault Allegations

Space Jesus's Live AMA went pretty much as you'd expectYou can find more information on the allegations here:

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Space Jesus Responds To Accusations Of Rape, Sexual Assault, & More

Earlier today, Liquid Stranger brought to the public that various accusations against Space Jesus have been boiling beneath the surface ever since Datsik was called out back in 2018. The accusations ranged from “feeding” underaged girls drugs on the tour bus, statutory rape, forcing girls to have sex in front of his friends, harassment, assault, and more.

In light of the accusations, Space Jesus has responded with lengthy statements regarding to two of the accusers specifically. One whom he mentions by name and another who was only 17 years old at the time. In both of his statements, he maintains that he has never had nonconsensual sex with another person, and that the @evidenceagainstspacejesus Instagram account was created by a “spiteful” ex, the subject of his first statement.

Space Jesus includes a variety of audio and screenshots in his initial statement against his accuser. In the second, he takes responsibility for his actions though tries to rationalize them by saying age of consent in the state was 16. He goes on to say he’s done some “serious soul searching,” which sounds reminiscent of another apology from recently.

You can read both his statements below. He will also be doing an AMA on Monday.

I am aware that certain allegations have been made against me. I want to address this situation as thoroughly as possible. Please click this link for full statement as well as a folder of screen shots and audio recordings. TW

— MF NOOM (@spacejesus) June 26, 2020

I have never engaged in nonconsensual or illegal sexual activity in my life.
I believe in full transparency, will be addressing any and all other questions in an AMA on monday. details to follow.

— MF NOOM (@spacejesus) June 26, 2020

statement part 2

— MF NOOM (@spacejesus) June 26, 2020


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Liquid Stranger Makes Statement Regarding Space Jesus Sexual Assault Accusations

Liquid Stranger this morning released a statement acknowledging and responding to the many sexual assault accusations against Space Jesus. Space Jesus was tangentially involved during the major Datsik accusations in 2018, but for whatever reason, his involvement was pushed to the side.

Since then, as we’ve come to learn, many others have continued to come forward about their experiences with the artist, to the point that an Instagram account called @evidenceagainstspacejesus was created with screenshots of posts from many different women. These accusations ranged from “feeding” underaged girls drugs on the tour bus, statutory rape, forcing girls to have sex in front of his friends, harassment, assault, and more.

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SJ was 32 years old in 2018 (when he was on the datsik tour).

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“Space Jesus is being accused of actions that are intolerable,” Liquid Stranger says in his statement. “We cannot ignore the women who are accusing him of these actions and he must address their accusations.”

He continues, “It has been over two years since Space Jesus released music on WAKAAN. We rarely speak. We’ve been on separate paths and walks of life for a long time. If I had witnessed anyone acting in this manner, I would have intervened.”

— Liquid Stranger (@LiquidStranger) June 26, 2020

When the accusations against Datsik first came out, and Space Jesus was on that tour, he released a statement that included: “Consent is an extremely important subject that must not be taken lightly. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me the importance of valuing and respecting women, and I would never knowingly act in a way to compromise a woman’s integrity. […] I DO NOT support sexual abuse in any way […].”

— MF NOOM (@spacejesus) March 15, 2018

Space Jesus has not made any acknowledgement of the statement or these newer accusations at time of publishing. The account @FMUOASL posted a screenshot of Twitter from a moderator of Space Jesus’s Facebook group that a statement is apparently coming.


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Electric Forest Announces ‘Forest Family Camp In’ Broadcast This Weekend

Electric Forest‘s Decade One celebration would have kicked off this week, but organizers are adjusting to ensure the spirit of the festival carries on until we meet again in 2021.

The newly announced Forest Family Camp In is happening this Thursday – Sunday, featuring fan favorite recorded sets from Forest’s past. With sets from the String Cheese Incident, STS9, Subtronics, Mr. Carmack, Louis the Child, Space Jesus, Anna Lunoe, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Mija, Party Favor, Dr. Fresch, The Floozies, and so many more — it will be like Forest all over again, reimagined at home.

Electric Forest encourages attendees to get creative with it, set up tents or Forest forts, string up lights, tapestries, and re-create favorite Forest features. Fill up the coolers, charge up the speakers, and create a setting for the greatest at-home camp-IN in Forest history.

Electric Forest says, “Though we can’t travel to Rothbury to get lost in The Forest together this summer, we can bring the feeling of The Forest into our homes and our minds…”

Get more info here and tune in via EF Radio. Also, join the conversation and share photos with #ForestFamilyCampIn.


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Ever After Music Festival Officially Cancelled For 2020

Canada’s premiere bass festival, Ever After Music Festival, our neighbor to the north’s Lost Lands, has officially cancelled for 2020. The festival is unique this late in the COVID-19 era of cancellation in that it officially announced the cancellation the week of the festival. The first day was scheduled to begin tomorrow.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must further postpone Ever After Music Festival, originally scheduled for 2020, will be postponed to June 2021,” the festival writes. “We would like to thank you for your patience as we roll out this process.”

Like many other festivals, all 2020 tickets and accommodation packages will be valid for a future date across the following two years, 2021 or 2022. In addition, rather than offering direct refunds, ticket holders will be given the option to “repurpose” their ticket that will take priority in the official EAMF21 sale that will take place on August 28th.

The Ever After Music Festival 2020 lineup featured Slander B2B Subtronics, Rezz, Zeds Dead, Nora En Pure, Chris Lorenzo, Liquid Stranger, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Space Jesus, and more.

Read the festival’s full statement below.

Dear Adventurers,It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must further postpone Ever After Music Festival, originally…

Posted by Ever After Music Fest on Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Photo by Tristan Renaud for Ever After Festival