Watch Tommy Lee Sparta “Bad Gyal Duppy” Video

You can always count on Tommy Lee Sparta to drop some good videos. The Mobay deejay drop the cut for his catchy single “Bad Gyal Duppy.”

Lee surrounded himself with plenty female just like the theme of the single. “Mi girlfriend got a gloc a road / Sparta gal them no take chat a road / Them no take check a body drop a road / Some wonna be thugs never shot a soul,” the Spartan deejay spits.

Earlier this month, Tommy Lee Sparta was accused of recording mumble dancehall music following the release of his new video “Cross Over” with Sean Kingston. The deejay released some excerpts of his lyrics on the single for some of his critics who are complaining that they have no idea what he is saying.


Tommy Lee Sparta Reacts To Mavado Diss Track

Tommy Lee Sparta has reacted to Mavado‘s new diss track “Timer.”

The “Uncle Demon” is out to get blood and his sight is set on a confrontation with Mavado. The Gullyside singjay link up with DJ Frass for the gritty new diss track where he took some shots at Tommy Lee. “Them a scam badness them a joker / So fi them crime a fi solve I moca / When mi set the timer its a over / Family cry and them can’t get no closure,” Mavado sings.

Tommy Lee posted a video clip on IG asking his fans if he should respond. “Wa them a say angel in a demon fight, wrong time yo go buy down a market man… who fi dead mi fans who fi dead,” he said. His fans reacted telling him to drop something for Mavado. “Mavado kill him sparta for life,” one fan wrote. “Kill everything pon the gully side all the one name flex who a call up your name. Kill all the Vendetta fool and Jahmiel.”


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Is Tommy Lee Sparta Making Mumble Dancehall Music

Tommy Lee Sparta is being accused of making mumble dancehall music?

While mumble rap became a thing in hip hop in recent years, mumble dancehall is not a thing, at least not yet. Some fans are accusing Tommy Lee Sparta of making mumble music, but unless you’re a hardcore dancehall follower you may not always understand what he is saying in his songs. Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee debut their new video for their first collaboration “Cross Over” on WorldStarHipHop yesterday and fans have been weighing in.

“WTF when since dancehall artist start with this mumble rap foolishness, this guy [Tommy Lee Sparta] isn’t even saying real words, this is trash,” one fan wrote while another added, “This guy is just making a bunch of sounds he is not even rapping they should keep this mumble foolishness out of reggae at least cats like Sean Paul and Beenie Man use real words even if its patois.”

One thing we should point out about this is that most of the critics were American based fans who are probably used to Sean Kingston reggae-pop flavor of music and not hardcore dancehall. So for those who don’t understand what Tommy Lee is saying here is a snippet of his lyrics. “Clean in a new bank robber / Time is money watch the gal them a fallow / Full of gold chains like a me name Shaba / Every body know me a the lyrical bomber / Scarface, Toni Montana, mi jus spend a million dollar / Weed me smoke me don’t run coke joke / Last boy this run up inna gun smoke,” Sparta spits.

“Any American saying they dont understand Tommy Lee verse gotta embrace it cuz u know y i don’t understand sh*t you’ll mumble rappers be saying yet still I’m from the Caribbean an i embrace you’ll sh*t so dont get it twisted,” one dancehall fan wrote. “Too me Tommy’s verse sounds more like a new style in mumbling so maybe he might be bigger than lil pump, xxxtenation, ski mask.”


Watch Sean Kingston & Tommy Lee Sparta “Cross Over”

Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta drop their long-awaited new video “Cross Over.”

The cut has been in the works since the summer and now its finally here. Kingston debuts the video on WorldStarHipHop yesterday and already it clocked 200,000 views. The OutHereVisuals-directed video starts out with SK and Tommy Lee hanging out with their crew at the mansion. The singer then gave a female a briefcase full of cash to deliver to someone but things got ugly on her journey as she was ambushed by robbers.

“Cross Over” marks the first time that Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta are working together and during the summer the reggae-pop singer announced that he wants to sign the Mobay deejay to his label Time Is Money Entertainment. “Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist since @torylanez.. mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big news soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a comment if u agree,” Kingston wrote.

Watch the video for Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta new video “Cross Over” below.


Watch Shenseea & Tommy Lee Sparta “Bridget’s & Desert” Video

Shenseea and Tommy Lee Sparta floss on their haters in their new video “Bridget’s & Desert (Pon Foot).”

The cut arrives only a few weeks after the collaboration was previewed. The single pays homage to the popular Bridges sandals and Clarks Deserts boots which are both popular in dancehall culture. The cut was directed by RD Studios and produced jointly by Romeich Entertainment and Tommy Lee’s label Guzu Musiq.

“Bridget’s & Desert” marks the first time that Shenseea and Tommy Lee Sparta are collaborating. “Them a pree and a talk and a watch yo everyday / And them man child support cyan match yo pay / When you a make moves them a pussycl**t play / Weh them know bout you girl,” Sparta deejay. The track is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music for streaming.

Shenseea made some major breakthrough in dancehall this year following the success of her collaborative single with Vybz Kartel, “Loodi.” The Mobay deejay is also having a great year with a handful of hits as he continues to push his gothic dancehall movement. The formula has been working great for him since his Gaza days so why change it now. Watch the official video for “Bridget’s & Desert (Pon Foot)” below.


Tommy Lee Sparta and Shenseea Previews New Song “Bridgets & Desert”

Tommy Lee Sparta and Shenseea previews their upcoming collaboration “Bridgets & Desert (Pon Foot).”

The female dancehall hitmaker previews the single on IG on Monday and it sounds fire. The track was co-produced by Romeich Entertainment and Tommy Lee’s own label Guzu Music and will be available on Apple Music and Spotify sometime this week. “Bridgets pon foot and money in a hand / Any bloodclat thing weh mi want mi ago have / Big house pon hill that a no the cliche / Mi have three big mansions where mi can stay,” Shenseea deejay.

“Them a pree and a talk and a watch yo everyday / Them run when child support fi pay / When yo a make moves them a play / Wa them know bout you girl,” Tommy Lee spits. The collaboration has been in the works for a few months now since the two deejays were spotted in the studio earlier this year. This will be the first collaboration between Tommy Lee Sparta and Shenseea. Check back with soon for the full song.

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Tommy Lee Sparta Talks Vybz Kartel and Working On New Album

Tommy Lee Sparta is speculating if stress from being locked up is the reason for Vybz Kartel‘s recent health issues.

Kartel spent a week in the hospital last week for a severe kidney infection. He is currently back behind bars, but his family members are deeply concerned about his health. Tommy Lee spoke with What’s Up where he expressed his shock and concerns for his former mentor’s health. “Vybz Kartel in the hospital me no know if it’s stress cause it,” he said.

“Me just wish him a speedy recovery yo see me, just want the dog [Vybz Kartel] forward a road and be there for his kids because they are turning into men now and they need him to guidance,” Sparta added. Tommy Lee also said that he is currently working on his debut album which will be comprised of only new singles. Seems the new album will be part of his new deal with Sean Kingston’s label.

“Look like they need an album so it me a work on right now,” he said. “I start to work on the album already. Pure new songs and these songs are different levels of songs because of the type of riddim a some big producers in America I am voicing for.”

Tommy Lee Sparta didn’t revealed the title or release date for the album.


Popcaan Pleads With Jamaican Gangsters To Stop Killings

Dancehall artist Popcaan is pleading with Jamaican gangsters to stop the killings.

The Jamaican government is currently running out of ideas as the crime grips the island leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake. Last month, Tommy Lee Sparta gave a lengthy speech on stage during a performance in his native Montego Bay where he told his fans to put an end to the murders. On Sunday, Popcaan posted a video on Instagram telling gang members, some of who listen to his music, to stop killing each other.

“It’s the Unruly Boss this,” Popcaan said while smoking a blunt. “Whole a meds in the Sunday morning in the bush. I am going to talk to the ghetto youths them now. Too much killing going on in the place dog, the man them a war and killing off each other too much brothers. Hear what I am saying, I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re fighting for, but the man them just need to hold it on a level because hear is what’s going on now. There are a lot of money out there in the world to make, but killing is not the solution.”

Popcaan also said that he can speak to whats going on because he is from the streets and he made a life for himself in music and is able to tour the world and make a lot of money.

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Tommy Lee Sparta Drop Video For Alkaline Diss “Not A Formula”

Tommy Lee Sparta drop a video for one of his Alkaline diss songs “Not A Formula.”

The Mobay deejay has been hammering Alkaline with diss songs all year and he is showing no signs of easing up. Check out this music video that depicts the Spartan leader getting a tattoo while spitting rhymes over a dancehall beat. “Me no need not a formula fi dash them weh,” he sings in the hook.

In another scene, Tommy Lee and his crew put on their signature masks while smoking blunts. “Me will circle your ends bare face / And me don’t fear judge / And me don’t fear case,” he raps. Sparta recently did an interview where he stated that he has been trying to stay out of trouble because cops have targeted him over the years. He currently has a pending lottery scam case that has been delayed a few times in the Home Circuit Court. The deejay says that he is looking to put that case behind him.

Watch the video for Tommy Lee Sparta song “Not A Formula” below.


Tommy Lee Sparta Says He Misses Vybz Kartel Talks Sean Kingston Deal

Tommy Lee Sparta says that he misses Vybz Kartel while opening up about his pending deal with Sean Kingston.

Sparta is one of Vybz Kartel’s former protege and he along with Popcaan and Vanessa Bling went on to have well recognized careers in dancehall. While all three artists are not on good terms with the incarcerated deejay, that doesn’t mean that they don’t often praise him on stage and in songs. Speaking with Anthony Miller on ER, Tommy Lee says he deeply misses Kartel and want him to be released from prison.

“Kartel know artists any artists that you see Kartel take, every single artist in the Gaza bad [great], because he has a good ears and him know what he is looking for,” the Mobay deejay said. When asked by Miller if he misses Vybz Kartel, Lee didn’t hesitate to say yes. “Me miss Kartel yes yo think its an easy thing that he is going through. Remember Kartel is a man who is use to his girls, him money, him hype life.”

Tommy Lee Sparta also revealed that he is currently in talks with Sean Kingston for a new record deal on the singer’s Time Is Money Entertainment label. “It’s going to be signed, its just the paperwork we going through and putting some agreements together,” Lee said. “They came with and agreement and we put forward our agreement also.”


Tommy Lee Sparta Makes Emotionally Plea To Stop Crime In Mobay

Tommy Lee Sparta speak out in an emotional plea to stop crime and violence in his hometown Montego Bay.

The dancehall deejay’s plea came just after the Jamaican government announced that Mount Salem, St James, will be the first Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) in the Parish. The ZOSO program will see joint police and military operations in these areas and strict curfew is enforced to dismantle criminal gangs and recover guns. Tommy Lee says he simply wants peace and for individuals to work out their differences rather than take each others life.

During a recent performance at Margaritaville in Montego Bay, Tommy Lee took time out to talk to the audience about the killings going on in and around the city. “From the other day its pure killings am hearing about and I just want to tell the youths to stop the killings because it’s embarrassing,” the deejay said in his emotional plea. Sparta also calls for a stop to the killings of women and children which has been a major problem in the country over the last few years.

Tommy Lee Sparta recently signed a new deal with Sean Kingston’s label Time Is Money Entertainment. The deejay says that even though he has recorded a lot of violent music it doesn’t mean that he supports real life violence.

The “Soul Reaper” deejay has his own legal troubles to deal with including a pending trial for lottery scam. He was also named as a person of interest for different criminal incidents across the island over the last few years. Sparta also said that his past affiliation with Vybz Kartel, who was convicted of murder, is having a ripple effect on his career and his ability to travel overseas to perform. Some industry legal experts say all he now needs is proper representation to clear the cloud from over his head.


Tommy Lee Sparta Blames Vybz Kartel For Career Setbacks

Tommy Lee Sparta is blaming his travel woes squarely at the feet of Vybz Kartel.

Gazanation fans will likely go HAM on Tommy Lee Sparta for making this statement, but some industry attorneys are saying that he is absolutely right about his assessment. Sparta was one of Vybz Kartel’s most loyal proteges before he was sent to prison for life for a 2014 murder conviction. The big question now is Kartel’s legal troubles affecting artists who were previously associated with him like Tommy Lee and Popcaan.

We’re told that both artists are unable to secure a U.S. visa because of their affiliation to Vybz Kartel. The “Soul Reaper” deejay says that he has been going through hell while trying to travel overseas for his shows. “I feel like they put something on my name,” Sparta said. “Every time I try to travel, they treat me different, like I am some bomber. When they run my passport, Vybz Kartel business come up and everything. They are acting like I am involved in certain things and pure red lines come up on my documents at the airports. I don’t know who did it to my documents.”

Tommy Lee Sparta currently has a mountain of legal troubles and is currently awaiting trial for lottery scam. On three separate times, he was named a person of interest in different crimes in Kingston and Montego including a shooting incident. He was never charged with a crime. Some legal experts inside the dancehall space are saying that the artist has a point about being affected by Vybz Kartel’s legal problems, but all he needs is proper legal representation to clear his team. Tommy Lee has been unable to travel to the United States for shows for years and just last month Popcaan was denied travel documents to take part in the Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta.


Watch Tommy Lee Sparta New Video “40 BALL”

Tommy Lee Sparta went on a crime spree in his new “40 Ball” music video.

Tommy Lee Sparta is keeping hardcore dancehall alive and one thing you expect from the Mobay deejay is a well put together music video. The dark cut saw the “40 Ball” deejay rolling out with his crew and you can hear the sound of the AMG Benz peeling off tires into the night. One of his loyal females then went on a date with his target before going back to his place.

She then sent Tommy Lee their location and the deejay turned up with his goons a short time later and kidnapped and tortured his target. The video was directed by 300KJA. The track is currently available on all major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play.


Listen Tommy Lee Sparta Song “Murda Dem” (Alkaline & Mavado Diss)

Tommy Lee Sparta gets graphic with his new single “Murda Dem” which is being touted as an Alkaline and Mavado diss track.

The Mobay deejay channels Afrobeat artists while spitting rhymes over the new Grim Reaper Riddim, produced by JJ Productions. “Yo mumma head will last when the shatty gun blast / All who a talk unnu better jump fast / Hallow point fall like the weather forecast / Make yo head soft like a… / Yo woulda fool if yo run on pon paw / Them ya lion will smoke yo like raw,” Sparta deejay.

Alkaline also released on Wednesday a gritty new diss track “Buss Head” aimed at Tommy Lee Sparta. The two dancehall deejays are two of the hottest artists in the genre currently and fans are watching this musical feud closely to see who will come out on top.


Alkaline Drops Gritty Tommy Lee Sparta Diss Track “Buss Head”

Alkaline come through with a gritty Tommy Lee Sparta diss track titled “Buss Head.”

Someone inside the Vendetta camp sent us the new record this morning (Aug. 23) and now Alkaline has uploaded it to his Vevo channel. Already the track is racking up the views and is one of the most talked about tracks in dancehall currently. The single was produced by Alkaline’s go to producer DJ Frass and features the Detta deejay getting explicit of where he wants to take this war/beef between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta.

“Tell unnu fi low the badness and pre gal / We humans but we a no equals / War can’t buyout it can’t resolve / Don’t need police it no hard fi we resolve / Vendetta don’t style them but we deadly / Pu**y them a chat like Beverly / Anything a Anything tell them we ready,” Alkaline rhymes over a base heavy dancehall beat.

This marks the second diss record Alkaline released this year aimed at Tommy Lee Sparta, while the Mobay deejay has already released a handful of tracks dissing his rival. Back in March, the Vendetta leader stirred up some controversy with a track called “Red Eyes” where he used a photo of Tommy Lee’s eye in the artwork. The Spartan deejay recently joked about it in an interview where he said that Alka used his “good good eye” and put in his artwork.


Vybz Kartel Gaza Fans Trolling Alkaline Over This Photo

Vybz Kartel‘s Gazanation fans are some of the most loyal fans in dancehall and it’s always best to not get on their bad sides.

By extension, a lot of Gaza fans will also support former Gaza members like Tommy Lee Sparta. Last week, Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta got into it with Alkaline‘s Vendetta fans when the reggae pop singer posted a video of himself playing with the Mobay deejay’s hair and another clip of him sleeping inside his Porsche.

Alkaline took a subliminal shot at both artists calling them b*tches and that didn’t go over well for the Gaza/Sparta fans. Over the weekend someone went a dug up an old photo of Alkaline and another man, but it wasn’t just another old pic. If you look closely, you will see the man finger touching Alkaline’s nipple. This could be just mere coincidence or it could be calculated. Nevertheless, this is what the beef has come down to, a war of who have the gayest pictures.

The photo has been online since around 2015, and Gazation fans are are going in on social media about it. “Long time we know that Alkline is a fish but this prove it,” one fan wrote. This is the video that Sean Kingston posted on IG of himself putting his hands in Tommy Lee Sparta’s hair. Do you think fans are reaching or is there something in this photo and video to be concerned about? Sound off in comments below.

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Did Alkaline Turn Down Sean Kingston Offer To Sign Him Before Beef

Alkaline may have turned down Sean Kingston‘s offer to sign him to his label before they started beefing.

Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and already he is stirring things up from signing Tommy Lee Sparta to his label Time is Money Entertainment, to beefing with his former collaborator Alkaline. Sources around the Vendetta deejay exclusively told Dancehall HipHop this weekend that Sean Kingston tried to get a signature from him and he said no.

“The fans will soon see that it’s just a bag of badmind thing just because he tried to sign Alka and the youth turned him down,” sources said. “Alkaline flat out turn down his offer because it was a bad deal plus his label not bringing much to the table right now. Tory Lanez leave and all the other artists he signed turn worthless, so any man want to get frighten and sign with him that’s their choice.”

Sean Kingston and Alkaline left from collaborating on “Ride On Me (Remix)” to beefing, but the reggae pop singer is saying its just because he said Gaza why the “Champion Boy” deejay don’t like him. “It’s just because we said Gaza so some boy start hate,” a rep for Kingston told DHH. “We been saying Gaza from long time even before anybody hear about Alkaline so this is not something new.”

Earlier this week, Kingston got into it with Vendetta fans after posting a video of Tommy Lee Sparta sleeping inside his Porsche. Alkaline called both artists a b*tch on Instagram.

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Watch Tommy Lee Sparta New Video “Grim Grim Rave” Video

Tommy Lee Sparta wants all his fans to party for the rest of the summer to his new video “Grim Rim Rave.”

The “Uncle Demon” deejay just signed a new deal with Sean Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment making him the newest artist to call the label home. The 4-minutes clip was directed by Cinema Gods while the single was produced by Silver Birds Records. The video starts out with Tommy Lee Sparta and his crew hosting a pool party with plenty bikini clad females.

They then took the party inside his mansion at night fall and party until day break. Tommy Lee Sparta is having a great year this year with a number of singles in heavy rotation on dancehall airwaves. He is looking to close out the year with his new deal with Sean Kingston.


Sean Kingston Signs Tommy Lee Sparta To Time Is Money Label

Sean Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and he is not playing. The reggae-pop singer signed Tommy Lee Sparta to his Time is Money Entertainment label.

Sean Kingston has a contract with Warner Bros. Records so this means that Tommy Lee will be getting representation from Warner. Kingston made the announcement on Instagram on Monday without divulging the nature of the contract. Sources are telling us that the deal is a management contract, which means the Mobay deejay will retain control over his music.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist since @torylanez.. mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big news soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a comment if u agree,” Sean Kingston wrote on IG. Tommy Lee Sparta has been having a great year with a ton of new music dominating the dancehall airwaves so this signing could be the icing on the cake to cap off a great year.

Haven't been this excited about signing a artist since @torylanez.. mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big news soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a comment if u agree ??

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Watch Tommy Lee Sparta Sings Happy Birthday To Spice

Tommy Lee Sparta and Spice are both having a phenomenal year in dancehall and last night was lit.

Spice host her 34th birthday party on Friday night at Oneil’s Car Park and the show was lit, Tommy Lee Sparta, who performed at the event, was in fine form getting the crowd hyped up. While performing with Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta took a moment to sing her happy birthday and the crowd was loving it.

“Am going to sing happy birthday to Spice but I don’t want anybody laugh at me,” Tommy Lee said. The party also saw Spice performing with D’Angel, Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching and other. Both Spice and Tommy Lee also performed together on the same stage last week at Dream Weekend in Negril.

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Tommy Lee Says Alkaline “Use My Good Good Eye On His Art”

Tommy Lee Sparta is reacting to Alkaline using his eye on the cover art of the single “Red Eyes.”

Back in March, Alkaline released his first ever Tommy Lee diss track titled “Red Eyes.” On the cover art of the single, the Vendetta deejay cleverly used a photo of the Spartan deejay’s eye. The whole thing was hilarious and now Tommy Lee’s response is even more hilarious. “True him take my good good eye and put in a him thing I just shoot up back him mask,” Tommy Lee said in a recent interview.

The Mobay deejay released a new single last week title “Target” and on the cover art he used a Vendetta mask covered in bullets and blood. Seems like this beef is turning into a war on who can come up with the best cover art, but so far Tommy Lee has already released more than half a dozen diss records. Alkaline has only released one track and has side step the beef for the most part except for a small jab during his performance at Reggae Sumfest last month.


New Music: Tommy Lee Sparta – “Happy Life”

Tommy Lee Sparta wants a “Happy Life” for his fans but they have to work hard for it.

The Mobay deejay has been very busy in the studio this year dropping a ton of new music including several diss tracks aimed at Alkaline. “Ghetto youths want happy life, happy life / But you affi work hard for it / Everybody want happy life the flashy life / But mi deh ya a gwaan search for it,” Tommy Lee Sparta deejay over a beat produced by Ricardo Gowe Records.

The former Gaza deejay is currently having a great year with several of his new singles in heavy rotation on dancehall airwaves. Listen his new single “Happy Life” below.


Tommy Lee Sparta Calls For Peace As Murder Grips Mobay

Tommy Lee Sparta is calling for peace as the murder rate spikes in his hometown Montego Bay.

The Mobay deejay used a part of his performance at last weekend’s Reggae Sumfest to call for peace in the city as violence and murder reached an all-time high. Roughly 130 people have been murdered in Montego Bay since the start of 2017, prompting political leaders and law enforcement to bond together to come up with solutions.

“Big up everybody,” Tommy Lee said on stage. “One love. Big up every youth inna MoBay. Wi seh one MoBay. Have respect for each other. Ease off a di heap of killing and the bag of violence, yuh zimi, big woman thing. One MoBay, one Jamaica, one world, peace out.”

Tommy Lee Sparta performed a well received set at Reggae Sumfest 2017 despite being cut short due to time constraints. Watch video footage from his performance below.


Tommy Lee Sparta Drop Two New Alkaline Diss Tracks “Target” & “19 Duppy”

Alkaline diss Tommy Lee Sparta during his performance on Reggae Sumfest last weekend and now the Mobay deejay responded with two new diss tracks “Target” and “19 Duppy.”

It’s been months now since Tommy Lee been dropping diss records and Alkaline has so far only responded once with a track called “Red Eyes” where he used Tommy Lee Sparta’s photo on the artwork. In a leaked voice note, the “Uncle Demon” deejay spoke about the artwork ahead of his performance at Sumfest.

On the artwork for the single “Target,” Tommy Lee used the famous Vendetta mask but in this case, it looks like something out of a horror movie, riddled with bullets and splattered with blood. The single was produced by Damage Music, while the second track “19 Duppy” was produced by Bombshop Records.


Alkaline Diss Tommy Lee Sparta Returns To Sumfest With A Bang

Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta returns to Reggae Sumfest with a big bang. The two dancehall rivals put on a show for their fans in Montego Bay on Friday night.

The new owners of Reggae Sumfest, Downsound Entertainment, pulled off another hugely successful staging of one of the most popular reggae music festivals in the world after taking it over last year. Both Dancehall Night and International Reggae Night saw a massive turnout of fans and local artists were in fine form.

Alkaline made a grand entrance on stage approximately 6 AM Saturday and perhaps the high point of his performance was when he dissed Tommy Lee Sparta in his backyard at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex. “Hey bwoy Nyammy Lee,” Alkaline said on stage as the crowd went wild. The Vendetta boss kicked off his performance with “Formula” a song that French Montana remake for his new album Jungle Rules. Alkaline even performed his Tommy Lee diss record “Red Eyes.”

A few weeks before Sumfest, Tommy Lee Sparta made a statement warning Alkaline not to try anything in his home town Montego Bay. He even made reference to the “Champion Boy” deejay using his eyes on the cover art of his diss single “Red Eyes.” But Alka ignored the threats and did exactly what Tommy Lee Sparta told him not to.


Mavado Diss Popcaan & Shout-out Vybz Kartel At Sumfest

Without discounting the performance from other artists, Mavado had arguably the best performance at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Some of the highlights from the Gully Gad’s set was when he dissed Popcaan and also gave his longtime dancehall nemesis Vybz Kartel a shout-out. Mavado’s energetic set was laced with several of his hits from the beginning of his career in the mid-2000s to his more current ones like his Popcaan diss record “Beat and Teach” and “Dem Run Eeen.” “Diss them the real way and them can’t defend it,” Vado said.

Mavado also performed with Alkaline during the Vendetta boss set. A number of other big names also put on a good show in front a strong turnout. Dexta Daps, Spice, Alkaline, Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee Sparta all put on a good show way into the early morning on Saturday. Despite some previous issues with Masicka’s performance time, the Genahsyde deejay still took the stage and put on a show for his fans.


Tommy Lee Sparta Lottery Scam Case Push Back To October

Tommy Lee Sparta still has a lottery scam cloud over his head because his trial was once again postponed.

The dancehall deejay was in court last week with his attorney when the judge postponed the highly anticipated trial until October 13. The trial was delayed because no courtroom was available to accommodate the case. In 2014, Tommy Lee Sparta along with three of his associates were charged for possession of identity information under the Law Reform Fraudulent Transaction Special Provisions Act.

According to the police report, in February 2014, cops raided a house that the deejay was renting in Kingston 5 where they found documents containing the names and personal information of persons living in the United States. The “Uncle Demon” deejay and several other occupants in the house were arrested and slapped with various charges related to the Anti-Lottery Act.


Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta Delivered At Chromatic Live

Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta were in fine form at last weekend’s show Chromatic Live at Mass Camp, Stadium North.

Both former members of the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire performed together for a small segment of their performance with Tommy Lee even took the opportunity to shout-out Kartel. Popcaan apologize to the security forces on site a few times for using obscene language during his performance, but the crowd was loving it.

Popcaan performed a medley of his popular hits like “When You Wine Like That,” “Only Man She Want,” “Never Sober,” “Unruly Party,” and “Addicted.” The Hotskull deejay even invited dancehall legend Beenie Man for a small segment of his performance. Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers dance crew also performed on the event while Chromatic sound system provided the music.

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