The Foreign Ministry said that the emergency at Nord Stream occurred in the US intelligence zone

Russian Foreign Ministry: Nord Stream accidents occurred in the US intelligence zone Maria Zakharova explained that the accidents occurred in the exclusive economic zones of Denmark and Sweden, and these are “NATO-centric countries” that are completely under the control of US intelligence

Accidents at the Nord Stream gas pipelines and Nord Stream 2 took place in a zone controlled by American special services, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on the air of Solovyov.Live.

“[Sweden and Denmark, whose special economic zones have been leaked]— these are the most NATO-centric countries. These are the countries that are stuffed with American weapons, these are the very countries that are completely controlled by the American special services, are absolutely and definitely under the control of the special services of the United States of America, which are completely— I emphasize, completely— control the situation there, — she is convinced.

In response to Vladimir Solovyov’s question about whether Moscow was ready to blame the United States for what had happened, Zakharova said: “Here we are not talking about readiness, here we are talking about the beginning of a big job.”

< p>The incident, which became known on September 26, resulted in at least four leaks on both pipes. The Kremlin has not previously ruled out that sabotage could lead to accidents. Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden, in whose exclusive economic zones damage was recorded, reported powerful explosions in the area of ​​the incident.

The Russian Embassy in the United States stated the need for a thorough and objective investigation of the accidents and noted that the destruction of Russian gas pipelines is beneficial for Washington. The diplomatic mission also recalled the American warships that were at the site of damage to Russian infrastructure the day before the incident, and the promise of United States President Joe Biden to “put an end” to Nord Stream 2 in case of “invasion” Russia to Ukraine.

The words of the American leader were also recalled by the representative of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. After that, the White House clarified that Biden promised not to destroy Nord Stream 2, but only to prevent its commissioning. Zakharova found this indication unconvincing: in her opinion, in the words of the representatives of the American administration, “there was a clear threat from official Washington, including one reinforced by the president's statement about the termination of this project.”

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Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski posted a photo from the scene on Twitter after the accident on gas pipelines and wrote: “Thank you, USA.” Zakharova, in response, asked if these words could be interpreted as an official statement about a terrorist attack.

After the emergency, the German publication Spiegel reported, citing sources, that a few weeks earlier, the US CIA had warned Berlin about potential attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic sea.

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The largest oil trader spoke about the US plan to replace Russian oil in the EU

Russia will have to sell oil in other markets at a discount, says Vitol's director. The EU plans to introduce a ceiling on commodity prices ) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

The United States will supply Europe with more than 1 million barrels of oil per day. oil to replace Russian crude. This was stated by the director of the Swiss-Dutch company Vitol, which is the world's largest oil trader, Russell Hardy on the sidelines of the 38th Asia-Pacific Oil Conference, Reuters reports.

According to Hardy, they will look for a “home” for Russian raw materials outside the US, UK and EU. “[Oil] will go farther and farther and find other markets, while it will have to be sold at a discount,” — says the director of the company.

In May, the European Union agreed to a ban on sea shipments of Russian oil, but the embargo did not affect the export of raw materials through pipelines, through which EU members, including Hungary, Germany and Poland, received about a third of the oil. Due to the decision of Poland and Germany to refuse any form of Russian oil supplies (by sea and pipelines), by the end of the year it will only enter the EU through the southern part of the Druzhba pipeline, which accounts for 10% of the total volume of oil purchased by the European Union from Russia, said the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The embargo is due to take effect in December. It will concern raw materials in their pure form and mixtures— so-called blends. If Russian and non-Russian oil is mixed in the batch, then it will be completely banned. However, if the supplier can clearly show which part of the batch is not produced in Russia, this part will be allowed on the European market.

Later, on September 23, the Financial Times, citing sources, reported that the eighth package of EU sanctions in response to partial mobilization and referendums in Donbass would include provisions for a ceiling on Russian oil prices. Bloomberg, citing sources, claimed that a decision could be made within a few weeks. The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that the country will stop supplying oil to those states that impose a price ceiling. The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, noted that this would lead to an increase in world prices for raw materials.

In late March, President Joe Biden announced his intention to release a record amount of crude oil— 180 million barrels— within six months to combat rising fuel prices and market disruptions. According to the plan, the US sells about 1 million barrels. oil per day. By September 16, strategic crude oil reserves in the United States fell to 427.2 million barrels, followed from a report by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The Wall Street Journal wrote that this figure was the lowest since 1984.

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Bulgarian court allows extradition of Russian hacker to US – media

The Bulgarian court allowed the immediate extradition for further criminal prosecution of 36-year-old Russian citizen Denis Kloster. In the United States, he is accused of computer offenses, according to the Bulgarian publication 24 Hours.

The extradition was allowed on the basis of an official request from the US Department of Justice and the submitted documentation. The citizen of the Russian Federation has already agreed to be handed over to the US authorities. He believes that he will be able to prove his innocence in an American court.

The Bulgarian court decided to arrest Kloster until he was handed over to US officials. The court decision is not subject to appeal.

Earlier, hackers acting under the nickname Adrastea reported that they were selling data to MBDA Missile Systems, the largest arms manufacturer in Europe.

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US announces India’s openness to oil price ceiling

Deputy Finance Minister Wally Adeyemo stressed that India is considering the possibility of joining the imposition of a cap on Russian oil

India is open to the idea of ​​imposing a price cap on Russian oil— the measure by which a number of Western countries hope to deprive Russia of increased revenues from a jump in energy prices and at the same time not cause a new increase,— U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told Bloomberg.

“This weekend I was encouraged by a message from India's oil minister that they are considering joining,”— he explained.

However, he added that even if some countries do not decide to join the initiative that the G7 member states are promoting, they will still have more opportunities to negotiate price reductions in the future.

On Monday, the Minister of Oil and Gas Hardeep Singh Puri reported that India is aware of the proposal of the G7 countries to limit the price of Russian oil and will carefully consider it.

India has been actively buying Russian oil since April, wrote Nikkei Asia. Then imports amounted to 390 thousand barrels per day, in May— 650 thousand barrels, in June— 980 thousand (according to Reuters— 950 thousand).

At the beginning of the summer, Russia became the second largest oil exporter to India, overtaking Saudi Arabia in terms of supplies. Iraq came first. Reuters then wrote that the interest of buyers from Europe in oil from Russia decreased against the backdrop of sanctions, so India got the opportunity to make purchases at a big discount.

Read on RBC Pro Pro You can trade remotely on Chinese marketplaces. What You Need to Know How To Pro The Loser Scenario: Who's Affected And How To Avoid It follow the Iranian path in the IT sector >G7 countries have agreed to introduce a ceiling on the cost of Russian oil on September 2. This means that companies will refuse to insure and provide financial support for tankers with Russian oil if it costs more than the agreed ceiling.

The G7 finance ministers did not indicate its size in the final communiqué: “The initial price limit will be set at a level based on a set of technical data and will be determined by the entire coalition prior to implementation in each jurisdiction.

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), 90% of the ships in the world are insured by the British “International Group of Clubs Mutual Insurance» (International Group of P & I Clubs). Britain is one of the countries participating in the G7.

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Bloomberg learned about Biden’s plans to limit US investment in China

According to agency sources, Biden intends to create a system in the United States that will allow the government to directly block investments in China's technology sector /756621881448911.jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” > < source srcset=" 320w" media="(max-width: 320px)" >

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Bloomberg learned about Biden's plans to limit US investment in China" />< /p>

The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering taking measures that would limit US investment in Chinese technology companies. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.

According to one of the interlocutors of the agency, the president may sign a corresponding decree “in the coming months.” It is possible that separate steps will be taken in relation to the social network TikTok. The Commerce Department, according to the source, may impose additional restrictions on chips used for artificial intelligence systems.

The White House is also discussing legislation with Congress that would require companies to disclose in advance information about possible investments in certain sectors of the Chinese economy. added another source. In addition, the creation of a system that will allow the government to block investments directly is being discussed, but a final decision has not been made at the moment.

Bloomberg notes that prior to this, the United States conducted a softer policy towards China's technology sector. The exceptions were the semiconductor industry and companies such as Huawei and Semiconductor, which are accused of endangering US national security.

Last week, the US government informed the American company Nvidia about the introduction of new export licenses for China and Russia: now its products are prohibited from being sold to these countries. Under the new licensing requirements, restrictions apply to GPU (graphics processing unit) accelerators that meet certain performance criteria, such as the A100 and H100 series products. Such models are used to work with artificial intelligence and increase the performance of calculations at times.

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As stated in a document on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in this way, the US authorities want to eliminate the risk that products covered by an export license can be used or diverted for “military end use”; in China and Russia.

Former US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning American funds from investing in Chinese companies in November 2020. Trump banned investments in 31 companies, including Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Railway Construction Corporation. In the last days of his presidency, Trump added nine more companies to the list, among which was Xiaomi.

Later, Biden expanded the list to 59 companies. Among others, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China State Military Industrial Company (CASIC) and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) were included in the list.

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US general urges US authorities to allow Ukraine to attack Russian territory

Retired American Brigadier General Mark Arnold told Channel 24 that NATO and the US should give Kyiv weapons to strike deep into Russia and allow such attacks.


Retired American brigadier general Mark Arnold, in an interview with Channel 24, said that NATO and the United States should give Kyiv weapons to strike deep into Russia and allow such attacks.

According to him, the requirement of Western countries for Ukraine not to use weapons received from allies against Moscow is a “big strategic mistake.”

“White House officials and their allies should provide the Kyiv regime with weapons capable of delivering strikes on Russian territory. Now I'm not talking about Crimea. NATO and the United States say: “Do not strike at the territory of Russia”. I think that such words are stupid,” Arnold said.

He clarified that in order to achieve their goals, the Armed Forces need to attack objects that “located hundreds of kilometers inland of Russia.”



US intelligence promised to assess the threat due to papers found on Trump

U.S. Intelligence to Assess Security Threats from Trump's Seized Documents Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes sent a letter to Congress promising to assess the potential national security risk from documents found during a search of the ex-president

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="US intelligence has promised to assess the threat due to papers found on Trump"/>

U.S. intelligence will assess the potential national security risk if documents found during a search of former President Donald Trump's residence become public, Reuters and Politico report, citing a letter from Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes to the chairman of the House Intelligence Select Committee. Adam Schiff and House Oversight Committee Chairperson Carolyn Maloney.

“We are pleased that, in response to our appeal, Director Haynes confirmed that intelligence and the Department of Justice are assessing the damage that may have been caused by the improper storage of classified documents in Mar-a-Lago, — Maloney and Schiff said in a statement cited by Politico.

On August 26, the DOJ released an affidavit (authenticated affidavit) from an FBI agent who said the bureau had identified 184 documents containing “national defense information” after after Trump returned 15 boxes of papers to the US National Archives. They, according to the testimony, also contained handwritten notes of the ex-president.

According to Schiff and Maloney, the published testimony “confirms serious concerns” Congress because among the documents found at the Trump residence, there are those that can cause damage.

On August 8, FBI agents raided the residence of the former American leader. The National Archives and Records Administration suggested in February that Trump had taken 15 boxes of documents, including classified documents, from the White House. The papers were later returned, but the DOJ initiated the issuance of a search warrant by the FBI to make sure the agents made sure that he had no documents removed.

According to the inventory of the seized, 11 sets of documents were found in Mar-a-Lago, on some of them were labeled “confidential”, “secret”, “top secret”; and “confidential classified information.” The former president was suspected, among other things, of violating the law on espionage, wrote Politico.

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China vows to retaliate if US provokes in Taiwan Strait

The Chinese Armed Forces, against the backdrop of US ships in the Taiwan Strait, declared full combat readiness Two American cruisers entered the Taiwan Strait – the US Navy called ship movements routine. Beijing recalled that the army is in a state of full combat readiness, and stated that they would monitor the cruisers .jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

The Chinese military is monitoring the movements of US ships in the Taiwan Strait and maintaining full combat readiness, the country's military said in a statement to Reuters.

Earlier, the agency, citing three US officials, said that the Strait entered two ships of the US Navy— cruisers Chancellorsville and Antietam.

The Navy subsequently confirmed to the agency that the ships made a “routine crossing of the Taiwan Strait” without violating international law. Such actions usually take from eight to 12 hours.

Reuters writes that the ships are crossing the strait for the first time since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in early August. Her trip led to an aggravation of relations between Washington and Beijing: the latter called the actions of the American side an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of China and said that Pelosi's visit is contrary to the “one China” policy, which the United States formally adheres to.


Against this background, the Chinese army declared a state of full combat readiness. Beijing announced that it had begun firing exercises near the island— Taiwan also increased its combat readiness after that.

After Pelosi's visit, three more American delegations visited Taiwan. The Chinese authorities condemned their arrival and warned the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party of doomed to failure “attempts to persuade external anti-Chinese forces to provocations.” ready to fulfill any whim. Why is this a reason to change a doctor Instructions Pro In Russia, managers are expected to be masculine. How it limits creativity Instructions Pro “Feeling of omnipotence”: billionaire Igor Rybakov – about the benefits of sports Articles Pro Strongest. Business by Netflix Rules Summary Pro How an otaku can help you choose the right market niche Articles Pro Simons, Marks and other billionaires got rid of these shares: an overview Articles Pro In 1949, he announced secession from China. The PRC authorities still consider the island their territory, the United States does not officially recognize its independence either.

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Dozens lay down outside the US embassy as part of an action against leaf mines

At the United States Embassy in the capital of the Russian Federation, an action is being held with reference to the anti-personnel mines “Petal”, which are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the civilian population of the Donetsk People's Republic. Dozens of citizens decided to lie on the ground next to the stickers of the mines. 

Ukrainian military scatter “Petals” in Donetsk, Lisichansk, Makeevka and other settlements of the DPR. Moscow activists called for the Kiev government to be held accountable for this. They believe that the US authorities need to pay attention to civilians who become victims of the criminal actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Readovka Telegram channel reports.

Earlier it was reported that about a dozen images of anti-personnel min “Petal”. The images include text that says Ukraine continues to use Petals. against the civilian population.

Let us remind you that the mines «Petal» prohibited by the Ottawa Convention, which Ukraine ratified in 2005. The projectile is especially dangerous for the civilian population, because it is difficult to recognize it due to its unusual shape. In addition, the mine can work spontaneously when heated by the sun's rays.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation sent UN Secretary General António Guterres data on the use of these explosive devices by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Relevant photos were attached to the appeal.

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Received an explanation of the new US strikes in Syria

The race for oil continues, but relations between Iran and the United States will not change

Following the tension over Taiwan and the start of military exercises in South Korea, there is a reason to recall the Middle East “hot spots” . The United States also attacked the Syrian Deir ez-Zor. The airstrikes were attributed to America's response to an attack against the Al-Tanf military base in Syria on August 15th. What are the consequences of Washington's actions – Let's understand our material.

Photo: AP

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden ordered airstrikes against Iranian-backed groups in Syria, CNN reported. The order comes just over a week after several rockets landed near a US military base in northeast Syria.

Biden “directed these strikes in accordance with his authority.” under Article II, to defend and protect US personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iranian-backed groups,” the US Central Command said in an official statement.

Joe Buccino, spokesman for the Central Command (CENTCOM), also said in a statement that “the airstrikes carried out by the US military were directed against Iranian-backed groups in Deir ez-Zor in Syria. The strikes targeted infrastructure facilities used by groups associated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.” (IRGC).

Buccino added that these targeted strikes are designed to protect US forces from attacks similar to those carried out on August 15 against US personnel by Iranian-backed groups.

Recall that last week several rockets were fired at the Green Village military base in northeastern Syria. No one was hurt in the attack. On Monday, US-led coalition forces disabled several drones.

Buccino also told CNN that the US had targeted a group of bunkers used to store ammunition and logistical support for pro-Iranian groups in Syria. He also added that the US military controlled a total of 13 bunkers for more than 400 hours.

The attack was made on 11 bunkers, because the US, according to Buccino, cannot be sure that there are no people in the other two bunkers. However, foreign media noted that the strike was nevertheless carried out on 9 bunkers, since there was a small crowd of people near two more targets.

Although the airstrike on shelters was carried out in response to the attack on August 15, press the CENTCOM secretary noted that they were not used by the Iranian militias in this particular attack.

A U.S. official has previously said the attacked base has a “small number” of coalition forces, including US military personnel.

The US interest in Deir ez-Zor does not look like just defending one's own dignity. When it comes to this specific territorial zone, the personal interests of the States come to the fore.

– There are deposits of Syrian oil in Deir ez-Zor, – comments the director of the “Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia” Semyon Bagdasarov. – This oil is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is patronized by the United States. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps wants these deposits to belong to Syria. The Americans do not like this, which is why there was a blow to the IRGC units. But I believe that this situation will not affect the relations between Iran and America in any way. Tehran, I think, will still sign an agreement on the nuclear program and I don’t think that there will be any negative moments.

It’s also not worth talking about another escalation of the conflict, the expert believes, “There is a hot spot in the Syrian direction can organize Turkey. This is definitely so. But the United States to a lesser extent, so there is no need to talk about a negative scenario.

According to official figures, the United States maintains about 900 troops in Syria. They are located between the At-Tanf base and the country's eastern oil fields.



Biden will allocate $ 80 billion to US tax officials

Biden plans to allocate an additional $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service to more effectively levy taxes on wealthy citizens. According to NYP sources, in this way the US president plans to raise at least $700 billion over ten years 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden will provide an additional $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as part of his economic program, which provides for the redistribution of part of the tax burden on the rich. This is reported by the New York Times and the New York Post.

The extra money and powers will help the Internal Revenue Service “increase the demands on wealthy Americans or business owners who may hide their income from the government,” writes the NYT. According to the newspaper's source, Biden's plan provides for tax audits of all citizens whose income exceeds $400,000 a year.

According to NYP sources, in this way the US president plans to attract at least $700 billion to the budget over ten years. At the same time, the entire socio-economic program may cost the budget at least $1.5 trillion, the newspaper writes. In addition to increasing the Internal Revenue Service budget, the plan will include a program for universal preschool education, federal paid leave programs, affordable childcare, and free college education.

$80 billion for the IRS, spread over ten years, will nearly 70% more than the agency's total funding in the past decade.

To pay for the American Family Plan, the Biden administration also intends to raise the top marginal income tax rate for wealthy Americans from 23.8% to 39.6% (with a 43.4% rate when the national health insurance fee is added), according to Bloomberg. Medicare) and increase capital gains tax rates for those earning more than $1 million a year.

The White House has regularly emphasized that Biden's proposed tax hike would only affect a small number of people. “This change will only apply to three-tenths of a percent of taxpayers, <…> it is about 500 thousand. households in the country»,— said National Economic Council director Brian Deese.

According to last year's report from the US Treasury Department, more than a quarter of unpaid taxes in the United States are accounted for by the top 1% of workers, and more than 20%— by 0.5%.

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At the same time, according to Politico, the IRS staff has been declining for many years: if in 1992 it numbered 117 thousand. employees, then in 2021 it amounted to 78,661 people (the US population has grown by almost 30% since 1992).

In the US, inflation has been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has accelerated to record highs in recent months. So, in March, the consumer price index— the main indicator of inflation in the US— grew by 8.5%, the highest level since 1981. Consumer prices soared 9.1% in June, hitting a nearly 41-year high. After that, inflation slowed down.

To curb inflation, the Federal Reserve System (FRS), which functions as the US Central Bank, raised the key rate. The last time this happened at the end of July: then the rate was raised by 75 basis points— up to 2.25–2.5%.

In April 2021, Biden unveiled a $2 trillion global plan to upgrade U.S. infrastructure and industry. It provides for the allocation of $621 billion to modernize transport infrastructure, $400 billion to support the elderly and disabled, $300 billion to support the industrial sector, $213 billion to repair and build affordable housing, and $100 billion to develop broadband Internet networks.

“This is a once-in-a-generation investment in America <…>. In fact, this is the largest investment in jobs since World War II, — Biden then said. In his opinion, in this way Washington will be able to win the global competition with China.

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Tajikistan and Uzbekistan accused of transferring US aircraft to Ukraine

Bagdasarov warned of the imminent appearance of “Afghan” planes in the special operation zone

The Ukrainian army has used almost all its stocks of weapons and now fights mainly with what the West supplies it with. That is, the question of the timing of the end of the special operation is directly tied to the possibility of arms injections from NATO. And the West is not going to refuse them. Moreover, the US Senate is already talking about ballistic missiles for HIMARS and F-15 and F-16 aircraft for Kyiv, which until recently was considered absolutely impossible in the US.


Russian political scientist, historian, expert on the problems of the Middle East and Central Asia Semyon Bagdasarov told MK about a large batch of American weapons that may appear in Ukraine in the near future.

“Now a very alarming situation is developing with possible deliveries of weapons to Ukraine,” the expert says. – I want to remind you: when the Americans left Afghanistan, a large number of planes and helicopters, together with Afghan crews, flew to some Central Asian countries – former Soviet republics bordering Afghanistan. We are talking about more than a hundred aircraft and helicopters. These are our Russian Mi-17 helicopters, which the United States once bought from us for the Afghan army, and American attack aircraft capable of attacking tanks and armored vehicles.

And now, as one of the representatives said The US Department of Defense, these states bordering Afghanistan, it turns out, want to give this equipment – combat aircraft and helicopters – to the Americans. It is clear that the final destination of this delivery is Ukraine.

– These are Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

– What do you think, if the US really takes them away, they will take them home, or what? Of course not. It is not difficult to guess where they may be in the near future. I emphasize – this is 100 helicopters and planes! Can you imagine if several dozen helicopters and several dozen attack aircraft appear in the zone of our special military operation in Ukraine now?

– Nothing like this. All of it is in very good technical condition. These planes and helicopters only stood for a year in a dry climate. With them, consider, blow off the dust – and they are ready for work. At one time, part of our aviation in the Turkestan military district was in long-term storage. Then they simply removed the plugs from the planes, and they took off.

– Yes, what F-15s and F-16s! This equipment from Afghanistan may appear there in the near future and have a very serious impact on the course of hostilities. Moreover, there are ready-made Afghan crews for her. These people will do anything for the opportunity to obtain US citizenship.

– The route can go through Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, the South Caucasus, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. And Romania – it took off and sat down already in Ukraine.

– And where is our reaction to this? Why can't we create a situation where it would be impossible to do this? Yes, these so-called allies practically spat in our face.

These CSTO countries first participated in the EFES-2022 exercise under the auspices of the United States. Then there were two countries. Now, three CSTO countries are participating in the exercises, which are being held jointly with the United States in Central Asia. And we still sincerely believe that they are our allies?

And if now these allies arrange for us that more than a hundred planes and helicopters with already trained Afghan crews will appear in Ukraine, what do you think will happen ? This is three times worse than the deliveries of HIMARS. Therefore, today we must do everything to prevent this from happening. Anyone who dares to approve these supplies is our enemy. And we must act in relation to him precisely as an enemy, with all the ensuing consequences.



Congress urges intelligence to assess damage to US security due to Trump

Congress asks for briefing on Trump's potential harm to US national security Trump has potentially endangered US national security, national intelligence should check his actions for violating the espionage law and urgently hold a secret briefing, congressmen say. Trump denies allegations width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 800w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 400px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 400px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >< source srcset=" 1200w" type="image/webp" media="(-webkit-min-device -pixel-ratio: 2), (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >

The head of US national intelligence, Avril Haynes, should assess the possible damage to national security that former President Donald Trump could cause due to the storage of classified documents in his residence in Florida, it is necessary to hold a secret briefing on this issue as soon as possible. That request is contained in a letter from House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney to Haynes, published by Politico.

serious threat. This issue requires full consideration in addition to the ongoing investigation by law enforcement agencies, — congressmen called.

The letter notes that the published search warrant and seized property register mention 11 sets of secret documents, among which there are files classified as “confidential”, “secret”, “top secret”; and “confidential classified information.”

Unauthorized disclosure of top-secret information entails “exceptionally serious harm to national security,” the congressmen said. They stressed that at least one report states that the FBI's investigation involved highly classified documents that relate to nuclear weapons, & mdash; the secrecy of such documents is one of the highest in the United States.

The letter to the head of National Intelligence also notes that the storage of secret documents of such importance in the residence is a potential violation of the law on presidential archives and laws protecting national security, including number— espionage laws. “Those who are entrusted with access to classified information have a duty to protect it,” — congressmen emphasized.

In early August, the FBI raided the Florida residence of the former president of Mar-a-Lago. The National Archives and Records Administration suggested in February that Trump, as he left the presidency, removed 15 boxes of documents from the White House, including classified documents. The documents were later returned, however, according to media reports, the Ministry of Justice initiated the issuance of a search warrant to the FBI to make sure that no documents were taken away from the estate.

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Two months before the searches, in early June, at least one Trump lawyer wrote in writing that there were no secret documents at the politician's residence, The New York Times wrote. The newspaper noted that the written statement suggests that Trump's lawyers did not fully disclose to the US authorities information about classified documents at the residence. By mid-August, the FBI suspected Trump of violating the espionage law, Politico reported.

Trump refused to testify against himself, citing the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution during several hours of interrogation. He considered that the “greatest witch hunt” was launched against him; in the history of the country. “I once asked, “If you are innocent, why are you using the Fifth Amendment? Now I know the answer,— Trump explained. The ex-president is confident that the American authorities and the media are persecuting him, which is why he is forced to remain silent.

He called the incident an “un-American, unjustified and unnecessary raid and infiltration.” to his house, claiming that he declassified these documents before his resignation from the presidency. “They could get this (documents. — RBC) anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into my residence in Mar-a-Lago,”— Trump said.

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NATO’s eastern flank countries urge the US to speed up the supply of weapons to them

Washington Post: Baltic and Eastern European countries are asking the United States to expedite the supply of weapons to them So, Estonia wants to receive MLRS HIMARS and Reaper attack drones, and Poland is waiting for ordered anti-aircraft missile systems Patriot, HIMARS, F-16 fighters and Abrams tanks

Eastern flank countries NATO is demanding more troops and more weapons to contain Russia, writes The Washington Post.

About 100,000 US troops are stationed across Europe, but the “more vulnerable” US allies consider this insufficient, the newspaper notes.

The Baltic and Eastern European countries are asking the United States to increase defense production to speed up the implementation of orders for weapons.

«HIMARS [US multiple launch rocket systems], Reaper [attack drones], counter-battery radars— this is what we will need most in terms of the lethal combat power that will inevitably be required to contain Russia, — Estonian Defense Ministry Chancellor Kusti Salm said in an interview with the newspaper.

At the same time, Polish officials believe that the defense of the republic would be helped if the United States accelerated the supply of weapons that had already been promised to Warsaw. Poland is expecting US Patriot, HIMARS, F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks.

Meanwhile, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told reporters that his country wants modern long-range rocket artillery as well as air defense systems. and coastal defense, which are usually not available to countries with a modest budget.

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At the end of June, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the bloc was going to increase the rapid reaction force from 40,000 to 300,000 by 2023. At the same time, noted the coordinator for strategic communications of the National Security Council (NSC) John Kirby, Russia has no reason to consider the buildup of NATO troops on the eastern flank as a provocation. The NATO countries in the new Strategic Concept recognized Russia as “the most serious and direct threat to the security of NATO members and peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region.” The bloc will continue to counter the “Russian threats”, its “irresponsible rhetoric” and respond to “her hostile actions.”

In the spring, the US announced plans to deploy two Patriot batteries to Poland “in a proactive manner to counter any potential threats to the US, allied forces, and NATO territory.” The batteries will be transferred under Article 5 on NATO collective defense (which means that an attack on one of the NATO members will be considered an attack on all NATO members).

At the end of July, Pentagon departmental publication Stars and Stripes wrote that the United States was going to send fifth-generation Boeing F-22 Raptor fighters to Poland in support of NATO's mission to air cover the alliance's eastern flank. They will be stationed at the 32nd Tactical Air Base near the Polish city of Lask.

This week, the US mission to NATO announced that members of the US Army's elite 101st Airborne Division, known as the “Screaming Eagles”, will be transferred to Europe to strengthen the eastern flank.

The Kremlin noted that the “romantic period” in relations with NATO was replaced by everyday work. “Working days, so to speak, routine relations, lie in the fact that NATO, as it was created and conceived as an instrument of confrontation, it still performs these functions. NATO cannot perform any other functions simply by its very nature. That's how we treated NATO, that's how we treat NATO,” — said the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.


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Second delegation of US congressmen to visit Taiwan

< source srcset=" 800w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 400px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 400px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >

Ed Markey

The second delegation of US congressmen in a month will visit Taiwan. This was reported by the American Institute of Taiwan (the de facto US embassy in the country).

The new delegation is led by Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Party member Ed Markey. The delegation also included four members of the House of Representatives. Among them, only one represents the Republican Party— Congresswoman Amata Coleman Reidwagen.

“The delegation will meet with senior Taiwan leaders to discuss US-Taiwan relations, regional security, trade and investment, global supply chains, climate change and other important issues of mutual interest,” the message says.

Congressmen will stay in Taiwan for two days.

This is the second visit by US congressmen to Taiwan in the last month. On August 2, Speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi flew to the island and met with the head of the administration of the unrecognized state Tsai Ing-wen. She also visited the Taiwan Parliament.

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As Pelosi herself explained, she flew to Taiwan to demonstrate US support for a “bright and dynamic” business. democracy. Chinese authorities criticized her visit, accusing the United States of violating the “one China” principle. Beijing has also launched large-scale military exercises with firing off the island. China is also conducting exercises in the airspace north, southwest and southeast of Taiwan.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously called Pelosi's visit to Taiwan a provocation and an attempt to distract from domestic problems and the situation in Ukraine. The Kremlin also called Pelosi's trip provocative, indicating that it would lead to increased tensions.



What phone scams operate in the US?

“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 32. Take a check per capita 10/08/2022

They write that there are also phone scammers in the United States, and they  a lot of. Are there also Ukrainian call centers operating there?

Expert's answer 0 + –

According to a study by the consulting company First Orion, in the first half of this year, more than 100

More than half of the respondents said that in 2022  received more such calls than in 2021. “Ukrainian “call centers” created following the example of fraudulent business gangs that arose in the United States in the 1980s —1990s, — says Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov. — This criminal sphere developed there in parallel with the formation of electronic databases with personal information in banks and other organizations. It was then that the first calls to Americans began with the imposition of banking and advertising services on them. Phone scams have flourished in full bloom with the rise of online services. Typically, calls are made in a territory where it is difficult to find and bring to justice the perpetrators. The scammers who fool the people of the United States often operate from  Mexico, while the Russians attack from Ukraine.

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Reuters reports first US oil tanker arrives in Germany

The tanker loaded crude oil off the coast of Louisiana in the US and offloaded it in Rostock, Germany, Reuters reported. German refineries are looking for alternatives to Russian raw materials due to the partial EU embargo, which will come into force in December 673w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 800w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 400px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Tanker Capricorn Sun < p>A tanker has delivered US sour crude to the German city of Rostock for the first time amid attempts by local refineries to find an alternative to Russian crude, Reuters reported, citing sources, analysts and vessel tracking data.

We are talking about the tanker Capricorn Sun. It loaded crude oil off the coast of Louisiana in the US and offloaded it in Rostock on August 3, the agency writes.

The tanker was delivering high-sulphur Mars Sour oil. This is the first shipment of this oil to Germany.

According to Jim Mitchell, head of oil research in the Americas at Refinitiv, in the past there were only “a few” US oil in Germany from the United States. deliveries of another grade— West Texas Sour.

German refineries are looking for an alternative to Russian oil in connection with the partial EU embargo. It will come into force in December and will affect sea supplies of Russian raw materials. Under the EU ban, not only oil in its pure form will fall, but also as part of mixtures— so-called blends.

This embargo was included in the sixth package of EU sanctions. The European Union expands restrictive measures against Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine.

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China considers Pelosi’s visit an excuse for the US to increase its military presence

Chinese Defense Ministry urges US to drop fantasies of controlling the country with the help of Taiwan / 673w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi )” >< source srcset=" 1200w" type="image/webp" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi) " >

The US arranged for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan to create a crisis in the region and get a pretext to build up a military presence. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the press service of the department reports.

“The United States is accustomed to creating a problem first and then using that problem to advance its own strategic plan. There are indications that the United States was planning Pelosi's visit to get a pretext for increasing the military presence in the region, which deserves high vigilance and strong resistance. The report said.

Wang Yi stressed that China's measures are lawful, necessary and proportionate. They are aimed at protecting the “sacred sovereignty and territorial integrity of China,” he explained.

According to the Chinese minister, Beijing will not allow Washington to manage it through Taipei, and will also “shatter fantasies” authorities of the island to obtain independence with the support of the States.

Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on August 2. The Chinese authorities criticized her for visiting the island, accusing her of provocation and violating the “one China” principle. On the same day, in response, the Chinese military launched sea and air exercises with gunfire.

In China, they said that the exercises would end on Sunday, August 7. However, on the evening of August 6, another maneuver was announced in Beijing, which will last until August 15 in the southern part of the Yellow Sea.

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The White House called the exercises of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) off the coast of Taiwan “an irresponsible provocation”. “These actions represent a significant escalation in China's efforts to change the status quo. They are provocative, irresponsible and increase the risk of miscalculation, — The message said.

The United States announced its intention to support efforts to maintain peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwanese Premier Su Zhengchang, in turn, said that China “brazenly” ; used its armed forces to disrupt regional stability, and advised Beijing to stop demonstrating military capabilities.

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CNN learns about plans for US and Indian exercises near the disputed border with China

The United States and India will practice combat training at high altitude less than 100 km from the disputed territory, which is also claimed by China, writes CNN. In June, the United States expressed concern about the development of China's military infrastructure in the region “image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

US and Indian troops will take part in a joint military exercise in October in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, which is located near the disputed territory where the India-China border runs. This is reported by CNN, citing a source among high-ranking military officers of the Indian army.

The exercise will focus on combat training at high altitude, and will take place at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,000 m), about 95km from the line of actual control, an unnamed source said.

The Pentagon told CNN that the partnership with the Indian side is “one of the most important elements” for the US. a shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific. Exercises between the US and Indian armies will improve “interoperability” to ensure regional security, the Pentagon is sure. The demarcation line on the border of India and China was carried out in 1962 after the border war, its length exceeded 4 thousand km. The actual border of the two states runs along the line, but there is no generally recognized demarcation between them in this area, the parties dispute these territories.

In May, the Indian Foreign Ministry reported that China was building a second bridge over Pangong Lake in a disputed area that New Delhi considers occupied by Beijing. During a visit to India in June, U.S. Army Pacific Commander General Charles Flynn called China's development of military infrastructure on the border with India “alarming.” and “instructive.” China then assessed the visit of the American general as an attempt to “stoke the flames”.

There have been skirmishes between the Chinese and Indian military more than once, one of the latest occurred in mid-June 2020. In New Delhi, it was reported that the fight lasted about six hours without the use of firearms, only with sticks, stones and clubs with nails. 20 Indian soldiers were killed, the number of deaths on the Chinese side is unknown. The Indian Foreign Ministry blamed China for the incident.

In December last year, the Pentagon noted a concentration of Chinese troops near the demarcation line, which caused alarm among department officials, an unnamed official told The Foreigh Policy. According to him, the cause of concern was the redeployment of Chinese strategic bombers to the border. Washington is in contact with New Delhi at “all levels”, the United States began to share intelligence with India about the movements of the Chinese military more often, the source said.

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Trump compares the US to a third world country

Moreover, the United States has become a country that “is no longer respected and no longer listened to”, he is convinced .webp 673w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >v6_top_pics/resized/320xH/media/img/7/98/756598569926987.webp 320w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px)” >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump likened the United States to a third world country. He made the comparison during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

“We are in many ways a third world country. We are a country whose economy is floundering, whose supply chains are disrupted, stores are not full, whose packages do not reach, and whose education system is at the bottom of any list, — he declared.

Moreover, the United States has become a country that is “no longer respected or listened to.”

Americans— “a nation in decline,” the former president noted. He pointed to the worst inflation in more than 40 years and the highest energy prices in history.

The United States is no longer an independent country in energy and is forced to “beg” for Venezuela and Saudi Arabia on oil supplies.

At the end of March, Trump was already comparing the United States to a third world country due to a shortage of goods. “You go to the store, and there is no bread, — Trump said.— We are like a third world country that has no goods. He also gave another example: “You go shopping at Tiffany or you're going to buy something at a hardware store and they don't have any.”

Read on RBC Pro Pro What you need to know about buying property in Thailand: nuances and tips Articles Pro Eight exercises to look like James Bond Instructions Pro A disaster is approaching in the cryptocurrency mining market. What investors should do Articles Pro How to convince a stubborn interlocutor: advice from psychology Articles Pro Why only 8% of Russians strive for unlimited wealth Research Pro Companies change software at extreme speeds. What mistakes they make Pro Morgan Stanley instructions: why the rebound of US stocks is not for long In particular, he accused Biden of “killing the American dream”, and the United States has become “a laughingstock” over the past two years. and “land of decline.” According to him, the United States is forced to endure one historic humiliation after another on the world stage. Trump is convinced that if he himself led the United States, there would be no hostilities in Ukraine and a rapid increase in inflation in the United States.

The ex-president has repeatedly admitted that he would fight for the post of head of state. In mid-July, he said he had made a decision about running in the 2024 presidential election. Trump promised that he would continue to engage in politics, otherwise the United States will become “another Venezuela, the Soviet Union or Cuba.”

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US launches Atlas V rocket powered by Russian RD-180 engine

US-based United Launch Alliance has launched an Atlas V launch vehicle carrying the SBIRS GEO 6 military satellite for the US Space Force, according to the company's website.

“The Atlas V 421 rocket will launch the sixth and final space-based infrared system (SBIRS GEO 6) spacecraft for the US Space Forces Space Systems Command (SSC) into geosynchronous low-Earth orbit”, — the message says.

The SBIRS system is designed to detect early ballistic missile launches, determine their flight trajectory and coordinates for possible interception.

The missile launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Center in Florida at 06:00: 29 local time (13:29 Moscow time). Its first stage is equipped with the Russian RD-180 engine developed by NPO Energomash.

Recall that on August 9, the Russian Soyuz will launch the Iranian Khayyam Earth remote sensing satellite into orbit from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

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Six Russian billionaires from the Forbes list fell under US sanctions

The United States imposed sanctions against Melnichenko, Pumpyansky and MMK The list included the co-owners of PhosAgro Guryevs, businessmen Viktor Rashnikov, Andrey Melnichenko and the head of the board of directors of the National Media Group Alina Kabaeva. MMK, STLC and Skolkovo also fell under the sanctions webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

US Treasury Department

The United States has updated the OFAC SDN Treasury Department sanctions list, which provides for the blocking of assets, isolation from the dollar system, by adding six Russian billionaires from the Forbes list. This is:

  • former owner of Eurochem Andrey Melnichenko (9th place in the Russian Forbes-2022 rating, his fortune is estimated at $11.1 billion);
  • Head of the Board of Directors of MMK Viktor Rashnikov (18th place in Forbes-2022, $6.6 billion );
  • PhosAgro co-owners Andrey Grigoryevich and Andrey Andreyevich Guryev (24th place, $4.8 billion);
  • co-owner of Sheremetyevo Alexander Ponomarenko (47th, $1.9 billion);
  • former member of the Board of Directors of TMK Dmitry Pumpyansky (not included in the rating of 2022, in 2021 he took 62nd place).

The US Treasury explained that Guryev, Melnichenko and Ponomarenko do not own 50% companies “PhosAgro”, “Evrokhim” and Sheremetyevo Airport, respectively, these companies are not subject to sanctions.

The European Union imposed sanctions against Pumpyansky, Melnichenko and Guryev in early March.

Also under the sanctions were the heads of administrations in the territories that came under Russian control after the start of the operation in Ukraine: the head of Mariupol Konstantin Ivashchenko, the head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region Vladimir Saldo, his deputy Kirill Stremousov.

Except for them in the list the head of the board of directors of the National Media Group, Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva, in the American list she is ranked with Russia and Switzerland. Also, the deputy head of the Innopraktika Foundation, TV presenter Natalia Popova, was sanctioned.

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“These elites and businessmen work in sectors of the economy that bring significant income to the Russian regime, including from sources outside of Russia,”— US Treasury said in a statement.

Washington notes that Andrey Guryev is a “close associate” of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His son Andrei is also included in the list among the elite close to the Kremlin. Viktor Rashnikov is the majority owner and chairman of the board of directors of MMK, one of the largest taxpayers in Russia. and the State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK).

The United States also imposed sanctions against the Skolkovo Technopark; and the Skolkovo Foundation, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Western countries, including the United States, have already introduced several packages of sanctions against Moscow. The restrictions affected the top officials of the state, the banking and financial sectors, military and technology companies, as well as the reserves of the Central Bank.

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The historian suggested that the US and China could go “on a ram”

“Large-scale armed conflict could break out”

Possible US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan could provoke a large-scale conflict between China and the United States, as Washington will not allow Beijing to “take” the island, after all, if the PRC succeeds, the United States will lose the status of world hegemon. Military historian Yevgeny Norin believes that both sides will not be able to “play back” either, since they made a lot of harsh statements.

Photo: AP

In an interview with, Norin noted that China and the United States, with their rhetoric, are bringing the situation closer when they will have to “ram” in the hope that someone will turn off. According to the historian, this is very dangerous, as it can lead to a large-scale armed conflict.

The expert noted that in this case, China will try to return Taiwan by force, and the United States will do everything to prevent them, since this is a very serious challenge for them. The historian explains this by saying that their hegemon status is at stake, at least in the public field, in the media space.

According to Norin, China and the United States will not bring the “case to sin”, and Pelosi will rather go to any another country in Southeast Asia. The historian believes that the speaker will not make “sudden movements”, since the visit to Taiwan was not officially discussed, and Washington and Beijing, in turn, will find common ground that will satisfy mutual interests.

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Japan notifies the US of plans to retain shares in the Sakhalin-2 project

The Japanese Mitsui and Mitsubishi have shares in the Sakhalin-2 LNG project operator. After the change in ownership of the operator, the Japanese authorities advocated continued participation in the project /webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Japan intends to retain its stake in Russia's Sakhalin-2 liquefied natural gas project, Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda said at a press conference in Washington after talks with US government officials.

” “I explained to the American side that I want to maintain the status quo, and I think they understood that,” — NHK quotes him.

In the Sakhalin-2 operator— «Sakhalin Energy»— Japanese companies Mitsui (12.5%) and Mitsubishi (10%) have shares. Majority Shareholder— Gazprom, he owns 50% plus one share. Oil and gas company Shell, which has a 27.5% stake in the Sakhalin-2 operator, announced its withdrawal from the project in February.

In late June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree , according to which the project operator becomes the property of a company that will be created by the Russian government. The current shareholders of Sakhalin Energy within a month they must agree to receive a share in the new LLC. In case of refusal, the government will evaluate their shares and sell them to a Russian legal entity.

After the decision to change the Sakhalin-2 operator The Japanese government urged Mitsui and Mitsubishi to keep their stakes in the project and “hold them firmly.” “Sakhalin-2” produces almost 10 million tons of LNG per year, about 60% of the project's fuel is consumed by Japan. As the Nikkei wrote, the country can buy gas without participating in the project, but in this configuration there is a risk of supply disruption. At the same time, the newspaper writes, “there is no guarantee that the new operator will continue to reliably supply LNG to Japan” if Mitsui and Mitsubishi continue to be shareholders.

Sakhalin-2 project includes three drilling platforms in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk off the northeastern coast of Sakhalin, a technological complex in the northern part of the island, an LNG plant (its capacity is 9.6 million tons per year) and a terminal in the south of Sakhalin.

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Wasserman called for the recognition of the US and NATO as sponsors of terrorism

Americans support almost every terrorist group in the world

The US Senate earlier passed a resolution calling on the State Department to include Russia on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. The American authorities explain this by Russia's military actions in the territories of Chechnya and Georgia. Syria and Ukraine. State Duma Deputy Anatoly Wasserman is convinced that the US and NATO themselves should be recognized as sponsors of terrorism.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

V In an interview with, Wasserman, in response to a US Senate resolution, acquitted Russia, noting that the Russian military was directly involved in suppressing terrorist threats in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and Ukraine, unlike the Americans.

According to According to the parliamentarian, Russia suppressed terrorism with all its might in all the places listed by the Americans, and all normal people around the world “understand this very well.” Moreover, Wasserman stressed that almost all terrorist groups in the world are supported by the Americans, which is also well known to everyone.

The deputy believes that, based on this, it is necessary to recognize the United States and the entire NATO organization as sponsors of terrorism. The politician added that the inclusion of Russia in the list of states sponsoring terrorism could threaten Moscow with the introduction of new sanctions by the White House.

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Philippines abandons 16 Russian helicopters due to US sanctions

The deal was canceled due to Philippines fears of violating the Countering America's Adversaries Act (CAATSA), said the country's ambassador to the United States, Jose Manuel Romualdez

The Philippine government refused to buy 16 Russian military transport Mi-17 helicopters for fear of US sanctions, officials told AP.

According to former Defense Secretary Delphine Lorenzana (now head of the government agency responsible for converting former military bases into business centers), the 12.7 billion Philippine pesos (about $228 million) contract was signed in November, with an advance payment made in January. Its amount is not disclosed. According to the agreement «Sovtechnoexport» was supposed to deliver helicopters in about two years.

Lorenzana said he canceled the deal in June, before the end of his ministerial term, with the approval of then-president Rodrigo Duterte. “We could face sanctions,” — he noted. According to Lorenzana, Washington could express its dissatisfaction if the deal was continued due to the deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia. The ex-minister added that Washington knew about Manila's decision to refuse to buy Russian Mi-17s and could offer the country similar helicopters.

In turn, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdes said the deal was canceled due to fears of violating the Countering America's Adversaries Act. (CAATSA). In accordance with it, countries and companies cooperating with Russian enterprises and organizations from the sanctions list may fall under US sanctions. This law was adopted in 2017.

Mi-17— multi-purpose helicopter, which is used for passenger and cargo transportation. It can carry up to 26 passengers and up to 8 tons of cargo.

In April, India decided to postpone the purchase of 48 Mi-17V5 military transport helicopters from Russia. According to ANI and India Today sources in the government, the decision is not related to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, it was made long before it began— in support of the national program of medium-lift helicopters Make in India, adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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US military told when the West will stop arming Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Europeans and Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with gas problems. Perhaps the claims of citizens will serve as a good reason for stopping the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian side, journalists from the 19FortyFive report.

The material, signed by Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Armed Forces Daniel Davis, provides probable scenarios for a serious crisis in the country. “Our leadership expresses solidarity with Ukraine by supplying it with weapons, but does not think about the lives of its citizens, which cannot last long,” the author concludes.

Davis is sure that Western leaders will find themselves under such pressure from their people that they will be forced to slow down, or even stop the export of military equipment to Ukraine. The cost of fuel has already risen to a critical maximum, food stocks have dropped to zero. And even if these factors do not force the West to stop, then the lack of gas will certainly serve as a “trigger” to reduce support for Ukraine,” the military man says.

The crisis that began in the spring may uncritically last in the summer – it is still warm in most European and American regions. However, in a couple of months, a serious decision will need to be made, because in the winter it is necessary to heat homes and institutions, writes Daniel Davis.

Earlier, Joe Biden decided to allocate $ 40 billion in humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. Americans are beginning to resent the actions of the president.



The political scientist assessed the introduction of US sanctions for the purchase of Russian oil by China

“It's a road to nowhere”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has earlier proposed imposing sanctions on China's oil purchases from Russia. He is convinced that the Chinese authorities, by their actions, express support for the special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Political scientist Ivan Mezyuho believes that at present it is impossible to conduct a conversation with the PRC in this way.

Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with RT, Mezuho suggested that Rubio made a relevant statement against the backdrop of a possible visit by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. According to the political scientist, today the Americans are trying to act from the point of view of the “right of the strong” in their relations with China.

The expert believes that the United States is trying in every possible way to show its capabilities in putting pressure on the Chinese economy in order to force Beijing to reconsider its independent foreign policy. Mezuho is convinced that this is “a road to nowhere.”

As the expert noted, the times when it was possible to talk to China in this way are long gone. According to the political scientist, the sanctions pressure on China from the United States will increase, but Mezuho doubts that the Americans will impose large-scale sanctions on the purchase of oil products and hydrocarbons by China from Russia.

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Ukraine will ask the US for “gas lend-lease”

According to the Ukrainian prime minister, “gas lend-lease” is necessary for the successful completion of the heating season. The head of Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, said earlier that Ukraine needs about $8 billion for this

Yuriy Vitrenko

Ukraine intends to apply to the United States with a request for “gas lend-lease” for the heating season. Prime Minister Denys Shmygal announced this on Tuesday in his Telegram channel.

“The government of Ukraine has decided to apply to the government of the United States of America to provide our state with a “gas lend-lease” for a stable heating season. Preparations for the worst winter in our history continue, and in this preparation we are looking for all possible tools to be ready for any scenarios,— he wrote.


In early July, the head of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko estimated the gas reserves needed by Ukraine for winter at 6 billion cubic meters. m, which require about $8 billion, reported. The Ukrainian authorities, according to him, are considering various options from where to get money for the purchase of gas, including the issue of obtaining financial assistance for these needs under the American lend-lease program.

July 20 RBC Ukraine» citing his own sources, he said that NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine asked the Cabinet of Ministers for a subsidy of 150 billion hryvnias (about $5 billion) for the purchase of gas for the heating season.

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Since the beginning of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, Washington has already imposed several packages of sanctions against Moscow, and continues to provide military and financial assistance. On May 9, US President Joe Biden signed a lend-lease law for Ukraine, which, among other things, speeds up and simplifies the delivery of military assistance to the country.

In turn, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin then said, that the lend-lease program will lead Ukraine into debt. «Lend-Lease— this is a commodity loan, and not cheap: for all the ammunition, equipment and food supplied by the United States, many future generations of Ukrainian citizens will pay. Zelensky is driving the country into a debt hole, & mdash; he counted.

Lend-Lease— a program under which the United States leased or loaned military hardware and equipment to the Allies during World War II. From March 1941 to August 1945, the United States transferred more than $50 billion in lend-lease assistance to the allies, of which about $11 billion went to the USSR.

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CNN reports US concerns over European energy crisis

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The US authorities have strong concerns about the impact of the energy crisis in European countries on the cost of gas and electricity in America. This was reported by CNN.

The administration of US President Joe Biden decided to send Amos Hochstein, a representative of the US State Department, to Europe on an official visit. In the US foreign policy department, the diplomat is responsible for global energy security issues.

Hochstein will meet in Paris and Brussels with representatives of the leadership of European countries and discuss with them issues of stabilizing the situation on the European energy market. In the US, according to CNN, they are also worried about a possible split among EU members over the gas problem.

Among alternatives, the US and the EU are ready to consider the possibility of increasing the capacity of nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, Germany planned to completely abandon nuclear power plants by the end of 2022.